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Comment Re:Marketing babble galore (Score 1) 208

But because I've been working in Ruby on Rails I see way too much "omg you gotta switch to this cool new tech which is a little more obscure and slightly less functional and certainly less reliable than what it replaces, but wow, it's new!!!!"

Been seeing a good bit of that in the python world. *oh shiny*

Comment Re:First sentence is a doozy. (Score 5, Informative) 334

In other news, guy with no qualifications makes unqualified statements...

But the issue is controversial and his opinions and standing are questioned by Dorothy Bishop, professor of developmental neuropsychology at Oxford University who says that although this is an important topic, Sigman's paper is not "an impartial expert review of evidence for effects on health and child development". "Aric Sigman does not appear to have any academic or clinical position, or to have done any original research on this topic," she said. "His comments about impact of screen time on brain development and empathy seem speculative in my opinion, and the arguments that he makes could equally well be used to conclude that children should not read books."

Comment Re:Whats the problem? (Score 2) 272

Care to update the wiki page? At least according to that....

ATV capable of 7,667kg to orbit.
Dragon capable of 3,310 kg pressurized ( + another 3,310 non pressurized)


Who knows... maybe just maybe NASA is paying for token payloads until SpaceX gets their flight rate up (and thus some notion of improved reliability).

Comment Re:More important... (Score 4, Insightful) 242

No its ridiculous (and yet another example of the idiotic entitlement mentality destroying this once great nation) to think that somehow the US deserves seats on the Soyuz because we helped build the ISS. We (the US) had a ride to space. It was our own pimped out space taxi. We no longer have that ride... by choice, by design, by policy, yada yada. It's not Russia's job to drive us to work just because we decided to scrap our old ride BEFORE building a new one. You want to do something (possibly) productive? Write to your representatives in .gov and tell them NASA needs more $.

Comment Re:What's the problem with building self-sustainin (Score 1) 248

Isn't that reason enough? What happened to ambition, curiosity, and doing things "because it's there?"

Actually Mr "because its there" died on Everest. Don't get me wrong in many ways George Mallory was an incredible individual. However, following in his footsteps is not the path to a positive outcome.

Comment Re:Design Reuse (Score 1) 146

The next generation rover Curiosity is launching around the end of November 2011. It makes the existing rovers look like rc cars. Having said that, I agree that along with bigger / better Curiosity, they should have considered a half dozen Spirit clones with different science packages. Though the issue isn't the cost of the rover, but delivering it. Its not cheap. I'd rather see the funding after Curiosity put towards a sample return mission.

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