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When Aviaks Attack 75

davidu sent in a chilling story which explained why Phillies center fielder Doug Glanville hit two home runs off of Curt Schilling, pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. An eye for an eye.
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When Aviaks Attack

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'd be impressed if your average linux geek could catch a football.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Just to be accurate, Curt didn't start MMP. It was begun by a small group of ASL fans in Maryland with high-calibre knowledge of the game and a Canadian with a publishing background who was also a fan of the game. MMP published Backblast, the best "non-official" ASL magazine to hit the shelves. Curt came on board a little later, and now MMP has the license to produce and publish ASL products. And yes, I'm the aforementioned Canadian. Eh. ;)
  • Liverpool - treble, and Champions League Spot !! Whooaaaaa... The 90's were miserable for me (esp with that other team shrouded in glory).
  • by harshaw ( 3140 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @05:03PM (#211064)
    My guess is this is the first and last time you will see the words "Dwarven Cleric" anywhere in the ESPN archives.
  • My 37th lervel dwarven Paladin say so...
    QE is not D&D and the allow dwarven Pally's. Stick to what you know...
  • I don't think they said NOT POSSIBLE TO LIKE, I think they implied actual physical ability and geekness were incompatible. I love Hockey myself, and am a season Sharks ticket holder, I also make alot of the SF giants games, but I can't play either sport to save my life...
  • by Archfeld ( 6757 )
    that or a leprachaun :)
  • Yeah, I've no doubt that they'd be great at twitch games, but RPGs? I wouldn't have thought they'd be, as a group, better (or worse, for that matter) than average at anything that's based on strategy rather than exceptional reaction times.

    Go you big red fire engine!
  • Is the section entitled "Piker of the Week". From a physics perspective, anyway.

    How the hell did that guy hit a home run, on a pitch like that?
  • I like this guy because he still understands what it is like to be a kid. Bet he has a lot of fun playing pro ball. And to make that comment... Unreal. He deserves some respect.
  • Who cares? I liked the story. Everyone has their motivators, I was just surprised to hear his, and that he was willing to say it.
  • Just on a little IRIX craze right now. Every once in a while the old .sig needs to be changed, and at the moment an IRIX box made me really happy so...

    IRIX Kicks Ass! (It's really easy to say, you should try it!)

  • Who ever said that baseball players aren't human too, and don't have lives either?

    Jon Katz, in, I believe, episodes IV through XXI of the landmark HellMouth series. In short form: Geeks wonderful, jocks evil.


  • Pratt is the backup catcher for the Mets, behind Mike Piazza... in case you really cared.

  • by EricWright ( 16803 ) on Sunday May 20, 2001 @05:10AM (#211075) Journal
    Well, Jayson Stark (the author of the article) makes frequent reference to the fact that Doug Glanville is a Yale graduate summa cum laude. I'd hardly call that stupid. Doug is also a hilarious guy if he really does say all the things Jayson writes... and from an interview I saw with Doug, I wouldn't doubt it.

  • If you think baseball has a lot of stats, you ain't seen nothing yet [cricket.org].
  • by DMaster0 ( 26135 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @04:52PM (#211077)
    amazingly enough, atheletes are probably the most technologically equipped people out there from what I've read. When you have essentially 4 or 5 months with relatively litlle (read: not a damn thing, sir.) to do, and a lot of money, computer gear isn't so bad. If you made 280k a year (that's poor for an athelete!) and were in your early 20's (most professional atheletes tend to be that old) you'd probably have grown up with a nintendo, sega, gameboy, etc. Chances are you'd love nothing better than to sit around and play games for a few hours a day (and be able to afford amazing amounts of cool gear). I sure know that if I played baseball, which essentially means the entire winter all i'd have to do is lift some weights (maybe 2 hrs a day) I'd sure get myself a pimped out rig of computers, a PS2, a Dreamcast and huge TV and invite all my rich friends over to play games (who also happen to be atheletes with nothing to do). I remember reading an article once btw, from the 3DO people who said that Vladimir Gurrero (baseball player for the Montreal Expos) and his also-ballplaying brother used High Heat Baseball 2001 to 'scout' the pitchers they were going to face in upcoming games. Amazing eh? (and not entirely a bad idea, since the makers of the game do the same thing to get the proper AI for the game, I'm sure you've seen the commercials with Marshall Faulk and they try to get him to drop the football so they can get a fumble for the motion captures and stuff). So it's probably a lot more widespread these days, and using a computer doesn't necessarily mean you're pasty white and sit in a chair all day and work in the tech industry. It's not just for uber-geeks anymore.
  • ESPN2 has broadcast the Magic tournaments. I don't think EQ-as-sport is THAT far away from that concept.....
  • come now... as someone who was an all-star in little league, I can verify that baseball is indeed NOT a sport. It's an excercise in learning to nap for three hours while standing up (in the case of the players) or sitting on a hard uncomfortable bench (for the spectators (and some players too I suppose))
  • by invenustus ( 56481 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @06:25PM (#211080)
    For those of you who aren't baseball fans (or Phillies fans like me) I should give you the geek background on Doug Glanville. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Transportation Engineering, and every time Jayson Stark (who wrote for the Philly Inquirer before he joined ESPN.com) approaches him for a quote, he comes through with something bizarre and hilarious. In past Stark columns, he's made comments about the earth's gravitational constant's being decreased to allow more home runs, and when teammates compared him to old-time player Wally Pipp, he commented, "I hope they were talking about Picture-In-Picture technology." Stark himself is a real math geek too - every week he publishes this column of numerical abberations from around Baseball. Like the week the Detroit Tigers had more babies (2) than wins (0).
    "Here to discuss how the AOL merger will affect consumers is the CEO of AOL."
  • in d&d 3rd edition racial prerequisites for class are gone though. As for that swimsuit issua.. well.. only if they leave out the dwarves.

  • Now why on God's green earth would you say something like "Irix kicks ass...". Granted it ain't Winders, but still...
  • I hope those lousy reporters get fired for the horrible mistake they made: "EverQuest" -- an online version of Dungeons and Dragons.
    They could of even done a little fact checking, it was so obvious that this just couldn't be, because everyone knows that in AD&D, you just cant have a Dwarf Paladin, only humans can be paladins.

    Man, i'm not going to ever read their site again untill they write an apology for their error, .... or untill they put up pictures from the next swimsuit edition, whichever comes first.
    • You sunk my battleship!
      or - you struck out my pinch hitter!

    • Denied!
      or - you're outta there!

    • Glass Joe!
      or - you'd be striked out by a little league pitcher

    • All your base are belong to us
      or - the bases are loaded, and we've got a cleanup coming on

    • 1 0\'\'n J00z!
      or - I just got a grand slam!

  • Ok my karma is maxed out. When do I become Enlightened?

    When you die you will receive total consciousness, so at least you have that going for you

  • I heard that Jamie Thomas is awesome playing his own character in Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
    It wouldn't surprise me at all

  • Steve Young is a lawyer.
    He's actually looking at doing sports law. This is, of course, assuming that the 16(?) concussions didn't screw up that plan

  • by D. Mann ( 86819 ) on Sunday May 20, 2001 @04:45AM (#211088) Homepage
    Todd Pratt (he plays for the Mets, although I have no idea what position) also plays Ultima Online as "Ian Stormbringer." He's been featured on their site a number of times, and I believe his endorsement was featured on the box of UO:R.

    Professional atheletes like killings orcs too!
  • On the subject of odd physics in baseball:

    I also remember reading, I think it may have been in that same column actually, that there have been several BROKEN BAT home runs in the majors this year. How you can put enough energy into the ball for it to be a home run, when you are losing so much energy to shattering the bat, is beyond me...

  • My guess is this is the first and last time you will see the words "Dwarven Cleric" anywhere in the ESPN archives.

    ...until they start covering Everquest as a sport.

  • It's had a downside for Jaques too. His recent romance with Danni Minogue failed last year, reporting the stories in the UK tha papers quoted Danni as saying (something like) "All he did was play online Dungeons and Dragons games all the time"

    My money is on Everquest but maybe he's a Diablo guy.

    While I've got the opportunity light entertainment cheeky boy duo Ant and Dec from UK TV are also reported Everquest Players. I can't remember which one plays the Female Wood Elf and Which One is the Grumpy Dwarf.
  • well she does have a VR body - she was much nicer when she was a chubber in her Home & Away debut!
  • by Ronin X ( 121414 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @03:45PM (#211093)
    For all those about to post "Baseball? This is 'News for Nerds. Stuff that matters'?????": RTFA.

    It's good to see some crossover nerd/professional sportsmen. Anyone know of any other hornrimmed athletes out there?

  • At least they could have written in the intro what the story was about, so that we didn't have to follow the link to find out.
  • It's better than football. Loads better...
  • by crashnbur ( 127738 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @04:17PM (#211096)
    I have always loved baseball. It is perhaps the greatest game on this planet. There can be no substitute. All those shoot'em ups and whatnot - they can not be the best because there is very little if any reality on which to base most of them, and in the event that reality supports one, it is rarely a game...

    Now, posting a sports article to slashdot... Perhaps one of the most brilliant moves in history, and aside from the comments immediately following, it will likely go virtually unnoticed.

    A shame...

    We need more zany slashdot stories like this, and less of the boring, mindless drivel that seems to be echoing the stories of last week over and over and over again... I mean, news is great, but cheddar makes it better, you know? Variety is greater!

  • You mixed ESPN and baseball with Slashdot. Whooda thunk it? Jocks and Geeks, laughing together?!?! What will Katz have to say about this?

  • Um... and the moral of that story was?

    Sooo, If a dumb Ogre gets stuck in the doorway while I get my ass whooped by an undead train, AND, I hold a grudge, good things will happen in the real world?

    too wierd.

  • I thought this was "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." Not "News for Losers. Trite Bullshit."

    umm, funny, I thought that those were the same thing. most people don't understand this - baseball, and (many) baseball players, are some of the nerdiest things around. a lot of people love the game for the statistics; finding patterns in the numbers and speculating and bla blabla intrigues them. and also, (I don't know how true tihs is, as it's only anecdotal evidence from my HS baseball team) baseball players are some of the weirdest/strangest/randomest of the bunch. just like nerds.
  • Actually, for us real players, there are PvP servers where the Play-Nice policy doesnt hold much weight at all.
  • i understand your point and its a good one and all, but i have a question: What is the stigma regarding doing your laundry?
  • Baseball is a geeks game.. to truly enjoy baseball almost demands a love for statistics and trends. The action isn't the focal point, its the numbers. Live it, learn it, love it.
  • heh, well, acutually, I kinda liked the "All your Bases are loaded by us" one. I'm actually surprised that with a prime opportunity like BASEball on Slashdot there arent more AYBABTU jokes...
  • Let this be a lesson to all of you:
    VR still counts in RealLife(tm)
    One day a Bingbong will come.

    I was at first misstified why there was a story on /. that involved a ball that was not a buckyball, but I RTFA and it all made sence and made me remember that i have $2000 worth of gameing books locked up in the closet.
    I am now 7 years clean from RPG's.
  • And hopefully this [go.com] is the last time we see AYB...
  • I'm sure the readers of my site will love this story.
  • Thats what I thought, but have more faith in the Slashdot gang. It will become clear.


  • That was my first thought, after reading this. Imagin how it would feel if the entire fan base of a team you just beat that day meet you when you loged on that night? talk about camping in town. if it wasn't for the $10 a month i would have installed evercrack to see if I could find him. Sort of cool to play with a pro ball player, even if it is on line with everquest.


  • Next time either of these baseball players decline your request for an autograph, you know how to get even. Bingbong and Cylc are probably on everyone's PK list. I wonder how long it will be until professional atheletes and celebrities will have to keep not only thier personal life, but also thier gaming characters anonymous.

    Who ate my pie!
  • Looks like some jocks actually are smart enough for some geek games... so, they can't be too good of geeks; they should be Quaking on Linux ;-)

  • Who ever said that baseball players aren't human too, and don't have lives either??

    For crying out loud folks, this is what we always scream whenever a kid's killings are blamed on a video game- WE ARE PEOPLE.

    This post isn't meant to be a troll, but really, how many pranks (good classical ones) do you know of that are computer inspired? Too damn many for me to list, and I'd say this can go in there too. I'm not impressed by the content of the story too much.

    But I am impressed that they actually published news beyond the "shoulder tucked, head in" routine for baseball. On second thought, maybe this is a good indicator I need him on my rotissire baseball team....
  • I just think its really sad what happened to bingbong, and I can't help but hope that maybe someday cylc will get written to a bad block.
  • Heh... wouldn't it be funny if I figured out who hacked my Diablo II account and raped my Necromancer... and it turned out to be my boss.

    Oh yeah... I'll have that code ready for you...

  • He wasn't talking about doing his laundry, re-read his wording and you'll realilize he's getting off to the Downy Bear.

    "masturbation and laundry"

  • by scowling ( 215030 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @04:09PM (#211115) Homepage
    Curt Schilling is, in the best sense of the word, a total gamer-geek. After the demise of Avalon Hill (and before Hasbro bought out much of their intellectual property) Schilling got the license and started producing material for AH's popular (and incredibly complicated) WWII skirmish boardgame, Advanced Squad Leader, under his own company, Multi-Man Publishing.

    If not for Schilling, ASL (perhaps the most popular modular historical skirmish game) would have gone the way of so many games before it. I have a lot of respect for the guy.

  • by jimmu ( 227057 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @03:36PM (#211116) Homepage
    Damn, looks like I'll have to load everquest back up. I'll get that baseball scholarship yet!
  • My guess is this is the first and last time you will see the words "Dwarven Cleric" anywhere in the ESPN archives.

    I dunno. Lenny Dykstra kinda looked like one.

  • That was funny.
  • Geeks wonderful, jocks evil.

    Well, I don't know about you, but I must say that I prefer my baseball players to be rock-stupid, backwoods types. It makes me feel like there is a little karmic balance in the world. No fair if they are smart and interesting too, because then I have no way to satisfactorily explain my inability to run, catch or throw...

  • What /. needs is a little Jim Rome attitude:

    "Greetings, slashdotters. Have a take, and don't suck. If you're not sure whether or not you suck, YOU DO... You heard about where Phillies center fielder Doug Glanville hit two home runs against former teammate Curt Schilling, who's pitching for Arizona? Two homers in one game? Not just anybody can hit two homers in a game off of Schilling. Mark McGwire, maybe. Sammy Sosa, maybe. Dude's like one of the top 10 pitchers in the league. Wanna know how he did it? Or rather WHY he did it? He says he once played a computer Dungeons and Dragons game with Schilling when they were kids, and Schilling offed his character. So he went for revenge. WHAT? Dude got WHACKED in a video game a long time ago, and he's carried a GRUDGE for THAT LONG? HA HA HA! What's YOUR take on that? Let's go to the phones..."

    Caller: "All your baseball are..."

    Rome: {basketball foul buzzer: BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!} "I thought I told you no more "All your base" crap! Get over it! It was funny the first day, no, the first ten minutes!"

  • Now I can say, "Look, honey, really, it'll improve my athletic ability. Look at this baseball player." And I can get a different reply then the usuaul "You are always on that damn thing!"

    "Honey, I accidently ordered the Spice channel on the TV in the bedroom...Want to come watch with me?" -- "One minute, I've got to kill this MoB."

  • Computer games don't always inspire excellance in sport. Anyone remember David James, the ex Liverpool (an english soccer team for ye americans) goalkeeper who starting letting in alot of goals because of his addiction to some playstation game ... can't remember which.
  • Doug Glanville.

    "I vowed revenge on the soul of Bingbong," Glanville said, "for the negligent actions of Cylc."

    Gotta love it!
    As a baseball follower I can tell you I do believe he was motivated, and that it was not simply because it is his job to hit homeruns.

    Glanville is not known for power(more for speed) and Schilling is one of the top10-20 pitchers in the league.

  • I'd hardly call professional baseball players intellectual elite. Ditto for football, basketball, etc.. So I wouldn't go making statments about jock geeks on the basis that they play everquest.

    Besides, wouldn't you expect them to play more video games? After all, they don't have real work to do all day.

  • 1. EverQuest would never be mistaken for D&D, sorry. 2. Dwarven Paladins? Sorry, only Humans and Half-Elves qualify for this character class.
  • ...which activity is a bigger waste of time: baseball or computer games.

  • by ryants ( 310088 ) on Saturday May 19, 2001 @05:35PM (#211127)
    Anyone know of any other hornrimmed athletes out there?

    I work for EA Sports and it isn't at all unusual to meet athletes who are pretty damn good at the games we make.

    Ryan T. Sammartino

  • Okay, I just found some pics of Dani Minogue on the web, and that boy has some serious problems. Maybe his sex drive is channelled entirely into driving or something.

    As for Ant and Dec, how could you tell?

  • Vladimir Gurrero (baseball player for the Montreal Expos) and his also-ballplaying brother used High Heat Baseball 2001 to 'scout' the pitchers they were going to face in upcoming games. Amazing eh?

    More common than you'd think. Jacques Villenuve played the Monte Carlo track on an F1 simulator game before he ever got to the circuit, and it helped him win. Now a lot of the F1 drivers use the computer games to study the courses in advance.

  • IIRC, the ball was dropping in towards the plate, and Ramirez just turned and golfed it from the side (of the ball's path). And, Manny Ramirez is ox-strong and cat-quick.

    It's really a matter of bat angle vs. pitch trajectory. As long as the ball is within reach and isn't touching the ground, it's fair game :)

    I just wonder how many "EQ != DnD" emails that writer is going to get...hehe.
  • I bet espn.com has never gotten /.ed before. They seem to be holding up pretty well, though... Maybe it's just because it's a weekend.
  • HAHA yes pk him.. this is everquest we are talking about here, conflict is against the, no joke, "play nice policy". If you are rude to the man, if you argue with him, if you even look at him funny you will be banned no questions asked.

  • Check out http://www.denverbroncos.com/lockerroom/bios/crock ett_ray.php3 [denverbroncos.com]

    Ray Crockett on the Denver Broncos recieved a degree in... Computer Science! I guess they all aren't dumb jocks...
  • Are they jocks or geeks? It just doesn't make sense!!!
  • baseball.. computer games teach you things... I think...

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