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Comment Re:Trammel killed Ultima Online (Score 1) 75

What killed it was when they patched the game so that slimes no longer *split when struck*.

Props to anyone who remembers that. Mad props to anyone who knows what that has to do with me. Oh, and if anyone does remember me from back then.. I'm sorry for looting your house on Atlantic. In hindsight, 18 years later, I can see how I should have asked first. I was just a Borrower and not a thief so if you're still interested in getting your shit back you know I'll get ya the next time, brah! :)

Comment Re:Alright smart guy (Score 1) 504

Wow, did that just happen? This off-topic thread was about the difference between "cajones" and "cojones" and you just capped off with a +5 insighful misuse of the very word in question...

Now that takes some cojones!

Ok, so we now that we know what it takes to admit mistakes, can we move onto the important part of "learning from mistakes".

Comment Re:rant from a gun nut (Score 1) 283

I am not a fan of guns at all, but I am a believer in the constitution. I would suggest that the only constitutionally protected reason for a civilian to own a gun should be to be capable of mounting a militia that could defend against a corrupt government.

I'm not a fan of guns at all, and I am a believer in reality. What chance do you think you would have against a corrupt US government with your stupid AK-47? Even if you get a thousand of your hick friends together and you all have AKs, and y'all think the south is gonna rise again, what do you think you're gonna do when the F-22s come for you? Go ask the Syrian rebels how well that's working out for them against a government that's only a tiny fraction as sophisticated and powerful as ours.

The only thing an AK-47 is good for is shooting up movie theatres and giving dumb country boys an expensive, false sense of security. I live in the south and I have to listen to that line of reasoning all the time, always with a touch of that good 'ole confederate spirit.

Can we please drop this line of reasoning? It's a dead end. Literally.

Comment Objective comparison with OO.o (Score 5, Informative) 110

I downloaded and installed SoftMaker Office 2010 Beta (rev 580) and ran a comparison to OpenOffice.org version 3.1.1. My system is a stock Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). It has dual-core atom processors with 2gb of ram.

Startup speed:
  • From a fresh reboot: SoftMaker Office, 12 seconds; Open Office, 9 seconds.
  • From cache (opened again after closing): SoftMaker Office, 6 seconds; Open Office, 3 seconds

Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007:

  • Powerpoint 2007 .pptx files (I used some sample shapes and text with some of the new shape effects): SoftMaker Presentations would not even open at all; OpenOffice.org Presentation opened the file, loaded the text and shapes of my test file, but failed to load some special shape effects like the halo.
  • Word 2007 .docx files (I used some sample text with a funky font, a table with some formatted borders, a graph, a diagram, and a shape): SoftMaker TextMaker failed to load the font correctly, improperly formatted the table, failed to load the graph, failed to load the diagram, and loaded the shape fine; OpenOffice.org Word Processor failed to load the font correctly, imported the table perfect, failed to load the graph, failed to load the diagram, and loaded the shape fine.
  • Excel 2007 .xlsx files (I created a column with conditional formatting, a column with a colored background, and a column with a border around it): SoftMaker PlanMaker failed to load the conditional formatting, but showed the column data. Failed to load the column with the colored background entirely, showing none of the data. Failed to load the border around the last column. Open office failed to load the conditional formatting, but showed the column data. Loaded the column with colored background perfectly. Loaded the column border perfectly.


OpenOffice.org is faster, more compatible with Office 2007, blends in well with my native theme, and is Free. SoftMaker is slow, not as compatible as OO.o, uses it's own theme and widgets, and is 70 Euros.

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