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Comment Re:This is a pretty good idea (Score 2) 172

While I agree it's smart to lockdown your workstation in a business environment, I've worked in some where this tech will be abused to time track employees who spent 3 minutes too long in the restroom.

That said, they already ran shitty 3rd party software that tracked mouse and keystrokes so maybe nothing changes. Oh man did we lose some developers who treated it as a challenge and scripted activity (poorly) while they were afk. I suppose there are probably some more clever devs plugging along with better scripting. Though if they are that clever they would have gotten the fuck out of that work environment.

The real killer tech will be the unskippable ads that 'helpfully' pause themselves while you don't have eyeballs on them, and resume when you're back at the computer...

Comment Ok for the next trick (Score 3, Interesting) 139

I'll be impressed when you write an AI that can competently play Civ5.

I'm not really sure if it's a more difficult problem than Go or not (I'd think so with all of the decisions to be made), but holy hell is the shipped AI in all Civ games useless.

Comment Re:Only to Disappoint again. (Score 1) 44

Most AAA titles these days cost a heck lot more than $50 million to make. GTAV was $265 million.

But how much of that is stuff like modern pop music licensing, voice actors, *localized* voice actors, etc etc etc that doesn't really apply to a Mario game? Even a AAA Mario game of the variety that we'd all rather see must be well cheaper than GTAV.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 436

You guys are embarassing my old-school Slashdot cred with your user numbers.

But I stand by my point somewhat. I mean considering I made this account when I was 18 in 1999, unless you were 10 year old Slashdot wunderkids, we're all getting into old-man (or woman) territory.

And there were plenty of 30-50 year old brilliant engineers and developers posting here at that time who are in prime FYGM political territory at this point.

Comment Re: Don't worry (Score 1) 436

Or, you know, people could just get paid what somebody thinks their labor is worth.

For example, would you want to pay somebody $30 an hour just to empty all of the trash cans where you work?

$15 would be a good start, indexed to inflation. ;-)

Those fighting for it would do well to mark 2016 and demand whatever $15 in 2016 dollars is each year this gets dragged out. Otherwise they are only going to get the equivalent of $10.75 by the time it passes, which will dwindle away every year re-creating the same problem for the next generation.

Comment Don't worry (Score 4, Insightful) 436

The Slashdot alt-right crew (really 75% of the commenting userbase that has aged into that lovely target demographic) will be here in no time to tell you about how this job, like fast food or retail, isn't deserving of a living wage and only exists for 18 year old suburban kids to make pocket money off of.

And to (lol) pay their way through college with (STEM majors only deserving of a living, of course).

Comment Re:Not a good idea... (Score 1) 248

It's not 1790 anymore, I don't care what the intent of the writers were at the time. Their opinion of free speech and likely didn't include internet pornography , and their opinion of a 'the people' definitely didn't include a black woman.

They had some noble ideals but we should not be beholden to the whims of these men long dead.

Comment Re: Pot (Score 1) 158

Edibles are hard to dose. I still smoke occasionally because I like the aroma's burning gives.
Also the effects of every method is slightly different.

They come nicely portioned into 5 or 10mg increments from my dispensary here in CO. This is why it's important to legalize and regulate substances instead of banning them in a panic.

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