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Comment What is the appeal of these things? (Score 4, Insightful) 129

These always struck me as a fad waiting to die, but I'm not trying to be the usual Slashdot curmudgeon, so I'll ask: what are the killer features of a smart watch?

The best my buddy could come up with who bought an Android one was some mumbling about how its more socially acceptable to glance at texts on your wrist, than to take your phone out.

Comment Re:It's not a legal issue. You're misunderstanding (Score 1) 346

It's not about legality. It's *newsworthy* because it's a radical shift from the perception of how FB operates. "Trending" doesn't mean "trending" at all. It means curated.

I'm surprised anyone though otherwise. Can you believe the the news stories in the "News and buzz" section on do not actually have any measurable 'buzz' about them?

Can you believe that when a chain restaurant prints "CUSTOMER FAVORITE!" next to a random item on their menu, that it is not, in fact, the results of some rigorous study of their customer base, but instead what some marketing or executive type decided to print next to a more profitable menu item?

Comment Re:Civ V (Score 1) 173

Civ V was a full-on regression.

I wouldn't even say that, just that by moving to 1-unit per tile (which is awesome, in theory), they made the problem an order of magnitude more complex for an AI to accomplish. Much easier to move a stack of doom to a rallying point ala Civ4, than to shuffle units all over a grid ala chess, but with 100 unit types and different terrain types to handle.

From a UI perspective Civ V is a huge jump over the previous games.

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