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Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 637

Godwin's law doesn't indicate that the reference to Hilter and Nazism is always out of place though. Just that it tends to occur.

In this case we're talking about a politician attempting to gain power by scapegoating minorities and immigrants, and the comparison is for once, apt.

Here is Mr. Godwin himself on Trump:

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1, Insightful) 637

Trump is actually speaking like Hitler though. This is not just partisan bickering. People don't have to do business with those that support fascists. No one in 1933 thought Hitler was going to lead the country in mass murder either -- it is a *good thing* to point this out before it gets out of control.

Comment Re:Vandalism really? (Score 1) 38

According the Wikipedia deletion log, that page was deleted once (in 2007), and the similar page MGTOW was deleted a few times after a contentious debate in 2006/2007. In the end, it is 2016 and the article is there. It seems like the process won?

I'm not a part of this movement either, but from the little I've gleaned from it on the internet over the years, it was a pretty new thing in 2006 (maybe not the concept, but the 'MGTOW' group/logo/etc.) Maybe the sources back then really did suck, and it was just needed a bit of time to boil into the cultural zeitgeist?

Comment Re:Obligatory indie bookstore (Score 1) 193

It's the the Breitbart, /pol, MRA sort of assholes, as compared to the Cheney/Bush/Buckley sort of assholes.

I think the 'alt-right' guys are more honest because they are at least up front about their horrible views, where as the old school guys draped themselves in a veneer of respectability and authority that made them much more dangerous.

Comment Obligatory (Score 0, Flamebait) 193

There are ads on YouTube? Have never seen one unless you count a VEVO logo.

In all honesty though if you're one of the alt right assholes pissed off by this vote with your feed, or make your own damn video platform. YouTube doesn't own you a platform to literally make money off your filth, as I'm sure you understand with your libertarian ideals.

Comment Re:Excel can kiss my 5" wide anus! (Score 3, Funny) 349

The VisiCalc Song
[ala' "Let's Get Physical", made popular by Olivia Newton-John]
I'm savin' all of those back issues of "Byte"
Making the micro conversion
I gotta handle text just right
Ya know what I mean?
I took you to a local computer store
Then to a compu-fair shopping spree
There's nothing left to purchase now
'less it's, programmability...
[BEGIN Chorus (invoked later)]
Let's get VisiCalc*, VisiCalc
I wanna get Visi-Calc, let's invoke VisiCalc
Let me hear your modem talk, your floppies squawk
Let me hear your I/O rock...
[END Chorus]
I've used paper, I've used wood
Tried to keep my pen on the table
It's getting hard, this hardware stuff
Ya know what I mean?
I'm sure you understand what eleven's* do
You know the software intimately
You gotta know, you're bringing out
the VisiPlot* for me...
[Invoke Chorus]

Comment Console Interface? (Score 3, Insightful) 157

That's kind of funny, I picked this up for PS4 and immediately lamented that it was not a proper consolized interface.

Why do either of us have to hold to confirm? Why am I dragging around a mouse cursor with an analog stick instead of being able to D-pad around the menus?

Maybe it's just a 'bad' interface.

Enjoying the game so far but I'm not so sure that the novelty isn't going to wear off soon. It feels like Minecraft which was equally pointless, but at least had group interaction and allowed me to make some impact on the cold infinite world around me.

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