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Comment Re:God Dammit (Score 0) 450

They really didn't steal it. Would you have rather them just vote every person President Obama nominated down? Wasting their time and our money? Because Democrats didn't have the votes to stop that, and that's what would have happened. (Alternatively, keeping him in limbo was a way to get someone semi-moderate in case of a Clinton *shudder* win.)

Yes, yes, I would have preferred that. At least we'd have the ugly truth on video, voting down nominee after nominee.

Comment Re: Stop repeating the meme (Score 1) 251

California and New York don't get to dictate terms to the rest of the nation.

I'm not suggesting that they should? I'm just suggesting 1 person == 1 vote in a presidential election.

I'd expect California/NY Republicans (there are tons! probably even more if they had their voice heard) Texas Democrats, and Wyoming Democrats should all have their voice heard in the goddamn election, with equal weight. :-)

Comment Re: Stop repeating the meme (Score 2) 251

I don't believe there has been an election where Democrats have won based off of these unbalanced electoral votes while losing the popular vote? Unless you want to count John Quincy Adams in 1824? Certainly nothing in my lifetime or the modern post Civil Rights Act Democratic party.

But yes, I'll cry foul exactly the same way if a Democrat manages to get elected based on electoral votes, and can't sew up a popular vote victory.

Comment Re:White space (Score 1) 489

Wanted to ask this here since you seem to know a lot about responsive design.

Is there any way to set my browser to turn of all of the responsive reflowing/resizing? Like, sometimes I don't WANT the site I'm viewing to collapse into a hamburger menu of hidden options (or worse, collapse entirely into buttons pointing to the iOS and Android app stores), and I would prefer to have a scroll bar to pan around the full desktop site.

Basically I want to be able to tell my browser to stop guessing at how to to view the content, and to just view the content full size.

Comment Re:This is a pretty good idea (Score 2) 172

While I agree it's smart to lockdown your workstation in a business environment, I've worked in some where this tech will be abused to time track employees who spent 3 minutes too long in the restroom.

That said, they already ran shitty 3rd party software that tracked mouse and keystrokes so maybe nothing changes. Oh man did we lose some developers who treated it as a challenge and scripted activity (poorly) while they were afk. I suppose there are probably some more clever devs plugging along with better scripting. Though if they are that clever they would have gotten the fuck out of that work environment.

The real killer tech will be the unskippable ads that 'helpfully' pause themselves while you don't have eyeballs on them, and resume when you're back at the computer...

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