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Comment Re:idea (Score 1) 323

Instead of messing with color combinations and a decoder chart, I just use a label maker. Print the label twice without tearing it, then fold it over the cord. Voila! Named with whatever you like, legible on either side.

Comment Re:idea (Score 3, Informative) 323

Although rabbits are lagomorphs, they are also huge party animals, and when their humans are out of the house they think nothing of having a few mice, rats, lemmings, jerboa, chinchillas, squirrels and porcupines over to "just chill" which invariably turns into a giant house party with a muskrat DJ.

Comment Re:Oh purleeeease (Score 2, Insightful) 555

I did not miss that. That is NOT the exact opposite. He said a consensus of EXPERTS in LAW would be necessary to make one lawyer's opinion more important than anothers. Then he provides a consensus of 15 self-expressed math experts? So math expert = lawyer?


To make the argument even MORE embarrassing, given his own data, one could easily assert:

"Depending on how you look at it, you may think that this opinion from Assistant District Attorney Dave Denny , vindicates the opinion of the English aficionados who voted that the defendant did violate the law. I think it's the other way around -- the fact that this answer was correlated in the survey responses with English ability, vindicates the opinion of Mr. Denny."

Comment Re:Oh purleeeease (Score 1) 555

Exactly what I was thinking.

However, the best part was where he rejects the D.A.'s assertions because one expert should not be trusted if a consensus of experts does not agree. He then relies on the sole argument of "credentialed expert Mr. Rasch" to "vindicate" the opinion of the self-expressed math experts.

All that being said, I'd say the guy's not guilty according to what the law quoted.

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