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Quickies Knows Quickies. Quickies is Quickies. 98

We'll start this off with Ant's submission -- a hilarious story about The Endor Holocaust which no doubt follows the destruction of the 2nd Death Star. After reading something so clear, confuse your mind confuse your mind (thanks to The Musician). Now that you are adequately confused, cardoso sent us a ridiculous flash app where you can control dancers. This will put you in the mood to enjoy the most retro homepage ever, sent in by mvw Got some money to burn? Check out the Spinal Tap Guitar which features among other things, chrome exhaust pipes and a tachometer that (of course) goes to 11. If you're not a musician, maybe you'd be interested in Randy Rathbun's link to personalized action figures: I could send in my mugshot and be immortalized in plastic, standing forever atop my monitors with Darth, Goku, and Trinity! Or maybe you wanna buy a Dalek? If you're on more of a budget, Jay Novak sent us a great t-shirt from copyleft considering all the layoffs around the net companies. With all of these great things to waste cash on, you might need some cash: geekguy sent in a funny list of ways to cash in on Doom without wasting time making a game (like for example, Doom breakfast serial! Free BFG inside!) Just get id to license ya! For you do-it-yourselfers, mr100percent submitted what might be the most impressive automotive MP3 player ever. The Pathintosh is a beautifully integrated Mac complete w/ steering wheel controls, and a custom bezel. And finally, the eycandy. First up is davco9200's link to Daily Astronomy Astropix which is actually pretty sweet: today is Mars Dunes. Second and last of all, the pr0n: Jeff K sent in Unix-Sex which features sysadmins getting it on w/ Sun Hardware. Thats why we don't let them work 3rd shift.
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  • HAHA! FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN FOR A LOOONG WHILE!!! time to show the sun/cisco admins around here that they've got a site along their vein of work :P
  • by Glowing Fish ( 155236 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @04:31PM (#400060) Homepage
    Captain: What happen?
    Operator: Somebody set up us the time cube!
    Captain: Main screen turn on
    Gene Ray: Hello Teachers!
    Captain: What you say?
    Gene Ray: It is useless to resist squared truth! God-Men no longer dispute me!!!
    Gene Ray: False teachers on their way to hanging!
    Captain: What you say?
    Gene Ray: You have no chance to survive in false time.
    Captain: All teachers, take off every 'zig'
  • All BSA reddot gunsights go to 11.

    If you have more, post 'em.

  • cardoso sent us a ridiculous flash app where you can control dancers

    On the same note, yerricde hereby sends you another ridiculous shockwave app [] where you can control dancers.

    All your hallucinogen [] are belong to us.
  • Is anyone seriously confused by the notion that it's different times in different parts of the world? Except perhaps Gene Ray, of course.

    Please, nobody tell him that you can do the same thing with any prism that has a regular polygon as its cross-section and axis aligned with the earth's to "prove" there are more than 24 hours in a day.

    Then again I doubt that Nature's Harmonic Time Regular Heptagonal Prism would get many followers, though Nature's Giant Toblerone Bar might attract some attention...


  • by antdude ( 79039 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @04:40PM (#400064) Homepage Journal
    Here's the history beginning from Early 2000: [] :)

  • by Anonymous Coward
    hmm.. the guy is hosting that webpage over his Cox@Home cablemodem. and that modem is subject to a /.-ing right now. you folks do realize he (probably) has a whole 15k of upstream bandwidth to play with ? good luck getting that link to work, if the @Home abuse dept. hasn't already kicked him off for violating the AUP (no servers!).
  • from the cats on mars dept

    This can be taken either of two ways:

    • Zero Wing 2: Mars.
    • Don't you mean Katz on Mars?

    All your hallucinogen [] are belong to us.
  • I especially like the graph that equates the Clintons with -- Socrates, Einstien, and Jesus.
  • The Endor Holocaust site is part of Star Wars Technical Commentaries, which does make an analysis of the size of the Death Star. There is plenty of evidence for the actual (defined as what's presented in ROTJ) diameter being no smaller than 800 km -- mainly a quote from an ILM guy and the fact that Endor is a habitable planet that's about 11.5 times larger than the Death Star.

    (The whole SWTC site is fun to read, BTW.)

  • You have the exact same couch that I do. Did you inherit yours from your parents, too?
  • Well, I'm sad to say that unixsex is completely Slashdotted! I am gravely disappointed, I was looking forward to those pasty-unix-boy money shots. Does anybody have a site mirror URL?

  • It has to be from Cowboy Bebop because one of Ed's (translated lines) is "Ed knows Ed because Ed is Ed" or something like that (coincidentally matching the title of the quickies post). It's on episode 9, when Ed first appears.
  • The Death Star II was not 500 miles wide, as they state at the start of the Endor Holocaust site

    If you surf around that website, which has been around a while, you'll find further bases for that claim: the size of the Executor when it crashes into DSII, for example.

    Regardless, there are several holes in the evidence, as far as I can tell.

    1) You don't have to provide direct escape velocity to any fragments, just divert 'em enough to use a gravitational slingshot. Not too close, though, or you'll pull off atmosphere.

    2) As far as I can tell, there's no real indication of just how large the Ewok population is. It could be small enough that they all could fit on the available transports.

    3) Star Wars tech might include some equivalent to the Star Trek Genesis device, a combination of tech that can make an uninhabitable planet inhabitable again in short order.

    3) The Alliance has already been seen to have shielding technology sufficient to survive a bombardment from a fleet of Imperial Battlecruisers. It's possible they may have had such a device following the fleet in hyperspace ready for just this purpose. (Although the Imperials were able to land somehow, so such a shield isn't impervious to matter.)

    Clearly this whole website is simply Imperial propoganda.
  • "Cats on mars" is a song from the Cowboy Bebop sound track by Yoko Kanno. Snag it from napster.
  • by X_Bones ( 93097 ) <> on Monday February 26, 2001 @06:01PM (#400074) Homepage Journal
    I saw this a while ago, probably in the earlier Quickie people posted about, and I decided to reply to the guy. I took his (obviously highly scientific) diagram with Jesus, the Clintons, Socrates, and Einstein, and threw in Nomar Garciaparra, and "proved" that there really were five days in every "day." It was something really basic, since I just had to respond to the tripe he was spewing. The guy writes back (using my real name; kinda scary) and points me to more drivel he's written, mentioning also that he tried to speak at my university (Georgia Tech) but the "stupid uneducated anti-truth educators" refused to let him. He then writes back again, and asks me if I want to have a debate with him, since I was obviously interested in his wonderful theories. Crazy...

    P.S.: would this Quickie subject have anything to do with some random troll posting big hunks of the timecube home page a couple of days ago? The timing is just kinda weird.

  • The trouble with analyzing fiction is that it is all made up. You can just say anything you want.
    Death Star II was constructed from unknown materials. Specifically, the density of the materials was unknown.
    Asteroids such as caused the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction on Earth are not simply hanging in orbit and then drop. They impact while moving at celestial speeds. Death Star II would have started it's descent at nearly zero velocity compared to an asteroid. Depending upon the materials used, inertial mass may have been low enough that the atmosphere would slow even multi-kilometer wide pieces to the point that secondary disasters such as global earthquakes and nuclear winter would not occur. Think what would happend if DSII were constructed of cardboard. Pieces would hit the air and then sort of float to the ground. Yeah, it would be a big mess, but not something that could destroy a world.

  • Pathintosh owner, if you're reading this, I'm really SORRY.

    To the rest of the world, his web server is on a 56k line. Owch! Maybe I shoulda warned him.
  • The ransom slashdot story generator!

    Quick! Turing Test it! Let it submit those a few a day, let's see how many make it. What? You already did that?

  • Does that timecube guy realize that there are 8 corners in a cube? Guess not.
  • Ok, what this dumbass is saying, in between rants about god and the education system (which undoubtedly kicked him out), is that he thinks each actual day is really four days. He wants one day each for midnight-dawn, dawn-noon, noon-dusk, and dusk-midnight. (Despite the fact that these are not all the same length of time.) He clearly isn't smart enough to realize that it would simply be another, much stupider way of saying the same thing. Oh well, at least I had fun laughing at his horrible site.
  • Hmm.... it seems to have dissapeared at Some lame Trintium Gaming Network page instead.

    Here's a mirror: All Your Base Are Belong To Us []

  • There's a review of the shockwave animation at []. Looks like a pretty good movie review site as well
  • one more link: there's a review at []
  • by FunkyChild ( 99051 ) <slashdot@mke3.TWAINnet minus author> on Tuesday February 27, 2001 @06:06PM (#400083) Homepage
    I made a slashdot version! Check it out: slashdot_aybabtu.gif []
  • The Death Star II was not 500 miles wide, as they state at the start of the Endor Holocaust site - that's over 800km! According to the Essential Guide to Vechicles and Vessels, the original Death Star was "only" 120km wide. IIRC, DS 2 was 20 - 40km wider, which would make it 140-160km in diameter, which is only approx. 90-100 miles wide.

  • by Enoch Root ( 57473 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @03:44PM (#400085)
    If you had made a Mouse on Mars [] reference instead, you would have been cool and hip on avant-garde techno culture. But noooo... You had to make it an Anime reference!

    --Enoch Root, both nerd and hip

  • How could you guys NOT include a link to ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!! []?

    After all, someone set up us the bomb!

    Link all 'quickie' for great justice!
  • Is it just me, or is this man a complete and utter idiot? What the hell does 4 have to do with a cube? A cube has 8 corners, 6 sides, 12 lines. No 4. And I can see that he took his own advice and stayed away from evil education by his grammar and math skills, not to mention his thought process. There might just be a reason why no institution of any sort will debate this topic... because it is a non-topic. It isn't worth debating. Where as topics such as evolution or various religions can be debated until you're blue in the face, you can take one look at this, even if you're a self taught monk philosopher with no human contact. Look at his diagram of the Earth's equators. Oh no, we were taught by those evil educators that the earth only has one equator, when it really has THREE! Look, the proof! Three circles drawn to look like a sphere! And look at how they intersect! Look! Four intersections! Never mind those other two intersections, its the Four intersections we're interested in! Apparently nobody ever taught him what a "dimension" is either, or how many dimensions we are actually taught are (he'd be surprised to find out that our evil education system actually supports the four space/time dimensions). Alright, I think I should stop now.
  • for those prefer their unix porn female-only, check out the stileproject's Linux-Loving Sluts []. No nudity (except maybe the banner ads), just photos of supermodels doctored (?) so that they appear to be endorsing Linux (sometimes Linux Mandrake).

    -the wunderhorn

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Congratulations, you're the 1,000,000th person to post that swf document this week. I'm sure that all slashdot readers are enlightened by now.
  • clicked on the link at work and it resembled gay porn

    Well at least it wasn't [].

    I was more concerned about the infringement of on The Open Group's UNIX® [] trademark.

    All your hallucinogen [] are belong to us.
  • It's amazing that someone whose clue meter is so desperately close to zero actually was able to register and get multiple web sites going. Proof, I guess, that there are functional mental illiterates out there.
  • My favourite geek t-shirts are the O'Really ones, particularly "Snooping email for fun and profit" and Practical UNIX Terrorism []
    They only seem to come in white though and it aint really my colour unfortunately.


  • The assumption that the DS II could not have been in a free orbit, but instead was supported by a field generated on the moon is unwarrented. If you were to assume the forest moon was tidally locked with Endor, the construction of the station could have taken place at the L2 point Endor/forest moon system.

    Such a configuration would have kept the DS-II in a free orbit, but still stationary relative to the shield generator, which could use ALL available power for shielding. Only minimal manuvering power would be needed to maintain postion at L2.

    Attempting to support the station from the moon has addition problems. First, the generators for any type of repulsion field would themselves bear the full weight of the DS-II and would themselves need to be supported in some way, lest they be shoved through the moons crust. Also they would be a tempting target for sabotage, allowing the destruction of the station, without requiring or risking the rebel fleet.
  • Hehe.. I sent this to the time cube guy to explain:

    i understand your cube theory!

    I have one question though:

    Since man in essence "created" day and night in terms of thinking as such (i.e. to bats and other 'nocturnal' creatures, our night IS day for them, for others, such as single cell micro-organisms, there IS no day or night), a "time cube" doesn't apply as nature's invention, only man's. Since all organisms fall under nature's umbrella, wouldn't nature then have NO day or night, just one long span of time wherein the Earth simply rotates in and out of light and darkness linearly?

    I'd like to see how he'll answer that.
  • Why? It is one link out of many on a quickies story, clearly marked as porn, and very funny to those of us not behind corporate firewalls :)

    If your you are going to get fired for looking at pictures of hairy guys hugging computer equipment, don't follow the link.
  • The mass-extinction event at Endor is an inevitable physical consequence of the circumstances at the end of Return of the Jedi. As such, it indirectly enjoys canonical status, even though it was not clearly portrayed in the film. A small number of official but unfilmed pieces of STAR WARS fiction have offered brief glimpses of post-Imperial Endor, and at first glance some of these references seem difficult to reconcile with the necessary reality of the cataclysm. There are two possible responses to this problem, and a spectrum of compromises between them:

    Good good, this guy is serious.

    Hey, never mind all the problems of the world. Genocide? Ecological disaster? Risks of atomic war? Naw, none of that's important. What's really important is that (gasp) there are inconsistencies in Star Wars tie-in books! We must stamp them else, or else...

    Or else what?


  • Endor is a former moon of a gas giant; the RotJ novel clearly states that the planet around which the moon orbitied was lost. This fact is mentioned, btw, in the Dark Apprentice section of the Endor Holocaust website.

    Accordingly, there is no gas giant-Endor L2 point for the Death Star to be in. Perhaps one should read the entirety of a web page before trying to nitpick it?

    Claiming that the repulsion field would have to bear the full weight of the DS-II rests on assumptions of the physics of repulsors.

    Finally, the mere elimination of the repulsors would not be sufficient to destroy the Death Star II. The Death Star II is clearly said to be "fully operational", and since it cannot be fully operational unless it is able to move into target systems, the Death Star II before destruction obviously would be able to move away from Endor at hyperlight speeds, far faster than the gravity could pull it down.

    (So why didn't the Emperor order the Death Star to flee when the shields fell? He was preoccupied with a battle in his throne room, of course.)
  • or have I been cracking a little too much smoke? Quickies know Quickies, quickies is quickies... unless I am completely and utterly wrong, I belive that this would be a "Holy Pop Culture Reference Batman!" from Discworld II ? mmkay.
  • Time is subjective, maybe?


  • by indole ( 177514 )
    not bad
  • Well then, the first theory must be incorrect :)
  • from the cats on mars dept!
    woo! i love that song :D
    does anyone have any idea what language shes singing? I know its not japanese or french.. Alot of people say yoko kanno is just babbling :) whatever tho.
    i still love that song :)
  • Interestingly enough, you must be mistaken... my brother is a winemaker, and thus does not drink beer (often anyways). Also, he has been divorced from his wife for almost a year, and does not live near her currently.

    I am however interested in knowing how you realized it was I who could bear the brunt of your entertaining ridicule with light-hearted banter? You've made my day more pleasant, knowing now that a quick smile will come to my face at every post by an anonymous coward, and that I will think of you and your goat molesting ways.

    Cheers lover boy

  • It's pretty rude to use that word in a childs movie. It is disrespectful to the 6 million Jews who died by German hands.
  • [] is far more retro than that lame excuse for a retro home page. Where, other than timecube, can you learn about NATURE'S HARMONIC SIMULTANEOUS 4-DAY TIME CUBE in 24pt bolded Arial Black, eh?
  • Sheesh, 3.5MB just for that? Learn to optimize, man! Giant dithered gif89a is a terrible waste of bandwidth.

    Here's an example of how to do gif-mation on a reasonable scale [].

  • ah! didnt notice that Timecube was in the quickie itself! damnit!
  • I hate to be one of those people, but if you're suffering deja-vu, that's because TimeCube was already featured in a Quickie [].
  • If only I could dance that good I'd be pulling in all the babes!

  • WoW!!!! you've inspired me to return to my favorite game of all time....daleks! I found an old copy on my mac classic a coupla days ago. I was almost overpowered by the awesomeness of the game. Stricken by the inescapable urge to sonic screwdriver, I even wrote daleks for the TI calculator yesterday. Great set of links. Very funny Scotty, now beam me my pants.
  • Nice Cowboy Bebop reference!
  • Which /. staff member is most likely to be... umm... "attracted" to hardware?

    ( ) CmdrTaco
    ( ) Hemos
    ( ) CowboyNeal
    ( ) JonKatz
    ( ) In case you missed it, JonKatz

  • Doesn't a lot of static electricity build up on the plastic? From my experince with tupperware, the rubber they use tends to build up charge constantly.

    This sounds like a cool idea, but I'm a little scared of zapping a motherboard.
  • by Alien54 ( 180860 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @04:01PM (#400114) Journal
    I am surpised that the Cmdr didn't include the obligatory links for all those "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" freaks

    Well here they are, including the original shockwave movie.

    After that, you are on your own.

    All Your Base Movie


    Stills tml

    Game FAQ o_ wing.txt

    Now please go away. [smile]

  • how long before an action figure of the guy gets produced?

    I do NOT want to know what accessories would come with such a figure.
  • Umm... What you say?
  • by z4ce ( 67861 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @05:00PM (#400117)
    The random slashdot story generator []! It's too funny. Complete with bad grammar!
    plain text for those of you afraid of a link..
  • According to liner notes, it's almost french, but mostly a made-up language. I've done a lot of searching and can't find anything that explains what she's singing, so I assume it isn't anything in particular. Maybe it's some strange japanese/french hybrid.

    Any linguists? :P
  • for example, Doom breakfast serial
    Great idea! And someone should sell a Doom breakfast cereal that I could eat while I watch the Doom breakfast serial.
  • by DrEldarion ( 114072 ) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [0791uhcsm]> on Monday February 26, 2001 @05:02PM (#400120)
    You missed the most important link of all!

    Page 4.

    They even mentioned my t-shirts!!! Too bad they didn't give the address =(

    -- Dr. Eldarion --
  • actually there was a section where one of the admins went to bed with some hardware... nekkid!!!
  • Dude, gimme a toke of whatever that machine is smokin'!
  • No, but I do know how to be most evil with that song.

    Play the song in a classroom with about 20+ people in it. And just watch. In about 3 seconds, half will hate you, and ALL of them will have it stuck in their heads for the rest of the week.

    It's one of the signs of a great anime song, it sticks in your mind like glue =]
  • by Anonymous Coward
    dude, how do you "lose" a planet.. especially if you hang on to the moon?

    furthermore, novelisations are not 'canonical' as the article enthusiastically points out.
  • by DrEldarion ( 114072 ) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [0791uhcsm]> on Monday February 26, 2001 @05:13PM (#400125),9171,1 00525,00.html There's the actual article on

    Closest thing to a real translation there is. See the notes.

    --- "Ed is Ed!" ---
  • Just in case anyone is out there who has the power to market such things: I would buy a CmdrTaco action figure, as I am sure a lot of other people would. I think I would also buy a Hemos and a JohnKatz.

    Taco should be wearing an anime tee-shirt, and should have his face fixed in one of those crazy wide-eyed crazy-man expressiosn that only he can give.

    Hemos should look responsible.

    Of course, Katz would come with wearing a flak jacket.

    It would be really cool if they operated like that old Transformer set where you could link them all together into some sort of uber toy...I think the ultimate would be if they linked together to form some sort of a real working web-server running Slash or something.

  • I made my own parody using screen shots from Tenchi Muyo! Get it Here [].

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Look what the retro webpage guy is all about at Cambridge University:

    Dr. Daniel Gorden is the chief architect of the HAN project. Whether it is Warren ATM switches or nifty Media Blocks, he has built them all. Dr. Daniel Gorden was awarded the Ph.D. degree in 1999 by Cambridge University for his thesis on scheduling in optically-based ATM switching fabrics. He has worked as a Research Assistant on Fairisle project (an experimental ATM network) and on Warren project. His research interests include high-speed optical networks, operating systems and hardware design and verification. Although we managed to find a rare picture of Dr. Gorden, he is very camera shy; still you can easily spot him by his characteristic desk with innumerable wires, circuit boards and CRTs. Dr. Gorden now works on the AutoHan project and is responsible for its integration with Warren ATM network. files/index.html

  • Well, of course the UnixSex site is the only slashdotted one.


  • by Shoeboy ( 16224 ) on Tuesday February 27, 2001 @12:44AM (#400131) Homepage
    What a piece of work is a Enoch Root!
    How noble in reason!
    How infinite in faculty!
    In form and moving how express and admirable!
    In action how like an angel!
    In apprehension how like a god!
    The beauty of the world!
    The paragon of animals!
    And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?
    Enoch visits not IRC - no, nor trolltalk neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.
  • ... the same ever again. Or patch cable for that matter. That's just wrong! Wrong, I say!

    News for geeks in Austin: []
  • In reference to the shirt at copyleft, [] also has a lot of funny geek / Linux shirts. My favorites there are I Want GNU [], GNUtella [], and There's no place like GNOME []. This site also produced a few designs that have been produced by ThinkGeek [], such as the emacs/vi police [] design.
  • by ChiaBen ( 160517 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @03:15PM (#400134) Homepage
    I visited my brother for Christmas, and toured the Ernie Ball factory (his buddy is a salesman there)... this guitar rocks! The Tach actually moves the harder you hit the strings! it has a 'Hurst' style '8-ball' shifter, and shift boot, and has really nice chromed pipes cut into the body. I don't recall what the inlays are, but every detail was fabulous, and very over the top -- Just Spinal Tap's style!

  • by SirFlakey ( 237855 ) on Monday February 26, 2001 @03:16PM (#400135) Homepage
    Some people have waaaaay to much time on their hands .. probably explains why I am surfing slashdot and waiting for huge flash files to download.

    Some days it pays to be me.
  • This was written by a friend of mine:

    > The true Time Cube
    > When the Sun Shines upon the earth there are FOUR new minor Time Points
    > Sunup, Sundown, NorthPole, Southpole, stupid word man!
    > there are EIGHT EQUIDISTANT time Points
    > You say "The 4-equidistant Time points can be considered as Time Square
    > imprinted upon the circle of Earth"
    > You Believe in Time Square You are Stupid it is Time CUBE!! like 6 FACES
    > of a DICE each FACE is a EIGHT POINT. YOU are right about "Life is a
    > "Crapshoot" - with a femininity cube and a masculinity cube." BUT you are
    > so stupid and braindirty about the CUBE.
    > Each of these new minor points represents a 6 hour unchanging day, in the
    > TIME CUBE there are 6 simultaneous days with 108 HOURS.
    > MY 8 corners is 2 CUBED!
    > you are trying to be a WEB GOD! WEB gods munch your children.
    > there are other SUB-minor points. For you IDIOTS to understand we will
    > use FOUR (but you cannot understand) we will call them BRUNCH and TEA and
    > midday*
    > brunch* * tea
    > sunup * *sundown
    > snack* * simpsons
    > * midnight
    > as the earth rotates each point gets full 24 hour day making 8 24 HOUR
    > DAYS = 192 hours in a day!! If you were not to stupid stupid are you,
    > stupid. You would see that each point (YES EACH POINT) along each equator
    > ALL THREE (you didnt use the vertical one on your Revelations 7.1 graph,
    > why not- you are a 2 D idiot), at each point along the 3 equators there
    > is A FULL DAY OR A FRACTION OF A DAY... there are AN INFINITE number of
    > days in each rotation of the earth the
    > INFINITE DAY= INFINITE LIFE = TIME SPHERE, = purity of circle, abstraction
    > of cube.
    > DOES your confirmation GRAPH not Prove this YOURSELF (go ahead add more
    > people in!)
    > your FOUR CORNER LIFETIME. My four Higher Order Of Life
    > = Lowest = the World with WORD GODS and EVIL BABY EATING TEACHERS
    > = Lower = your FALSE time cube = your TIME SQUARE = 4*4=16 = squared!
    > = high =MY true TIME cube = highest attainable by pure noneaten children
    > = highest = the TIME SPHERE which you can never comprehend nor can any of
    > you finite faced people with finite ancestors
    > YOU are sTUPID
    > i am 1337
    > give me 1000$ like you PROMISED
  • I always feel kinda bad following links in Quickies stories. I mean, what better way is there to bring the 'net down than post a whole lot of stories on Slashdot all at the same time?
  • From The Muppets Take Manhatten []

    Pete: Big city, hmm? Live. Work, huh? But. Only peoples. Peoples is peoples. No is buildings. Is tomatoes, huh? Is peoples, is dancing, is music, is potatoes. So, peoples is peoples. Okay?

    mmmmm slashdot, I love you. `8r)

    Gonzo Granzeau

  • IOW, it's lame of CmdrTaco to have posted an article with links to sites like

    P.S. Suck-up moderator karma whores will probably mod this down. I don't care.

  • No way, man, that site is funny as hell. And besides, there are even women in several of them.
  • Quickie is also the brandname of a power chair.One that I did not buy b/c of its name.Do you blame me?
  • I like this one [] better.
  • That uni-sex site was funny but after a /. posting it's going to get someone

    Oh let there bosses have a sense of humor.

    spambait e-mail
    my web site hip-hop news
    please help me make it better
  • Not that star wars was ever a paragon of realism, but Ive always wondered (especially after reading that page a while back) why Lucas sidestepped the issue of what happened to Endor after the death star fell on it.

    Of course I wondered even more how the ewoks beat the stormtroopers in the first place, but Im just such a cynic I guess.

    Whatever happened to the Ewok Hunters pages? Mostly written by the crowd that cheered when the ewok died in ROTJ. Probably the same crowd that cheered when we thought Jar-Jar wasnt going to be able to get his hand loose from the pod-racer engine in time. What a disappointment.
  • Pictures are located here []

    ...and I'm not sure we should trust this Kyle Sagan either.
  • Looks like you could, assuming that some n days in every "day" is correct, prove that n+1 days in every "day" also holds - which again will span an infinite number of days in every "day".

    Time is subjective, maybe?
  • It's pretty funny how he goes on and on about the number 4 when cubes have 6 sides!

  • rc cola came out with doom-endorsed bottles of kick. i think there were four different designs, but i only have one (with a cyberdemon on it).

    they also released a kick doom map with lots of new kick-inspired graphics.

    alas, poor kick, i drank you well.

  • Just for fun, I ran the "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" through Babblefish []

    Here's what came back

    Your basis everything belongs to us, it is

    With entirely there is your foundation which belongs to our that

    With to our having your foundation completely that it belongs

    Clearly not as catchy!
  • by double_h ( 21284 ) on Tuesday February 27, 2001 @05:19AM (#400150) Homepage

    Just for fun, I ran the "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" through Babblefish (sic)

    I translated the phrase to different languages and back to English, and got the following:

    • Italian: "all your base is belongs to we"
    • Portuguese: "all its base is in them belongs"
    • English -> German -> French -> English: "Your whole lower part being to belong us". Wow.

    All your beats are belong to us. []

  • Here's something else that didn't make it into the quickies:

    Bush vs. Yoda: Famous Quotes []

    Too funny!

    "Sweet creeping zombie Jesus!"
  • Great idea! And someone should sell a Doom breakfast cereal that I could eat while I watch the Doom breakfast serial.

    Don't be glib. It's clear that CmdrTaco is waxing nostalgic for the days before ethernet became common, when we'd all squeeze in a little deathmatch over the RS232 connection before work.

    All your MP3 are belong to us. []

  • Breakfast serial?

    Please, at least look at the box on the table in front of you -- it's "cereal". Did you or did you not graduate from college or university?
  • Go to Memepool []. Memepool had the endor story a while ago. You might call them the quickie specialists...

    Karma whoring??? For Great Justice.

  • I had my own pathintosh for a while, when I put my mac into tupperware and used it as an in-car MP3 player. It was pretty cool. Now I just use my tupperware boxes as servers, because they're small and cool.

    It was controlled via a laptop keypad, and I used an AppleScript I wrote that would play MP3s through SoundApp. I even had it where it would read the names of the songs out loud. All of this was done off of one CD-RW which was bootable. I never used a hard drive, because I feared the bumps would damage it.

    I recently made two servers out of tupperware cases. You know the blue ones with the little locking handles...

    Well anyway, I thought it was clever. They are rather small and fit a mid-tower sized motherboard, power supply, and hard drives.

    For me(college student) the average $35-50 per case is too expensive and takes up too much room in my dorm closet.

    $3 per case, and the whole server fits within 18" x 6" 12".

    Lots of people ask about my tupperware computers. But I just smile and respond, "I don't care what it looks like, it works doesn't it."

    ...and I'm not sure we should trust this Kyle Sagan either.
  • Thanks for posting the link to Now all the trolls will have a new idol to post anonymous about. man []

    Ugn. Gotta throw up now..


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