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Comment CEO information (Score 3, Informative) 287

Looks like the CEO has 3 patents, one for portable storage, one for non-volatile memory, and one for a memory controller. So who knows, could be legit.

Comment Re:Summary of tests? (Score 1) 130

Uhhhh, why? That was the point of the test. Same hardware, different software, what is the performance difference?

Er, the point of the test was to generate page views. But yes, a graph showing the clear winners and losers at the end in the summary would have been helpful. At least with Tom's Hardware, they put a summary of the different pages.

Comment Summary of tests? (Score 5, Interesting) 130

15 pages of a review, with a poor summary of the results, results in the most number of page views. It would have been nice if they had some sort of summary or benchmark to compare the two against rather than individual tests spread across this. Perhaps a summary chart?

Also, comparing a well tuned video device driver versus the (usually) hastily written Linux one is a poor comparison.

I really doubt people choose a mac over Linux over this kind of test. There more solid reasons to choose one or the other.

Comment Re:Fantastic first impressions (Score 3, Insightful) 368

You would have more influence if you actually had any history, anywhere. But you don't.

Why would I want to customize my advertisements, I like them unobtrusive. I doubt I could turn them off.
With tagging, who needs folders.
I doubt it will be faster than gmail, what with the extra javascript required for metro.
And who has trouble remembering their email address domain? Seriously?
And why would I want integration for my email.
And of course it's your honest opinion, you were most likely paid for this.

Seriously, just get out.

Comment Re:NewFail (Score 1) 594

I also am a little disappointed in this. They ended up shipping mine yesterday evening, so I'm slated for end of day tomorrow. Which is kind of a pain since I have tomorrow scheduled off. (Yes, I took a comp day to play Diablo 3 since I worked Saturday, what of it!)

Comment Sell to your customers (Score 1) 288

This article made me go and buy Aziz Ansari's special:

I had always meant to, but it reminded me that a $5 directly to the artist does WAY more than spending $20 on a dvd to a large company. I had bought Louie CK's thing the day it came out, but waited on Aziz's.

So yes, Louie CK did not monetize because not everyone got their pound of flesh, but it's so easy to just sell a product cheaply when there are no concerns about who can watch it. And who knows, maybe those people go see his standup live and we have a decent comedian in arenas, unlike Dane Cook.

Comment Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Score 0) 264

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, accept no substitute. Maybe use a Ubuntu 10.10.2 desktop to manage them, it's easy to use. (11.04 is still unstable, IMO.)

It actually all depends on what packages you plan on running. Then cross reference that against what your options are, I think you'll run out of options quickly, TBH.

And you just need putty on the windows side. But, if you have to, all of them can run x-windows generally these days. I just find Ubuntu to be the easiest, plus their packaging system is the best, being Debian under the covers.

Please note, these are opinions, and I'm entitled to my informed opinion.

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