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Comment Re:how enforcable (Score 1) 639

Like the old joke, "you think Ferraris are expensive, how about combine, eats fuel, and driven for 2 weeks a year " It's going away.
What has happen is you now have more and more corporate farmers, Business that are in the Ag field have learned to hire farmers and families that know " the lay of the land ". A client of mine is a 2nd or 3rd generation corporate farmer, same corporate house, same corporate owners, and they get a great pay. Also, they have an amazing home here in Florida, 40 acres of farm land that they rent out and vacation 3 months a year during the cold. Farming has become a bigger business than what it was.

Comment Re:Foolish Investment? (Score 1) 124

Next time remind them that they have a body camera, it's a public resource ( the facilities) & harassment is still an offense. I walk that beach a lot, and those police are not nice or polite, unless it's the fat guy, he's cool as shit, he just tells you what you're doing wrong and let's you go with a warning, so don't repeat it otherwise his memory is steal trap, and your ticket it much worst. and he will catch you again!

Comment Re:Foolish Investment? (Score 1) 124

Yes, even the locals pay for the tag, but you need to know when the locals buy the tag, it's steeply discounted.
I lived in Manasquan for a while, it was early February or mid march when it went on sale. Point Pleasent was different, I forgot when it went on sale. Mantoloking, I don't recall ever buying a beach pass and I don't think that there was any easy public access to the beach, now that I think about it, I don't recall ever seeing a lifeguard or anyone except my neighbor or fishermen... this was the 80's and 90's

Comment Re:Foolish Investment? (Score 1) 124

Interesting question: here in the USA, the issue of beach ownership is a weird one. the problems are ( ocean beach only Florida ) A) how to access the beach B) where does the property line end and the ocean start? so with question A) in most places, homes were places and property lines drawn and the beach was cut off, people were nicer back then so you let a person walk the alleyway between the 2 house to get on. Trip and fall lawsuit ( sorry don't have the source for that ) in the 60's changed people's mindset about sharing the alleyway, and by the 80's it was " lock it down " no trespass. Personal experience of having a beach house forced me to close my gate to the public when some tossed a soda can into my window. Then I got a few neighbors involved in my problem, so back then, I was able to convince about 1/2 mile not to open their gates. that really caused a huge problem. locals and tourist got pissed. but the message was sent. Access is controlled by the owner and rudeness won't be tolerated. Well that was the 80's and 90's who know what the rules for the alleyway are now.
B) beach line of private property end ( start ) at high tide line. high tide to the ocean is public, BUT this rule changes when mother nature takes out a beach during a storm, property lines still exist even when under the ocean tide if the beach get's washed out ( Fire Island in NY has this problem, but the sand came back and owners were able to rebuild.)
hope this helps

Comment Re:Can't let the money fall into the wrong hands! (Score 1) 260

it's rather factual what you are saying, buying a 3 family and living in 1, helps reduce your total cost every month. and if you add up the basic labor you do: gutter cleaning and roof scrubbing 300 to 600 yearly 2 days, lawn maintenance weekly 2 hours weekly based on 52 weeks $3000 a year ( snow winter, lawn spring + summer, leaves autumn ). patching driveway 2 times a year, 300.00 ... quick numbers showed 3600 on the low-end savings. heck if you got vegetable garden and a few other things, I can place savings at 5,000 per year.

Comment Re:Speaking of myths... (Score 1) 115

While I am not sure where you are they are getting the data, I do know
( from asking my old town of Fort Lee NJ to build 10 or 20 bat homes)
they can eat UPTO 1 ounce of mosquitos per night.

Ever want get laughed out of town hall, come up with an idea that helps
human kind. I always felt that if I succeeded the spread would have
slowed down ( I don't know how to kill mosquitoes in daylight hours )
but maybe someone would have figured out something

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

And that is why I had the best teams around, I hired people whom I could trust, and when the shit hit the fan, they still could be trusted. I happen to agree with you that what I did might be wrong in the future. But the past has proven right. I'm still friends with all my old employees, even the fired ones ( one whom happens to be my best friend and still calls me boss )

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

WOW, it is really like this??? I've owned 3 little firms with a total of 10 to 20 employees each.
Fired about 3 people, I've always told everyone 2 weeks in advance, with 2 weeks of pay extra
when leaving. Has anyone ( whom won't post as an A/C ) ever been walked out the door with security?
Never seen it in my 35 years of working. Even on Wall street, people don't get escorted unless it's
fraud related.

Comment Why I am not surprised by this (Score 1) 59

Not surprised about this at all. A few simple reasons
A) Analog (Sci-fi/fact in the 80's) corporate warfare by making chips have vulnerabilities published more than once
B) in the last 11 years ( don't recall exactly ) , a published report ( also posted here in /.) about the company that was doing all sorts of pop-up ad's for a camera (ax-90 or something like that), had an interview with the chief programmer. He stated very specifically that his line was drawn when they figured they could hack the bio's and use that as the cookie storage to know if it was ok to advertise to that person or not
C) recent discovery about something hidden in the intel chips, while I don't recall exactly when published ( less than 1 year ) it's code was some sort of control mode, not usable generally, but possible research tool to learn more about the chips weakness.

please feel free to add to what I've stated and or clarify a better timeline or cite sources.

Comment Re: Orion (Score 1) 359

These are great questions in which I think we are starting to answer. here is a basic presumption I can answer from watching all the star trek series;
I think you are given the basic right to shelter, food, education. Then ( based on what I learned on STtNG ) you have the right to pursue other trades and crafts.
Now what I want to cite ( which I know someone here on /. will know asap ) We are starting something similar, universal allowance ( money given to you without strings attached ), Which I think is amazing. and maybe the start of something like a star trek lifestyle.

Just want to point something out: I'm 49 years old, and every day is amazing with new things to discover and create. 10 years ago, I wondered if we hit the limits of creativity ( some stupid post I did here in /. I stated are we near the end of creativity ) and now I'm asking why it's taking so long to do it LOL.

last point; take a walk instead of driving, stop and smell the roses.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 156

The problem, from my perspective is: lack of attention span from American readers and viewers. I do make sure I read a newspaper daily ( a printed paper ) just to get general information of the world, I spend 1 hour daily reading web sites, and in the back ground I listen to BBC or DW. Most that I know, don't know half of the issues going on in the world.

this 'censoring' is nothing new, while I can not recall a source article to cite, hate speech reduction or removal has been happening since 2006ish or 2011 and it was reported here on /.

the other issue is that the average /. user/reader is most likely better informed ( not saying wiser ) than a lay person about what goes on in the world. For example, a /. user gave me a link on how to reduce my carbon profile, which in turn I have been teaching other to do, We should be helping others with our knowledge to improve our environment ( physical, spiritual, and mental )

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