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Comment Re:is it real (Score 1) 1198

I also remember those airport security problems professor Mann had. I have to wonder whether he might be the sort of person that unintentionally escalates these situations. Or at least fails to effectively de-escalate them. Just a thought.

Another possibility is the "McDonald's" employees were really law enforcement. Given the location and concerns about terrorism this situation may be much more similar to the TSA encounters Prof. Mann has already experienced.


Submission + - Netflix Allows Users to watch Movies online

tolar108 writes: "Today when I logged into Netflix, I saw a new tab: "Watch Now." Netflix is now allowing subscribers to watch movies streaming online. For every dollar of your subscription fee, you get an hour of movie watching online for the month. So since my subscription fee is $15/month, I can watch 15 hours of movies online each month. Requires ie6+, 2gb free harddrive space, windows xp with service pack 2, windows media player 9+. Help Center: http://www.netflix.com/FAQ?p_search_text=Instant_V iewing&lnkctr=FAQ"

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