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Journal Journal: 9/11/01

I guess the thing to do on days like this, after the fact, is to maybe try to write about what you were doing when the thing (whatever the thing was) happened. I was driving to work... late, as usual. I think it was about 9:15 my time, and I was cruising along westpark rd to work. I was worried by being late and thinking about what I had to code that day, so I hadn't turned on the radio. Subliminally I noticed less traffic, and no air contrails in the sky (Houston gets lots of air traffic). I turned on the radio, tuned to KLOL (101.1fm), the local alternarock station. Instead of music, I heard Dan Rather talking about combat air patrols over new york and DC. I had no clue what the hell was going on. For a second I thought maybe it was some sort of War of the Worlds parody. When I got to work, I came in still not having heard what was happening in NYC. Everybody was clustered around one of the big moniters watching a realmedia stream from someplace. CNN and most other news sites were hosed, I think this stream must have been coming off a local affiliate station's site or something. The footage... what can I say, it looked like a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie. Unbelievable, sickening. We all went home after an hour or two becuase nobody could think straight to work. That night my roommate and I sat next to each other on her piano stool, iirc, and searched for what we could find on the web. I thought at the time "I never thought I would be alive during a time in which my country declared war, real war, not War on {Poverty|Drugs|etc}." It was a sensation of almost complete doom, terrible inertia carrying me (us) towards an unpleasant and suddenly unpredictable future. The past year sometimes feels like a bad dream, terrible but ludicrous, laughable even with the current administration's buffonery on the world stage. Like you'd wake up the next morning and wonder what you'd eaten that gave you such silly dreams...

Journal Journal: ... but windows sucks more 1

So I'm hacking along on some work. Computer starts acting flaky (yeah, like an xterm, small xserver, and a browser window represents a crushing load). Thankfully I take the time to save what I was doing (on the server). I reboot... and now it's saying that several important windows files (like HIMEM.SYS, DBLBUFF.SYS, IFSHLP.SYS, and WIN.COM) are gone. Oh, and some of the directories and files in c:\windows are just binary-gibberish for names now... Thanks, Bill! I was afraid I might get some work done today, but once again your products came to the rescue.

Journal Journal: oracle sucks

Eh, so. All these people keep writing about or telling me about how cool oracle is. Alright, so I figure maybe I should check it out. Fuck me! I think oracle should win some lifetime acheivement award for either a) most needless complexity or b) worst documentation that's actually written by native speakers of your language. I'd _like_ to learn sql*plus, but seeing as how I can't get oracle to even install anywhere (linux, solaris, win32, enterprise, or personal) correctly, I think I'm basically just fuqt. I've got a particular bone to pick with Oracle 8i Personal 8.1.7R3 on win32 at teh momemnt becuase apparenly teh installer just silently neglected to do some important things like set up registry entries, and boy do I just love nothing better than guessing my way through hand hacking the winsuck registry with no docs. :-( Bah! Humbug! At this point I think sqlserver should win the enterprise storage "war" just becuase it will piss of Ellison, regardless of the strengths of the databases invovled...
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Journal Journal: craig's list


That sounds like most of my friends.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Sleep Deprivation

jwz says it best. that was commercedna to me, but add classes and failure at the end (both of commercedna and of some of my classes). Ah, the hopelessly naive days of ... 2 years ago. now i'm feeling sleep deprived again for no good reason. no school stress, no job stress, just. can't. sleep. Oh, and of course the fucking pisswit shitstain cockslappers down and to teh right of me are playing gangsta rap at three in the fucking morning. Probably they just got home from some bar, because after all, the weekend fucking well starts on thursday now, right? Times like these I'm glad I know all about Pygmy Shrews...

Journal Journal: Slashbugz

Hrm, so my friend matt weigel's slashdot user name is "Matthew Weigel" with a space, which means that the URL encoding is "Matthew%20Weigel". But when you click on the "go to user's journal" link, slashdot makes it "Matthew%2520Weigel", which of course isn't right. Doh!

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