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The History Is In The Shirts 109

lloyd tabb writes "I've been walking around for years saying that the history of technology is best told through the Geek T-shirts that were made during the development process. Geek Shirts are funny, insightful and often the only record of what really happened. Recently, while cleaning out my closet, I realized that unless I did something, all this history was going to rot away. Anyway, so I hacked, and here it is,, Geek History through T-Shirts. It's a user contributed site, so get your shirts and ditigal camera and fire away."
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The History Is In The Shirts

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  • ...they got a lot of free t-shirts at Netscape!
  • The book is Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple Computer by Gordon Thygeson, January 1998. The book's web site is, logically enough, [].

    Unfortunately the web site says that holiday shipments will be made on "Monday, December 20th" implying that the last update to the site was in late I don't know if it's still available.

    Business Method Patents Northwest (you know who I mean :-) says it ships in "2-3 days", if you trust their estimates.

  • The proof really WAS in the pudding!

  • Try again. Container tags are like this: <tag> ... </tag>. *Non*-container tags are like this: <tag/>, and have been since XHTML.

  • and the only one that's even remotely funny is the "zaro boogs" netscape t-shirt that only came in XXXXL.

    geeks are such nerds.

  • An Ex NeXT friend of mine has a T that says.. "The Gurney is the reward" Indeed it was..
  • You aren't kidding. I've probably got at least 15, most of which aren't on
  • Other history -- Linux Hardware Solutions, an early vendor of Linux-branded hardware that was later bought by VA Linux Systems, had huggers (the things you put cans into to keep them cool) with that quote on it. I have one in my memorabilia box.

    What I wish I'd gotten, when I had the chance, was the LHS t-shirt with the Ghandi quote on it. That was so appropriate for the state of Linux at that time. Today, an appropriate t-shirt would have the word "Linux" with dollar signs all over it, because Linux is now a business, not a cult. Which is fine and dandy especially for someone like me who likes to eat! But it's good to remember that Linux survived just fine without the IBM's and Dells of the world.


  • I've probably got half a dozen Sun/Solaris/Java shirts from my dad in my apartment right now. And that's after picking the one I liked from the 3 or 4 he had. My favorite is "Friends Don't Let Friends Load Windows NT"

    So now that Sun and Netscape have formed iPlanet, do they plan to take over the world with tshirts then?

    I had a feeling you were going to say that.
  • Actually, the site is not based on SlashCode, but rather on Lloyd's own homebrew (and GPL licenced) code Harvey. []
  • Heh, when I was posting I had stileproject open in another window, I looked at it, thought if I had it on a T-shirt it would be funny (but tastless) and opted out of inculding the link.

    I know my male friends would find it funny, but I bet I would be crucified by my female friends (and they are the ones who are more important to impress! :)
  • Definitely the funniest geek T has to be Martin on the Simpsons with his Wang T-shirt on the school bus saying something like I hope this commotion takes the attention away from my shirt!

  • I can search for text, but when I arrive to a results page, I see the story of the t-shirt but I don't find the pictures. Are they there?
  • That reminds me of the KMFMS image he did with Tux beating Bill Gates with a bat. It was my wallpaper for a while (when I was doing outsourced support for MS!) I'd LOVE to have it on a tee.
  • None of the T-shirts were alll that old.

    One I would have liked to have seen was the one that some guy wore to a DECUS Symposium years ago. It had printed on it the DCL code you needed to disable the VMS license manager. Apparently, DECUS officials quietly asked him to not wear it anymore.

    Another one was from HP back in the '70s. The University was a beta site for MPE and got some goodies as a result. There was a poster that had a neat design and said `Homo Programmus'. One of the student admins (a classmate) got a T-shirt with that on it. I was bummed they didn't have more.


  • Heh. An old girlfriend of mine, less than well-endowed, had one that read Minifloppies.

    They weren't really (floppy, that is).
  • hmm... I've got a near mint Serdar Argic in a drawer somewhere. the huge iron-on type graphic doesn't breathe making it almost unwearable unless it's cold out.

    Pity my wife gave the entire box of purple "WONK!" shirts to goodwill a while back. Damn, they were ugly
  • Are there any companies out there that make girl-sized geek t-shirts? Most girls don't want to wear men's sized XL. They're way too baggy and don't look good. I'm 21 and I like to wear cute, small t-shirts. I want geek shirts that are made to fit women... small and form fitting :)
  • slashdot, the best DoS attack ever...

  • Hah! Atari Computer Camp, 1982.

    When I was in Atari Computer Camp, I had a T-shirt that the press [yes, the press covered Atari Computer Camp like flies] loved: it simply said, "My Computer Understands Me."

    I wish that I still had that shirt.

    I wish that my computer understood me.

  • by ewhac ( 5844 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @03:29PM (#515261) Homepage Journal

    My favorite t-shirt was from Apple. It was done up as a MacOS error dialog, and read:

    The Apple engineer "unknown" has unexpectedly quit.

    [[Do something]] [Cancel]

    with the arrow positioned over the [Cancel] button.

    More generally, you can also get any shirt you want printed up and made available for sale at []. Need a shirt printed up for your Quake clan? Toss 'em some artwork and they'll crank 'em out for you for $9.95 each. Go spelunking through their t-shirt index sometime; some of them are quite neat.


  • c:\dos c:\dos>run run\dos\run
  • does anyone know how I can get goatse put on a t-shirt?

    Sure do. There's a great company online called CafePress [] that you just upload images to, and they create a free storefront for you - you decide how much over the base price the user's cost is, and they do all the manufacturing, processing, and shipping, and cut you a check for the difference at the end of the month. Yes, there's NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS. Pardon the french, but it's a fucking brilliant business model. Wish I had thought of it!

  • There are some shirts with artwork by BRUTE! (of KMFDM album cover fame, in the US anyway). They depict a large catlike creature with headphones and a sly grin, brandishing a large blunt object and claws above a cowering Lars Ulrich.
  • This is what first came to mind when I saw the post... there is a wonderful book of collected Apple tee-shirts that I once perused at the Lib. of Congress... can't remember the copyright date, though... the shirts went back to the late 70's IIRC and the Macintosh era tees were impressive. I also remember somewhere that door plaques were also used for projects (Microsoft did/does(?) this)... now those would make a nice addition to the museum.
  • Exactly. And a timeline-view, preferably with the ability to show different sections in the hierarchy alongside each other, would be nice, too.
  • since its mostly dynamic/cgi pages.

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • Here! []

    -this post is completely on-topic and should not be modded down.

  • My wife ordered that shirt, and that is one of her favorites.
  • by Palin ( 3182 )
    I want an Atari shirt! You know the Orange ones with the white logo. The problem is. I now need it in XXL!
  • The book (which is here at amazon [], by the way) has it's own web site [] as well.
    I did a review of that book once for TidBITS [], which you can find here []
  • by SydBarrett ( 65592 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @09:41PM (#515272)
    This is creepy, right now I have on a old blue SGI/Cray tee-shirt. Got it at Goodwill for $1.00. Goodwill seems the best place to fond these.

    Front: (With SGI logo) "My other computer is a Cray"

    Back: (With Cray logo) "My other computer is a SGI"

    I even have an old WOW by Compuserve t-shirt. They sent it out after the service went down. Yes, I did use that service for about 3 months. In addition, there's my old XYvision shirt I store from my father.

    While not geeky, a great shirt I have to wear at bars has a few masks of angry faces and underneath:

    "there is only one..."

    And under that has the Xanax logo! It seems to be an offical company shirt. Yet another great Goodwill find. I guess I have to photograph and scan some of these.

  • I have a smart math teacher then...He can both code, and he knew what my binary shirt said! I was pretty impressed.

    (he had visited thinkgeek)


  • What's REALLY scary is that the t-shirts are available in kids sizes.
  • obviously apple didnt know w95 had long file names else it would have said


  • How is this funny? It seems more like an admission of defeat to me.
  • by prizog ( 42097 ) <> on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @11:32PM (#515277) Homepage
    It's making fun of the fact that Micros~1 finally got long file names - something UNIX had had for quite some time and that Mac had had since 1984. Mac, of course, has a file-name-length-limit that's half of the limit of windows and 1/8th the limit of Linux (my kernel, anyway).
    It's also making fun of the fact that W95 still had DOS underneath.
  • At least you can buy shirts in your size like that. I've been looking the last two hours and can't find anything smaller than a Large.

    Guess it's some white paint and stencils for me. At least they'll be one of a kind. :)

  • Try, they let you upload your design and sell you (and everybody else) the shirts.

    I have no personal experience with them, anybody care to comment how they work?

  • German tshirts are at interhemd nerdwear []. With texts like "alt+f4" and "/* no comment */".
  • dozens of them. I'll bet the rest of the veterans of the HMS #poopdeck can come up with a complete set amongst us.

    garyr (owner of probably the only car still sporting a DV/X bumper sticker)

  • by Cato ( 8296 ) on Thursday January 11, 2001 @12:22AM (#515282)
    Not a T-shirt, but hey... Usenix '83 had a button saying 'Sex, Drugs and UNIX' (yes, Unix was cool once :) - a few years later, another one was produced after the invasion of suits into Unixland, and read 'Condoms, aspirin and POSIX'.
  • by frankie ( 91710 ) on Thursday January 11, 2001 @09:57AM (#515283) Journal
    (Anyone with these shirts and a digital camera wanna give these newbies a real "geek history through T-shirts" lesson?)

    Agreed, Joel Furr [] made some damn fine stuff. But the RSA shirt is on geekt, BTW.

    I still wear my Serdar Argic [] shirt in my standard rotation. I'll scan it tonight when I get home.

    Hmm... would other Usenet shirts qualify as Geek T's? For example, Suicide Squid [] from rec.arts.comics.* ?

    p.s. If anyone has a Green Card Lawyer shirt they don't wear, I want to buy it! (L or XL, clean, wearable, no holes) Anyone?

  • Are you honestly asking me to pity you for being thin? Is that what you're asking? Oh, you poor, poor baby!

    "I just eat and eat and eat, and I can't gain any weight. Woe is me."

    "My Porsche and my new Ferarri can't both fit in my garage at the same time. I'll have to park one in the driveway. The horror!"

    "So many attractive people want to have sex with me, I can't make up my mind. Pity me!"

    Bite me, twig-boy.

  • by holzp ( 87423 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @02:49PM (#515285)
    before I know what a computer was, I was a medium. now i need to buy sysadmin size. (_._) -> my sysadmin sized belly.
  • But unfortunately it was a repeat of the ad that
    Apple ran when IBM first introduced their version
    of the PC. And shortly after Apple's products
    started getting spanked in the marketplace.

    It's that sort of blatant arrogance in the face
    of changing market conditions that put Apple
    where it is today.
  • That was an actual shirt... I have one. :)

    I'm going to have to find it and send it into the site now...

  • What's the MTBF on these things? Why stop at history? I'm going to start backing up my hard drive onto T-Shirts.
  • but they seem to have been eaten by bugs :(
  • some friends and i had the idea to make ambercrombie & bitch t shirts but couldn't get the image to look good. anybody ever seen a shirt like this anywhere? it would have to have the things on the sleeves, with the different colors, what do you call those?
  • My geekiest geek shirts are the ones I got from the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge. I still wear mine: second annual 1991-1992 (cool black one with a Cray on it) and third annual (which coincidentally has the names of the winners of the poster/t-shirt contest, one of which is the name of a prominent kuro5hin user, and who I also knew in college; I showed up at his dorm once and he was like "that's me on your shirt, by the way."
  • Apple was a great company for geek tshirts. There may already be a site with a few of them, but it would be great to see all the old project and company tshirts again. Hopefully none of them are lost forever. This site is a great idea!
  • my favorite geek shirt of all time is one that i got in 1996 at a macworld conference. the back
    has a pseudo mac dialog box & says

    Warning! Application programmer could not be
    opened because of error of type AM!

    it was advertising mactech magazine & you got it when you purchased a copy of code warrior...

  • Geek T-shirts: the only way to call your math teacher dumb without getting in trouble. (see thinkgeek if you dont understand what i just said)
  • My favourite shirts have (well indented) code on them :-)

  • I saw in a t-shirt shop at the mall a "Pimpercrombie and Bitch" shirt... I think it was Spencers, although I don't know for sure.

  • before I know what a computer was, I was a medium

    wow! and to think you threw away a gleaming career in the Occult Arts of Divination to become a geek...


  • The server looks like it's already going to fall over. Somebody mirror these things quick.
  • There is also a book [] about T-shirts at Apple. The book only covers up to about 1995, but still there are over 2500 shirts listed in the book!
  • Maybe the "Twinkies Insure Prompt Service" sign wasn't the win-win you thought it was.
  • I had a few t-shirts i could send in, but they seem to have been eaten by bugs :-(

    So stop programming in that bloated OO language, streamline your code, enable strong typing, and by the way how do errors in your program logic make your t-shirts...

    ...oh, those types of bugs.

  • The browsing area isn't obvious from the home page. To be more precise, what you want is the store index [] listing shirt "stores" by type.
  • Next time you link to a new /code site, at least show some commonsense by grabbing the "Hemos" username.

    I now 0wn I am so l33t I scare myself. Yadda Yadda. (Oh, mom, do I *have to go to bed now?)

    Chaz the l33t 3kr1p7 k1dd13.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    how many "I (heart) my Amiga(tm)" shirts do
    you think they're gonna get scans of?

    They've even got a book out!
  • Kind of depends on your point of view, I guess. I know some guys who think it's the height of humor to teach their kids all sorts of inappropriate phrases and gestures, since kids can get away with it around strangers.

  • by mmontour ( 2208 ) <> on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @06:24PM (#515308)
    How about the Apple ad that ran just after Microsoft finaly launched the much-hyped Windows 95? It said simply:


  • This is strangely co-incidental, but I'm wearing what is probably the geekiest shirt I own.

    It's a misprinted shirt: the stupid printer in the initial run printed the image on the back instead of the front, so it was printed again on the front.

    It's the t-shirt sold as fundraising for a SF convention that has yet to happen (OdysseyCon 2001 [].) A nice monolith w/stars and sunrise over a planetscape picture.

    It just screams geeky to me - even if it's not part of history (yet).

  • by feydakin ( 161035 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @06:44PM (#515310) Homepage
    My favorite from way back in my Tandy days was a T we had made up that said - IBM..... You may find better, but you'll never pay more
  • It's amazing who you come across on slashdot.

    I had exchanged emails with lloyd a while ago about his harvey system (what is using)

    And now I see him submitting slashdot articles.

    Soon I will be getting to know my neighbors better through slashdot.
  • HotTopic sells them here []. They only list XL on this page, but you can access a "Plus Sizes" section by going straight to the front of their site [].
  • it's in 8.3 filename format...

    jred []
  • That's Tera-ble

    Made me Gig-gle though.

  • He's just being a troll.

    Get it? Like Torvalds couldn't come up with a good OS, so he's reduced to using C# on Win2K. Since Linux has failed and Microsoft has won [] and all...

    What a weenie.


  • This is a great idea, socially and historically, but I hope they expand to other articles of clothing. My circa 1996 Yahoo! cap (contest runner up, baby! :) ) would probably go well there, not to mention a gaggle of nice polos and rugbys.

    Anyway, Internet History is a good thing, and I love to see it collected and displayed.
  • I am willing to pay as much as $50 for a take it tux tshirt!

  • I had a shirt from 1992 for the GRiD PalmPad, which was a handheld tablet that used Jeff Hawkins' handwriting recognition for data collection and was ruggedized to withstand a three-foot drop onto concrete (if you crossed your fingers :) Anyway, the shirt said, "Beat me, byte me, make me check bad writes." I thought that was pretty clever, and I wore it proudly on a vacation back home to the East Coast. When I got back to Fremont and unpacked my suitcase, it was nowhere to be found.

  • I think that purple WONK! t-shirt is up there in the "so silly and incomprehensible and ugly that it's now cool" category.

    Too bad they didn't make one with the QuarterDuck though.

  • Who is Dennis Miller?
  • Thoughout my younger years and currently I was/am an avid concert goer. I acquired quite a few T-shirts over the years that I just didn't want to get rid of them. Fortunately my mom is a fanatic quilter. I had her take all the oldies but goodies and make a killer quilt. One that I can't wait to give my grand-kids. "Here Billy, an nice quilt from Grandpa... Look there's Ozzy, RUSH, TOOL, The Grateful Dead and my favorite, the Frank Zappa one that reads 'Titties and Beer'. So, If you know a quilter...this is a great way to preserve your old T-shirts for a long time.
  • At this past DefCon, one vendor said that their shirts came in several sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large, and Unix SysAdmin.
  • Nope. Ten cuts on the album, plus four prints makes "fourteen pictures".
  • You don't even have the balls to write that to me without hiding behind the "Anonymous Coward" thing, so you shouldn't even be talking about pathetic. So, instead of me shutting the fuck up and dying, how about you just eat my shit? I'll even spoonfeed it to you if you like.
    evil adrian
  • The Canter & Siegel T-shirt! The McElwaine T-shirt! The Serdar Argic "Howling Through The Wires" net world tour! "Will Create Newsgroups For Food"! "The net is full, go away!" The RSA-in-Perl "munition" shirt...

    Ah, the list goes on. (Anyone with these shirts and a digital camera wanna give these newbies a real "geek history through T-shirts" lesson?)

  • I think the explosion of geek t-shirts as a mode of expression and a symbol of being part of the geek world has arisen largely within the last few years due to online shopping and the rush of coolness associated with obscure slogans, or *gasp* source code on your T-shirt.

    Most shirts made prior to this cultural rush were internal shirts made for product launches (team morale), or promotional shirts from early trade shows. Those would be very interesting indeed -- not the nth-million Mozilla shirt. Big yawn. The site only had one T from pre 1990. Not very exciting.

    I've got National Computer Camps t's from the mid-80's. Anyone else go to NCC, back when there were only 2 campsites (national my ass! ;-).

    My company had an oldest product T-shirt contest a few years back. Somebody won with a shirt from the 80s... pit stains and all!

  • not just the from slashdot effect, but remember, web museums have been patented, so this'll be gone in no time.
  • If you're interested in Geek T-shirts, please visit []. We have over 30 designs, some of which are printed by Copyleft, Thinkgeek and others.

    All designs are available in open formats for any use, you're welcome to print or even sell designs. All we ask is that derived designs are distributed under the same license.

  • by po_boy ( 69692 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @03:03PM (#515329) Homepage
    lloyd tabb hacked and all I got was this slashdotted site.
  • you could put it with one of the pictures found on stileproject's "linux loving sluts" picture gallery, as well. ;)

    here's a url:

  • Isn't this application begging for an IsItGeekOrNot page?
  • by mcc ( 14761 ) <> on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @04:31PM (#515336) Homepage
    mcc [] begins his ramble

    In general, slashcode [] is still designed as a linear news engine, not something like Everything [] designed more as a collaborative database being constantly revised in all directions. Still, the way they have geekt set up now, it seems to work just fine, so i wouldn't worry about that.

    My only worry, though, is that unless they do some thinking ahead this site is not going to scale at ALL. Not because of shortcomings in slash; just because they haven't put any thought into what happens once this goes from some people sitting around and passing around pictures to a rather large database.

    Specifically, every single posting seems way too isolated.

    So, here are my humbly worthless two bits of advice to the maintainers of this page, should they read this article:

    • You need to modify the database entries for each shirt to contain the date the shirt was printed. You need this. Once you have a whole bunch of shirts and you can't just read the entire archive at a glance anymore, it will become pretty much impossible to understand anything's place within the grand scheme of things. Being able to see shirts listed chronologically from Bell Labs--UNIX Project to Linux 2.4 release instead of listed chronologically by post date-- which might as well be randomly shuffled-- would make things a great deal more interesting, not to mention meaningful. Knowing that "IAUMA" is from 1995 and not 1983 helps. A lot.

      (by the way-- how hard would it be to rig together a "return random t-shirt entry" thing? that would be nifty :) )

    • You ought to set up some kind of system where related t-shirts can be identified and linked together. Using slashdot's sections is nice. You may want to expand this, maybe into having each shirt be registered on a hierarchy of vague category->company->product or some such, so all your Power Macintosh G4 t-shirts aren't lumped together in a pile with obscure jokes involving AppleSoft BASIC. This really isn't important, but doing something like this, or some other way to hit a button on an entry and get similar and related t-shirts, would definitely make it much more interesting to browse your site later on. At the least, though, i would suggest you find ways to string together posts of shirts that were in series-- if someone goes through and notices that four of these netscape 4.5 t-shirts were printed at the same time in the same run (you usually see several variants of a single t-shirt being released at the same time, now don't you?) there should be a way to link them together as "same series".. you could use the comment areas for all this, but that will get unweildy *quick*. *shrug*
    Also: What happens once people who are selling geek t-shirts-- copyleft, etc-- start posting all their new products on this site, essentially using it as free ad space? Is this something you want to encourage? If encouraged, do you want in some way to control it or segregate all the currently-for-sale t-shirts into a seperate section (since sold t-shirts would pretty quickly drown out "historical" t-shirts in volume) or maybe even charge for it?

    All of this is, of course, assuming you're expecting for this to be something you seriously continue to update for a long time, and not something you work on for a few weeks, lose interest, and set it to drift (which is probably what would happen to it if I were in charge.. which is why it's a good thing i'm not in charge :) ).

    So good luck, and fix those colours, boy!!

  • by MAXOMENOS ( 9802 ) <maxomai AT gmail DOT com> on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @04:33PM (#515337) Homepage
    I had been looking for one with the following quote: "Software is like sex, its better when its free." I can't find one anywhere so I think I will have to make my own. (Do it yourself, that's it!)

    Linux General Store [] sells t-shirts with this slogan on them, just click here to get one. []

    I had three of these things, and one should be hanging around's my favorite shirt, and I even went to geeks with guns in one of these [] (photo []).

    Hope this helps.

    ObJectBridge [] (GPL'd Java ODMG) needs volunteers.

  • browsing through the apple t-shirt website, and i came across this one [] which celebrates john-louis gassee's triumph over steve jobs in building an open-architecture macintosh.

    from the blurb:
    Jean-Louis Gassée had always thought the Macintosh needed an open architecture, like the Apple II computers, to make it successful. However, this conflicted with Steve Jobs' view of the Mac as an "appliance."

    does anyone else find it interesting that steve spent most of yesterday hyping his new, partially open-source OS and spiffy new PCI-based G4's, and that john-louis now makes internet appliances?

    made me laugh.
  • I've seen several examples of quilts made out of
    shirts at county fairs and such. Seen some with
    running race themes, politic slogan themes,
    and travel themes. Why not get your girlfriend
    to do a nerd theme?

  • I just happen to be wearing my "Free the Berkeley 4.4!" shirt today from back when the AT&T vs. Berkeley suit was on everyone's mind, and we all wondered if we'd become wholy owned subsidiaries of the death star.

    My other favorites:

    The Madelbrot set USENIX shirt (Cincinatti, I think)

    The OSI network model with "Financial" and "Political" added at the top of the stack with an arrow pointing to "Political" and a label: "You are here"

    And for recent additions, I think "got root?" takes it.
  • That is the most awesome idea! The trick, though, is to get the shirts away from your rocker before he wears holes in them beyond the point of repair. :-)

    "I'm not a bitch, I just play one on /."
  • by Tyrannosaurus ( 203173 ) on Thursday January 11, 2001 @07:34AM (#515344)
    Over the years, The Simpsons tv show has had a number of geek related t-shirt gags. My favorite involved Lisa joining a geek club. One of the geeks was wearing a shirt that read:


    Lisa laughed at this and remarked "Only one person in a million would find that funny!"

    To which another of the geeks replied, "Yes, we call that the Dennis Miller ratio."

    Long live The Simpsons!!


  • was also a pickup line for geeks:

    Don't be afraid baby - I won't byte but I might nibble a bit or two...

    It was cute at the time...

  • by Mr. Flibble ( 12943 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2001 @03:22PM (#515349) Homepage
    I love to wear one of my Linux shirts from Copyleft [] there is a small picture of Tux on the front, and a quote from Torvalds on the back: "The Linux Motto is 'Fear no danger.' Oops, wait, 'Do it yourself, that's it.'"

    I was surprised by the reaction to the shirt, it went over very well even among non-geeks.

    I had been looking for one with the following quote: "Software is like sex, its better when its free." I can't find one anywhere so I think I will have to make my own. (Do it yourself, that's it!)

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