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Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 2) 344

Yep... It's why a commute that I used to have to make was taking over an hour -- about 45m on the local expressways plus about 15m-20m on the surface streets -- could easily have been under an hour. It should have taken only about 5-10 minutes of total travel on the surface streets but that time was at least doubled because the idjits whose attention was on their effing phone instead of on the road and, as a result, only about four cars were making it through each green light. (Wanna bet that when they all were late to work they blamed it on the traffic lights?)

Comment Re:paleo (Score 1) 857

Heh... now that you mention it, I did have that pocket circular slide rule we had to buy in high school. I still have a plastic "regular" slide rule (the kind you could buy in the "school supplies" section of the grocery store back then) and the Post we had to buy freshman year of college.

Comment Re:Need per site controls (Score 1) 213

Hardly Firefox's fault. You're not the first to notice that web site developers have gotten incredibly lazy over the years. The practices like you just described seem to the norm now. Adding more Firefox (or any other browser, for that matter) user controls isn't going to do much of anything to solve that problem.

Comment Re:I just want my "disable Javascript" checkbox ba (Score 1) 213

Question: Is it Firefox's Javascript engine that sucks like a tornado or is it NoScript? The majority of the time that Firefox has to recover from a crash, I get a tab announcing a new version of NoScript. I could live with allowing Javascript to run in my browser if it didn't perform so badly when using Firefox. Enabling Javascript in other browsers doesn't seem to be the problem that it is in Firefox.

Comment Re:too many chips (Score 1) 178

When the gig economy fires up? It seems to be here. Now. I never bothered to disable the emails I was receiving from a variety of job aggregation sites when I was last in a job search because I figured that, as imperfect a barometer as job ads are, it was good to read through them occasionally to keep on top of how things are going out there. What I've been seeing is that more and more of the job listings are for straight contracts. CTH is showing up less and less than a few years ago and companies looking for FTEs seem to be few and far between. So implanted chips for everybody, eh? If you ever have an autopsy done upon your death, the coroner will be able to tell what companies you worked for.

Comment One more question you'll want to ask... (Score 1) 178

... when applying for a job. "Do you inject foreign objects into your employees?"

I've been hanging out on the Internet long enough to remember the Usenet thread "The Great Usenet Piss Test"--on misc.jobs.misc, IIRC--which listed companies that had drug testing policies ranging from the "yeah this makes some sense" to the absolutely ridiculous. Now we can, I guess, expect to see a host of web sites popping up listing companies that want to implant transponders in their workers. (Retirement can't come soon enough.)

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