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Comment Re:DCMA Fair Use / Parody (Score 1) 218

Samsung is legally-required to protect its trademarks, else they lose them.

This is largely a myth.

Trademark Law Does Not Require Companies To Tirelessly Censor the Internet

The circumstances under which a company could actually lose a trademark—such as abandonment and genericide—are quite limited. Genericide occurs when a trademark becomes the standard term for a type of good (‘zipper’ and ‘escalator’ being two famous examples). [...] Courts also set a very high bar to show abandonment (usually years of total non-use).

Comment Re:A defect is a defect (Score 1) 204

That's a fair point. Disease doesn't necessarily imply communicability.

But it sure as hell implies malaise in a biological organism. And frankly "touch disease" does sound like something that can be spread via touch.

So yes, it is a stupid name for this engineering defect. There are plenty of (still dramatic sounding) phrases that would be far more accurate. How about "touchscreen death" for example?

Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 569

Fair enough. I respect your opinion.

My point though, is that there are plenty of arguments of the "Anybody who reads this stuff and votes for TRUMP is a moron" variety too.

It's too simplistic to just say "candidate X is bad so don't vote for them". Because they're all bad.

Comment Re:Really (Score 4, Insightful) 569


You're in this shit because the FPTP electoral college system makes a two party lock-in inevitable.

  • - Nearly 1 in 5 Americans voted for Ross Perot in 1992, and didn't receive any representation in government whatsoever.
  • - The last time a "third party" gained traction was 1860, with Lincoln's Republicans. There is a reason it hasn't happened since.

The system is broken. And the two-party duopoly has no interest in fixing it.

I'm sorry but acting like things would get better "if only more people voted for better candidates" is a hopelessly naive pipe dream. That requires viable 3rd party candidates, and the US system makes that effectively impossible.

So I'm afraid I must repeat (and I take no pleasure in saying this, believe me) your only three options this election are Trump, Clinton, or throwing your vote away.

Of course Clinton is horrible. But would you prefer Trump?

Comment Re:EEE (Score 1) 412

The difference is that Apple users opted in to that ecosystem by buying Apple products.

The difference is that Apple's walled garden is iOS, their mobile OS for phones and tablets only.

MacOSX, their desktop OS (ie, the equivalent of Windows) is still totally open. Yes, they have an App Store on MacOSX but it's totally optional and you can install anything you want on your machine.

Comment Re:Interesting sleep arrangement (Score 4, Insightful) 100

Just give it up. That cat will never go back in that particular bag. English changes over time with usage.

Personally, I'm fine with it. Intuitively, "begs the question" means the same as "demands the question"... because "begs" and "demands" mean the same damn thing. Phrases making sense intuitively is a good thing, IMHO.

Just use "assumes the conclusion" for the fallacy (which again, makes more intuitive sense anyway), and stop trying to perpetuate the original meaning which will never, ever take over as the common usage again.

Just my two cents.

Comment Re:I don't buy it (Score 2) 365

LOL, seriously? You're surprised to find people on Slashdot blaming the user instead of the design?

This place is full of people who take pride in operating complex interfaces and wail at the thought of "dumbing things down" for "stupid regular users". It's technical-literacy elitism.

It's the same crowd still expecting the Year of the Linux Desktop, and claiming Apple only became* successful because of good marketing.

* I use past tense here because I'm the first to admit Apple has taken some steps backward on usability in recent years.

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