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Comment Re:It's even worse as an international merchant :- (Score 1) 345

Running a simple on-line service with a small monthly subscription fee and a fair proportion of international customers, we literally lose more subscriptions because of unexplained card failures than all other causes put together ...

This one is easy, as I do something similar. Peoples cards expire, and they don't update their user data if they've been subscribed for a while.

Comment Re:Coat hanger in distributor (Score 2) 210

Something similar. Cue around 1978 ... 1969 Mustang Fastback. I was driving up with a friend to go skiing and at about 3000' the car started to lose power, then *really* lost power. Popped the hood and two of the places where the plug wires attached had cracked off on the worse spot arcing to the coil wire. No spare, so looked about for something. Found a quart coke bottle, broke it perfectly and stuffed it in-between as an insulator. Worked like a charm for the rest of the trip.

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