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Comment why is this getting so much attention? (Score 1) 440

i don't understand why this is a big deal. the guy was using the system in a way that is expressly advised against by the company. and it was still the other driver's fault anyway.

there have doubtless been thousands of fatal collisions caused by human error since this accident. i don't really get how even an ounce of blame is being put on the Tesla's system (which was being blatantly misused). it's still probably safer than most other cars (which are involved in fatal accidents every day)

Comment Re:because star wars is swords and sorcery fantasy (Score 1) 359

addressing the article, it's pretty ridiculous to pretend the stories ended up the way they did because of the properties of the tech in those worlds. the truth is obviously the opposite -- the tech of each franchise was engineered to fit the narrative purposes of the story. this is such an obvious point i can't believe i'm even spelling it out.

Comment because star wars is swords and sorcery fantasy (Score 2) 359

not an attempt at sci-fi.

i mean if you want to accuse star trek of being pulpy or unrealistic or whatever, all i can do in defense is shrug my shoulders, but star wars wasn't even remotely interested in the future of humanity. it just wants to tell a story about wizards and knights and royal family lineage ... in space.

Comment Re:i hate video (Score 1) 189

same thing with news stories. if i click on an interesting headline and it is video-only, sorry, i'm not watching that.

ESPN does this all the time. in fact, usually it makes you watch a full 30 second commercial (NEVER a "skip ad" button) for a 25-second summary of a game that could have been *read* in under ten seconds.

Comment i hate video (Score 1) 189

i am impatient. i can't skim a video. i can't instantly skip ahead, either (buffering .....)

i can't copy and paste a video.

i can't print out a video.

when i google how to do something, i skip right past all the video links. the text links get me my answer orders of magnitude quicker, and i can access and absorb information hundreds of times faster through text than through video.

Comment Re:No, it's the goddamned asterisks! (Score 1) 140

sure, and I do use a demasker, but that's beside the point. The complaint is that the field mask has negligible security benefit and is really there mainly for the illusion of security for the user. It makes them feel good but does practically nothing to protect their password from being stolen, while it does in fact create significant issues -- most people are far more prone to typos if they can't see the text they're typing, which then leads to this kind of ridiculous autocorrect idea for password fields. if we got rid of the mandatory password field mask, i suspect we'd eliminate any demand for password autocorrect.

Comment Re:Just Solipsism and Faith-Based Nonsense (Score 4, Insightful) 951

incorrect. the burden of proof is on the one making the assertion. it is their responsibility to justify or substantiate that claim.

i'm not aware of any scientific evidence provided for the simulation theory -- only loosely philosophical speculation: namely, that extraordinarily powerful technologies that are beyond humans' current technological capability have already been constructed on an unimaginable scale by aliens.

the machinery of the argument basically boils down to taking what's popular with one species on one little planet during this cosmological microsecond of time (computers, virtual space) and extrapolating that out to infinity.

it's pretty much the same way all previous religions started. thousands of years ago, to a subsistence farmer in Egypt or whatever, it no doubt made a lot of sense that the creation of reality began with a lush garden paradise, and that woman was created from man's missing rib, and that animals were put here specifically for our consumption, and to work for us. it'd be impossible to prove him wrong. but he only seems right from his own limited perspective.

Elon Musk is the same.

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