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It's funny.  Laugh.

Comprehensive Win2k/Linux Comparison 127

paxdiablo writes "Nice to see journalistic integrity in the never-ending Windows2000/Linux battle. Check out the article over at BBSpot for the final word." Heh - definitely one of the more amusing compare and contrasts. Mebbe Mindcraft should talk to them? *grin*
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Comprehensive Win2k/Linux Comparasion

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  • "Comparison".
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Don't you know?

    Most moderators get bored after reading the first 50 comments and go somewhere else.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Philadelphia, PA - In news that is sure to excite the Linux community, long time Linux developer Todd Stanton got laid.

    "I still have trouble believing it myself," said Todd. "I was doing some coding when my power supply blew. Instead of pulling out the spare like I usually would, I decided to head down to Best Buy to check out the new DVD releases. Nothing new was out, so I bought another copy of 'The Matrix' since the one I had was pretty worn out. Turns out the checkout girl was a Matrix fan too and well one thing led to another."

    Word spread rapidly on message boards and on IRC. "It's pretty irresponsible of him and shows his lack of dedication to Linux and the open source movement," said Fred Simpson. "If others try to emulate this behavior then a lot of projects could get derailed."

    Others like Gary Wilcox were glad to hear the news, "We're tired of all those Microsoft developers shoving their Win-Ho's in our face. Now we can tell them about Todd. Who's laughing now?"

    Some developers are also excited that this may increase their chances of getting lucky, but most are being realistic. Walker Crandall said, "We thought we'd all be doing the hokey-pokey after Bill Fitzsimmons got some during the LinuxWorld Conference in 1999. We were fooling ourselves. Nobody got nothing."
  • Heres my ruling: he's just trolling, ignore him.
  • (in your best australian accent):
    "that's not a magic 8 ball - this is a magic 8 ball"(seriously, it's real):

    http://8ball.federated.com/ [federated.com]
  • >News for LINUX nerds. Stuff that doesn't matter to anyone else...

    No SHIT, Sherlock! If that's a problem for you, look elsewhere! I'm serious! I really don't understand why the newer readership, too lazy to even log in, thinks they can whine, bitch, and moan their way into changing the focus of Slashdot! IT HAS ALWAYS HAD A LINUX BENT! GET OVER IT!
  • It's a word picked on by whiny assholes who just have to have first post and look for typos to do so. It sucks being 12, popping zits and knowing you won't get laid, ever, doesn't it?
  • Reboot when you want to??? Why in the hell would you WANT to reboot???
  • yep, I understand completey that it was a joke. Like I said, I am not here to read crap. I am here to read worthwhile, news-worthy stuff. This was NOT newsworthy.
  • nope, I have a minimal setup, so there are no icons on my screen...
  • Um, yes. Why?
  • I also think that BBspot is pretty lame. That comparison read like something I would have written in the eighth grade.
  • Maybe to salvage his leaked memory?
  • BBspot has one of the best /. parodies I've seen.

    Stiledot [bbspot.com]

  • I guess it's pretty obvious you didn't read the article. Next time read it before trotting out your standard answer.
  • From the my Windows 3.1 app won't run under win2k tree

    i think this is the part you missed. are office 2000 and the version of visio your are referring to windows 3.1 apps?

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • ms bob epitomizes ms's commitment to security. if you typed in your password incorrectly 3 times in a row it would ask you to choose a new one.

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • it's a trouble shooter page. what it says is that if you cannot get your 3.x app to run in 3.x you will not be able to get it to run in 2000.

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • that would be a waste of their innovative effort which is totally focused on customer satisfaction.

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • or it could be a hardware problem with your specific setup-not necessarly the apps fault your video card has bad ram...

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • ok the w2000 vs linux thing was pretty pathetic, but i really came close to soiling my slef when i read this one.

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • However, if you type "Windows Sucks", 126,000 pages are returned, just edging out Linux.
  • Um, hello, notice the "foot" icon at the top of the story? It means its a humor story, not necessarily NEWS. You can stop getting humor stories by selecting that in your preferences.

  • Of course, I'm sure this article is a complete coincidence in no way related to this [theregister.co.uk] one.

  • so there are no icons on my screen...
    Nor mine, but I can still read the "It's funny. Laugh." label at the start of the story...

    Tom Swiss | the infamous tms | http://www.infamous.net/

  • If you want to get something done, use windows.
    Funny, it's exactly because I want to get things done - not reboot my system five times a day, or not deal with bloated software that buries the things I want six level deep in menus while keeping a dancing paperclip on top - that I use Linux.

    Tom Swiss | the infamous tms | http://www.infamous.net/

  • Soooo...if one person doesn't think it's funny then the rest of the large amount of people who DO think it's funny just MUST be wrong? Geez...I was waaayy off. Thanks for setting me back on the right track! Stupid bbspot!
  • why doesn't MS do mascots?

    Haven't you seen it? It's a vacuum cleaner. Named SUX.

  • Note to self...

    Put "Windows 2000 sucks","Linux sucks","Windows 2000 is great","Linux is great" in meta tags of next website.
  • For some BBSpot articles, its true, but for others I would argue that they are works of comedy that rival the The Onion. Did you see the AOLTechnica site? Oh jeez, I almost died laughing at the some of the more suble features like the rollovers ("The TV for your computer", HAR!). And the "New linux kernel will increase intellectual superiority"? Damn thats funny.

    And of course the now legendary, "MS purchases Evil From Satan"...
  • So you want to reboot when you install half of the software you own? Odd...i don't want to reboot at all, except to add or remove hardware. Why is it you need to reboot b/c you install quicken or ttax?? You shouldn't need to reboot at all if you're just installing user software. I think win2k has been much much improved, and yes there are less reboots, but there still are alot of unnecessary ones. I'd have to give that point to linux, where the only time you must reboot b/c of software is if you're updating the kernel.
  • Spreading pro-linux and anti-MS propaganda just shows the ulterior motive of a "News" site run by a company with a vested interest in Linux

    Well, i've read /. a while now, and it seem to have pro-linux attitude even before they were bought or became popular. I don't think you can say then that they reason /. is prolinux is b/c they were recently bought by a linux company. They were like that before, so it doesn't make sense to accuse them of that.
  • Silly me, of course i know exactly what got updated. Silly me for heeding past experience were NOT rebooting actually made the software not work, or the system crash. Seems to me that 90% of the times i was told to reboot in 98 i also saw
    Updating your files, this could take a few minutes..

    Completed updating files.

    Thank you for pointing out my stupidity at thinking these files were already updated by the installer, and that those lines mean nothing.

    Speaking of lusers, don't you have anything better to do then posting to /. at 12am the day before xmas?
  • Your user id is low enough that one would think you'd have discovered by now that this "worthless piece of crap" can be excluded [slashdot.org] from your front page (under the section "exclude sections from homepage").

    Based on your attitude about "newsworthiness", I suggest you check off every section except for "news" and "linux business".

  • by Daimaou ( 97573 )
    That was very nice.
  • It is Ruprict. Thanks for noticing.
  • You can't argue that each OS has something working better than the other. Even though i personally think Win2k sucks, i have to admit some programs, such as partition magic, etc, work much better under windows based environments than they do linux. Probably because the companies havent released a linux version yet. This must be the reason i havent un-installed win98 yet.
  • yeah, but why would the editors bother reading their user's comments? They don'y check the submissions for spelling and grammar mistakes, they don't check their own site to see if the story they're about to post has already been posted... why does this post surprise you?


    I could never get my karma above 20... lets see if I can get it below -20

  • http://www.bbspot.com/SiteBlender/aol_technica/ind ex.html [bbspot.com] I found to be particularly amusing, the "Wankers" link takes you right to slashdot.org
  • OK, never mind that that wasn't even vaguely on topic, I'll bite...

    Why not create a distribution that puts everything in the same places ... as is available in a default install of Windows ME?

    Because then it wouldn't be Unix. These are two very different design philosphies - in Win 95^H^H98^H^HME there is only one kind of user, and that user has access to everything from his rhubarb pie recipes, to the video card drivers, and can loose both just as easily. Mac OS X is the first Mac OS to have Unix underneath, and what do you suppose the biggest change is? Yeah, all the files are in different spots, fancy that.

    MACs stole their interfaces from Xerox; Windows from MACs; now Linux should take their design from Windows.

    At each successive level of theft, the good bits somehow got left out, and the interface hampered the user more and more. Unix desktop environments are stealing their design from Windows. That's why they are so clunky to use, and why every time you want to do something that you couldn't do just as easily in Windows, you have to open an xterm. (Yes, I know I'm oversimplifying a fair amount there)

    And, incidentally, there is a Linux distro like the one you describe, that imitates Windows as faithfully as possible. It's made by Corel, the pride of the Canadian software industry, that is constantly on the brink of bankruptcy. The consensus on that distro is by and large, that if you want an OS that looks and feels just like Windows, and that makes it easy to do the stuff you can do with Windows (and only that stuff) then you're better of getting Windows, because they do a better job of it.

  • I get the feeling that we're on the same wavelength here!

    It's a pity the one eyed morons can't see what's just over the horizon.

  • And the world is 99% Microsoft...

    In your words "GET OVER IT!"

  • We had a large Linux "vendor" in the office about a month ago... by the end of the meeting even he was doubting why anyone would use Linux in a business when there are so many other vendor supported and superior solutions out there.

    Wake up and smell the coffee... Linux is a fad and will die.

  • mine has had DIE IE in binary written at the bottom since it's creation ;)


  • Maybe they have better things to do with their time? I'm not a fan of mascots in general and I have a particular disdain for 'Tux'. I can tolerate the BSD Daemon, though.
  • 1) A huge number of possible converts to Linux use windows.
    2) A user interface is designed to help people access the power of the computer in terms they already understand (like files being movable with the mouse, or text showing up like it will print, or the keyboard matching that of a typewriter)

    Why not create a distribution that puts everything in the same places, and with similar naming/iconagraphy as is available in a default install of Windows ME?

    Why not make as much functionality identical to windows as possible (with exception of the crashing). MACs stole their interfaces from Xerox; Windows from MACs; now Linux should take their design from Windows.

    I would think the easiest interface for Linux would have to be the one that new users already know, windows! Only when there is a linux distribution that looks and feels like Windows will there be a flood of windows users to linux.
  • The reall fuck test performed by none other than the BSD demon:

    http://www.attrition.org/gallery/other/takeittux.j pg [attrition.org]

    Imagine doing that to a window.... ouch!

  • Don't Windows 3.x apps run under Windows 3.0 or 3.1 by definition?
  • Well, I was hoping that'd go without saying, but maybe I'm expecting too much :) A Win3.x app that doesn't run on Win3.x isn't worthy of being called a Win3.x app... it's a broken, buggy, non-app :)
  • BS!

    First, cross platform compilation isn't the issue. You took benchmark software specifically designed for POSIX compliant systems, and used it to measure performance on a system supporting Win32. The only way you were able to do this was via the Cygwin kludges

    Second, library load times are not the issue. Yes, Cygwin does try to map POSIX calls to Win32 API calls, but the translation is far from one to one. If it was, you could have compiled directly against the POSIX subsystem already built into NT based systems (and anybody who's tried knows how futile that it). Don't try and tell me that performance intensive API's such as threading, pipes, etc, are a simple one-to-one translation for the Cygwin layer. They aren't.

  • It wasn't even that funny, kinda dumb at that. I have a distaste for stupid humor. You know Hemos was hoping people wouldn't see the humor guise and would actually believe. Fuck test???


  • It's a typo. Get over it.
  • Ok boys, let's get to work on those Windows 2000 Sucks Pages.
  • You misread me, the Server edition's installer would not allow an installation to occur. The Professional version's installer, however, did allow installation. That's the reason I had to give results in the tables for both the Professional and Server editions. As for the system that was used, no I had no real choice. The system was one that was borrowed. As in the conclusions I clearly stated that this paper did not include statistics or conclusions about network performance of any operating system. However, I did put the data results from Hbench:OS into the tables of those networks tests that did work.
  • Two things, first..No cross platform optimizing compiler exists for each OS. Secondly, if you actually look at the tests used, most would be directly translated into system calls provided by the each kernel's API. While it is hard to argue that there isn't some penalty from the libraries that might be loaded at the load of a program 2 things come into play. Each test time is based on a warm cache, and secondly the extra library support would be roughly equivalent as each environment is the same. (ie, all executables are loading the GNU runtime library, regardless of the OS)
  • Before the flames, by no cross platform optimizing compiler I mean no commercial compiler in which one would hope to expect the most optimized ASM for each host operating system.
  • The only way to test totally different operating systems like you want is by examing the kernel code itself. With Windows being closed source that is impossible. Until then we are left with imperfect ways of observing behavior. In the same vein _you_ can say "how could you ever compare a micro vs. monolethic kernel implementation unless the test were specific to each paradyn", yet people want/crave a common measurement of each despite what may be under the hood. I believe you will find my methods baised firmly on the papers referenced. I wasn't taking a walk in uncharted space. I'm not trying to change the way you think, but maybe you need to look at my paper as a Linux vs BSD and then Win 2000 PE vs SE, as those can be looked at more fairly the way you are wanting.
  • The paper was geared at testing each operating system in a low and high memory environment. I hate it when people scan instead of read.
  • Is there one that does target the tested operating systems? I did not know of one that did.
  • that sucked. I didn't even chuckle. I did find out about the www.windows2000sucks.com site and that was neat. Pull this thread it sucks.
  • Well you gotta decide either way... Do we have version numbers or not?

    A search for "linux 2.2 sucks" gets no hits at all ;-)

  • Yes, I did.

  • ...I won't even go into what I think of the Magic Eightball bit

    Well, if this story hadn't been posted under the topic of humor, then yeah, I'd be bothered to see such an article. But alas, the topic exists, and has been utilized.

    And now for something completeley different...
  • Funny article! The idea of mascots arose a great question though -- why doesn't MS do mascots?

    It was already taken by BSD.
  • Can't they both be useful? I run them both side-by-side and I'm quite happy with the arrangement.
  • 1) A huge number of possible converts to Linux use windows.

    Then it'd lose it's 1337ness. And it would be a cracker's dream: all those Linux boxes with inetd and wu-ftpd and sendmail... so much for the security of open source.

    2) A user interface is designed to help people access the power of the computer in terms they already understand (like files being movable with the mouse, or text showing up like it will print, or the keyboard matching that of a typewriter)

    Hmm. And how do you propose translating firewalling to these mythical terms that people are familiar with? What about permissions: "Why can't Jeff read my files?" "Because nobody's allowed to read your files for security. You've gotta mail it or copy it to /tmp where they can see it or something." "Why can't everyone just read my files?" (Any explanation will be ignored...)

    What about users who have the capacity to learn, who don't just say "I don't get this" and quit trying? Is your UI going to shackle them (Mac, Windows), or will it be done right (Amiga)?

    <rant>What Linux needs is ease of use, not Redmond95 themes. The worst part is having to tinker with stuff just because of one brain-damaged decision. I'd burn CDs under Linux, but it sounds so tedious/time-consuming to set up the ide-scsi driver, that I just cp everything to /win/linux and burn from Windows. (Don't get me started on X, apropos/man/sometimes info for help, ipchains, PAM, emacs, or kernel compiling.)</rant>

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Their articles are juvenile and brief. Not that length makes a good article, but most of the stories are self-evident and basic. Here's one formula:

    "Write the opposite of what people expect and present it as fact!" Ha ha! That's always funny! How about "Linux Developer Gets Laid"? Genious!

    Christ. I really worry about you Slashdot editors when you present this stuff as funny. It's not. BBSpot isn't as bad as www.themushroom.com, but they're close. One's about slashdot stuff, the other's about games. Both have stupid articles.

    So, to summarize: NOT FUNNY.

  • I find it both ironic and amusing that Slashdot has never posted a link to a BBSpot story before... but now, the day after a story entitled World's best tech humour site - and it still can't get on Slashdot [theregister.co.uk] appears in the news, Slashdot just happens to feature a BBSpot story.

    Journalistic irony? You decide.
  • top reasons to get submitted:

    1. you have repeated an already posted post.
    2. you have posted something completely worthless
    3. you have posted something that is completely Anti-MS (yes, I am Anti-MS, but this article was ridiculous).

    honestly this post was not newsworthy.. I read this page to get directed to stories that I should be interested in. Reading about someone typing in "Linux sucks" and "Windows2000 sucks" into google.com and seeing which returns more for a comparison is just stupid. I won't even go into what I think of the Magic Eightball bit.
  • But...but...BBSpot isn't funny! I mean, I guess it's mildly amusing, but it's shoddily-produced and sophomoric, whereas The Onion is sophisticatedly-produced and sophomoric. But the reason The Onion is great is that at the same time it is immature, it is also intelligent. And its writers have a fine ability to imitate the style of a newspaper article, and they know about current and past events. BBSpot, on the other hand, suffers from poor editing and uninspired humor.
  • ... why doesn't MS do mascots?

    All the good insects were already spoken for.
  • BBspot makes it onto /. Now the guys @
    theregister will have to find another
    site to complain about...
  • But isn't Billy G's full name 'William Henry Gates the Third' (or something like that). It says so in Encarta, so it must be true.... ;)
  • Wow, what a realistic and impartial test of Windows 2000...Compiling your benchmark software with the Cygwin libraries adds an additional layer of overhead to the Windows 2000 benchmarks. Next time, why don't you run a Windows based benchmark program under WINE, and see how Linux fares...

    That's good, unbiased, and well planned research all right..sheesh!

  • I'll post logged in here, but it probably doesn't count cuz my UID shows I'm so green...we'd better get a ruling from User 1606 or whatever.

    Anyway, you make a few damn good points.
  • did anyone notice the amazing coincidence,
    between this story, and the story posted
    on the Register.co.uk earlier?
    they said it was the funniest site
    that STILL can't get on slashdot.
    man, /. covered their asses
  • From the my Windows 3.1 app won't run under win2k tree:

    Microsoft Windows 2000: Windows 3.x Programs Troubleshooter

    Does your program run under Windows 3.0 or 3.1? If your program doesn't run under Windows 3.0 or 3.1, it probably won't run under Windows 2000.

    Hmmm.... Office 2000 and Visio just WILL NOT run under Windows 3.0 or 3.1, guess that means thay won't run under Windows 2000 either...

    How ludicrous!

  • Microsoft's mascots are its users. They make such loyal little pets.
  • Damn straight! While the comparison was mildly funny, the fact that /. linked to it only hours after the Register's article was hilarious...
  • In case you didn't notice, Partition Magic, under win9x, reboots to a DOS environment, then repartitions. The idea of partitioning inside Windows and not having to reboot is bizarre. pqmagic.exe and its required files fit nicely on a single 1.44mb floppy. The CD that you may choose to buy even includes a tool that makes the floppy's for you, as this is how you repartition when you use Windows 2000.

    I bought Partition Magic 5 right before version 6 came out, but it cost me $0 after mail in rebates.
  • "I'm not sure I'd trust my mission critical apps to a company that can't even afford to give it's flagship OS its own domain name." And I'm not sure I'd trust my mission critical apps to someone who doesn't know the difference between "its" and "it's". Second grade grammar. Master it. Then let's talk about who's stupid and who isn't.
  • Imagine you have a mathematician. Let's say he's got an IQ of 250 and demonstrates unbelievable genius in mathematics, except that he keeps calculating the sum of 2 and 2 as 5. Then, when people call him on this, he shrugs it off as "not a big deal" and refuses to have someone edit or correct this error, because anyone who notices it is just being "anal".

    If you're a writer, language is the medium in which you work, and you should have a basic grasp of it. The difference between "its" and "it's" is hardly rocket science, and no, I don't think it's too much to ask that a semi-professional writer know the difference.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:14PM (#1395847)
    Here we go again.

    No OS is better than another, it depends totally on what you use it for, and personal preference of course. I think Linux is a fine OS, but the advantages that it does have over Win2k are irrelevant to me. 80% of the software I use do NOT exist under Linux, and the alternatives are, in my opinion, inferior. Thus Win2k is the superior OS for the stuff I use my computer for. I will not go into detail, as any Win2k promotion in this forum is likely to mark me "-1, troll" or something similar.

    Suffice to say, in my opinon no OS can be generally considered to be better than another, it's ALWAYS different from person to person. Your taste in OSes, your occupation, your hobbies, your cashflow, all determine what OS you use.

    Take for example gamers. How many gamers use Linux? Not many. Look at the hardware enthusiasts .. 3dmark2000 on Linux? Don't get me started.

    Then the webmasters. How many webmasters run Apache on Windows 2000? Alright, so there might be a couple, but it is a commonly known fact I believe that Linux is a better OS for webservers than Windows.

    I could go on comparing the strengths of each OS, but it's pretty clear to me that different OSes will always have different strengths and this renders any debate about which OS is "better" useless.

    Just my two cents. Oh and don't come dragging with arguments like "Linux is more stable" because if you can't get Windows 2000 running without crashes, it's really your skills that are lacking. Nothing personal, anyone who knows Win2k will tell you the same - it's a great OS, but like Linux, it's not really suited for those who don't know how clear a few obstacles on their way to a perfect system.

  • by slickwillie ( 34689 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @04:30PM (#1395848)
    Remember when a search for "more evil than satan" gave several hits for Bill Gates and M$FT in the top 10 (and even one for Disney)?
  • by gimpboy ( 34912 ) <john.m.harrold@g[ ]l.com ['mai' in gap]> on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:02PM (#1395849) Homepage
    its defined on everything2 [everything2.com], so it must exsist.
    hey rob. you could probably include a spell checker in slashcode...

    use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that
  • by innit ( 79854 ) on Sunday December 24, 2000 @01:54AM (#1395850) Homepage

    Domain Names - Windows2000.com redirects you to a Windows 2000 product page on the Microsoft site. I'm not sure I'd trust my mission critical apps to a company that can't even afford to give it's flagship OS its own domain name

    That really bloody annoys me that does. The author of this article clearly has no idea how domain names should be used by companies. Microsoft are actually doing this right.

    It should be http://www.company.com/products/product1/ and not http://www.companyproduct1.com/ that companies like HP often use. It's a stupid waste of domain names, admittedly domain names that the companies would claim they have a right to anyway, but even so.

    When will clueless journalists stop trying to make the Internet into something that they want it to be, and not accept it for what it is and has been for a long time.


  • by MicroBerto ( 91055 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:01PM (#1395851)
    Funny article! The idea of mascots arose a great question though -- why doesn't MS do mascots?

    Mike Roberto
    - GAIM: MicroBerto
  • by Richy_T ( 111409 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @09:40PM (#1395852) Homepage
    But isn't Billy G's full name 'William Henry Gates the Third'

    No, that was last year under the old version numbering system. Now it's "William Henry Gates 1955"


  • by cfreeze ( 146454 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:09PM (#1395853) Homepage
    I actually did my master's research on a comparison of multi-user operating systems. http://www.cs.clemson.edu/~cfreeze/research.html [clemson.edu]. I had fun doing it, and was suprised.
  • by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <martin.espinoza@gmail.com> on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:21PM (#1395854) Homepage Journal
    Funny article! The idea of mascots arose a great question though -- why doesn't MS do mascots?

    Are you kidding? Bob was a great mascot! And that paper clip... Hmm. Maybe that's why M$ doesn't do mascots.

  • by Fervent ( 178271 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @02:59PM (#1395855)
    So if I write a funny comparison that says Windows is better, it will make it's way to Slashdot?
  • by ckedge ( 192996 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @05:12PM (#1395856) Journal

    You're methodology is all wrong and quite inapropriate.

    A search for Hate Linux reveals 174,000 hits, while a search for Hate Windows reveals around a half million hits. Hate Microsoft gets a third of a million. Hate Sun Microsystems gets 10,000, while Hate AOL gets a half million. Hate Canada and Hate USE also get around a half million each. Hate France gets 350,000.

    Of course my initial methodology is poor too. I should only be counting those that are highly correlated, for example using only complete quote delimited phrases:

    Hate Microsoft.....7,775
    Hate AOL...........3,290
    Hate Unix............347
    Hate Linux...........393
    Hate Sun Microsystems..5
    Hate America.......2,090
    Hate Canada..........260
    Hate USA.............213
    Hate France..........185
    Hate Quebec...........42
    Hate Saskatchewan......1
    Hate You.........121,000
    Hate Me...........95,200
    Hate God...........5,510
    Hate Satan...........236
    Love Satan.........1,760
    Hate Nobody..........323
    Hate No One..........758
    Hate Everybody.....2,930
    Hate Everyone......6,910
    Hate Everything....8,690
    Love Her.........283,000
    Love Him.........335,000
    Love Me..........471,000
    Love You.......1,060,000

    Feel better now?

  • by comcn ( 194756 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:27PM (#1395857) Journal

    OK, so did anyone realise that this was actually submitted as a comment [slashdot.org] the other day?

  • by dietcrack ( 219911 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @07:19PM (#1395858) Homepage

    Holy shit, did *any* of you read the article?

    It's a comparison of the OSes on the basis of name, mascot, and the opinion of a Magic 8-Ball.

    Sometimes I think some Slashdotters value a low comment number over comment coherency/relevance.

  • by Anomie-ous Cow-ard ( 18944 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @10:58PM (#1395859)
    Although i always ended up using NEWDOS, since i only had one floppy with TRSDOS while i had about 10 with NEWDOS (all 11 of which had random bit rot, hence "use this one to boot, then switch to this when it complains about errors, then this to..."). One copy of MSDOS 3.0, which wouldn't boot at all.

    www.trsdos.com is a pretty crappy site, all it says is "get internet explorer 5.5". No possibility to try the site with any other browser. Configuring junkbuster to return an IE user agent gives a page about some class completely unrelated to TRSDOS. However, i award negative points to Microsoft products because the site was created by and is served off of those products. Also, negative points to the Harvard Extension school for whoever there created the page. There is no www.trsdossucks.com.

    No mascot that i can recall... maybe some BUAF spelling "TRSDOS"?

    The search engine test returns 0 results for both phrases. Does that beat 66,700 for W2K?

    The Magic 8-Ball test was inconclusive... it answered "Yes" no matter how i phrased it (although it did have some trouble deciding, it told me to try again 5 times in a row)

    "Fuck TRSDOS"... ummm, yeah. Takes too long to say.

    There we have it! A post about an ancient OS that few know anything about. Now excuse me as i go peruse my crate of TRS-80 related magazines for cool BASIC programs. Old-style BASIC, with required line numbers and all that goodness, not this new "Visual Basic" Microsoft pushes. And no fancy GUI, not even lower-case letters on my old Model I without that special chip someone hacked in!


  • by update() ( 217397 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @03:10PM (#1395860) Homepage
    I like BBspot, but this isn't one of their better efforts. (A nice bit of Slashdot-link-whoring, though.) My picks are Hour Lost Explaining Computer Terms To Mom [bbspot.com] and Linux Developer Gets Laid [bbspot.com].
  • by BRock97 ( 17460 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @04:17PM (#1395861) Homepage
    Well, since these sorts of comparisons seem to be in, lets take it to the news media:

    Comparison of ZDNet and Slashdot


    Well, this one is a no brainer. With a name like Slashdot, it has to be good. Besides sounding like something you would hear in a 1st grade class ("Now to finish the letter, just slashdot."), it also make a cool sword sound effect. Just saying ZDNet out loud, one must cringe. It sounds like something that should be served in a Italian restaurant. "Come to the Olive Garden to sample our new ZDNet." See?

    Advantage: Slashdot


    Hmmm, this one is a tough one. On the one side, you have Slashdot, where you can't go twenty four hours without hearing either a Linux story, anti-Windows story, a technology story that will not be affordable by mere mortals for another ten years, or some lame attempt to be funny article like my post wants to be. Then, you have ZDNet. Just have one word, Berst. Need I say more? Okay, how about Dvorak? Oh yeah, that's the sugar.

    Advantage: ZDNet


    This one is tough, but we will try and break it down. To start off Slashdot, you have one of the founder's name CmdrTaco. You think taco, you think south of the border. You think south of the border, you think Taco Bell. You think Taco Bell, you think little chuaua. That's right, the once fired Taco Bell mascot. How can you go wrong? "Yo geuro Slashdot." Sorry to butch that word, but the exact spelling escapes me. ZDNet, you think C|Net, you think big red sign with the C|Net logo, which makes you think stop, don't cross, or any other liberty robbing rule. Sorry, that makes me cry just thinking about it.

    Advantage: Slashdot

    There you have it. An indepth look at these two media power houses. To save you the money, definately check out Slashdot, where in our scientific research one 2 to 1!

    Bryan R.
  • by Chester K ( 145560 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @02:52PM (#1395862) Homepage
    A search for "Linux Sucks" yields 114,000 results, and a search for "Windows 2000 Sucks" gets 66,700.

    And thanks to the power of Open Source propaganda, where you can rely on everyone to be an advocate, as opposed to the old style Closed Source propaganda, where the majority of suckage has to come from the vendor, this problem will be fixed by Linux 2.4!
  • by kinnunen ( 197981 ) on Saturday December 23, 2000 @02:55PM (#1395863)
    t|-|3 r3g15t3r 0w|\|z j00 [theregister.co.uk]


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