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Comment Re:It is almost completely natural phenomena (Score 1, Interesting) 659

plants are sensitive to temperature and water availability, and also cleanse co2 from the atmosphere.

Interesting choice of words. CO2 is not a pollutant, so it should not be verbed as "cleanse".

so now we have a new force creating co2 and eliminating foliage, human industrialization, and surprise, the global temperature is rising, but this time the co2 is continuing to rise, where do you think the global temperature is going to go as we make the greenhouse blanket thicker

Yes mankind is producing more CO2, but still it's insignificant compared to other natural sources such as volcanoes and vegetative decay. Your views on our industrialization, and the slightly increasing temperature is a loose correlation. The planet is warming up a bit because of increased solar flux, and not man-made CO2. That's what the data says.

Other fun facts:
water is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 (by A LOT)
the ocean releases a lot of dissolved CO2 when it gets warmed up! so as solar flux increases, the atmospheric CO2 goes up a bit. atmospheric CO2 is not doing the warming.

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