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Comment Re:Sorry, but we education spending has increased (Score 1) 496

Quite a few are going to hide behind their union (and the union is going to help those who are innocent - which apparently is most of them). All of it comes down to the same thing, the school systems cater to the teachers and administrators. They are not accountable to students or parents. Those are somewhere on the list below the copiers I think.

Georgia doesn't have an teachers' union. It has several professional organizations, but none of them have bargaining power. The teacher contracts are almost completely the product of the government and administration. And some of them are pretty farked up. As I'm in the metro, I've been following the APS stuff since the AJC broke it a few years ago. The commentary I've seen in the AJC about the resignations is that the teachers are going to take the district to court for protection, likely to discourage APS from spending the money on court cases.

/lives in Gwinnett County (Parkview school district)
//wife is a former teacher
///dear god, slashdot comment system is awful

Comment Re:C & C glitches (Score 1) 282

C&C 1 was filled of all kinds of neat glitches.

I remember that when selling filled tiberium silo, you'd get money for the tiberium inside in addition to the building, so you'd essentially get double the money for all of the tiberium you collected. And you could use sandbags to connect your buildings and the computer wouldn't attack them, so I'd run a line of sandbags to their base and build advanced guard towers right in the middle of it.

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