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Quickies from OLS - les Quickies d'OLS 79

I'm here at Ottawa Linux Symposium, and I took the Quickies to the crowd and let them pick some of today's Quickies. Hope you like them. CitizenC told us to check out The Kama Sutra of Winnie the Pooh. Scary. alpha264 wrote in about a pegboard computer." Darkness Productions told us that Spaz Labs was back." Phrogman shared a huge collection of Space Images now available on Spaceref.com. kbolton told us to look at streaming anime for free. scampbell said that Yamaha Paper Craft has updated their rare-animal paper sculpture collection to include the Yellow-eyed Penguin. _endgame mentioned that voting has begun for the Freenet Logo." An anonymous coward wrote in about the Men of Sieg Hall calendar. I included that one for Telsa. cdlu wrote (from about ten feet away) about this thing that creates much annoyance from the console. MURL said that Christopher Lee has been cast in the role of a charismatic separatist in Episode II. And finally, I just wanted to mention that Dave Taylor from that company stopped by just to make sure that he wasn't mentioned in the Quickies. Teehee.
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Quickies from OLS - les Quickies d'OLS

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  • Can you imagine a beowulf cluster of those pegboard computers? You could even lie about 10 of them on top of each other and it still would only be about 1 foot tall.
  • shouldn't that have been first pooh-st... or better yet first time for pooh-st...

    I'm sorry.

  • _endgame mentioned that Freenet Logo."

    eh? what did emmett forget to put here?

  • I'm disapointed http://www.planetx.com/pooh/ [planetx.com] didn't include tigger pouring grits down his pants, while facing pooh, petrified of course!

    What kind of sex manual are they trying to push on us?


    Tyranny =Gov. choosing how much power to give the People.

  • The penguin [yamaha-motor.co.jp] must be running Yellow Dog Linux.



  • by Johnathon Walls ( 27265 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:16PM (#916818)
    The full list of cast (which is quite full) can be found here [starwars.com].

    Some interesting notes: Jimmy Smits (of NYPD Blue and others) has been cast as Senator Bail Organa, with more lines to follow in Episode III. Unle Owen and Aunt Beru, have also been cast, along with several bounty hunters. This piece [starwars.com] details that one of the bounty hunters will be a woman -- and the absence of Boba Fett, who will be in Episode II [starwars.com], leads to the inevitable question: will Boba Fett be a woman (a la Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi?)
  • http://www.planetx.com/pooh/positions.phtml


    - Bill
  • What interests me about these shows is that they demonstrate how Linux is no longer truly 'free.' Of course, most of us here just downloaded are dist. and not paying the extra 'media costs.' But, obviously someone is paying for the Linux dists considering that these companies are making $$$. Interesting how things that are 'free' no longer are. Is this the future of free/open source? Pay-for open source? Get the software, pay for all the support? (damn, like MS provides any support with Win)
  • I am not a supporter of the "open source" movement, however I am a supporter of the GNU <a href="http://www.gnu.org/">free software</a> movement. If you want to talk with me about free software, please use the correct terms. Thank you.
  • Yah, 'sbroke, goodlink is here [sourceforge.net].

  • "scampbell said that Yamaha Paper Craft has updated their rare-animal paper sculpture collection to include the Yellow-eyed Penguin."

    now that's pretty cool. has anyone tried making one of these? I'm pretty sure that this is next thing be sold at any linux conference. almost free, and you can have a cluster of them. :)

    Apple's Design Approach [cadfu.com]
  • I downloaded the playcore thing and did this to the box next to me for the the crew that comes in tommorow morning:

    perl -e '$SIG{INT} = $SIG{TERM} = "IGNORE"; while(1) { print "I have been h4x0rd\n"; system("playcore");}'

    A mind is a terrible thing to taste.

  • by zeda ( 415 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:25PM (#916825)
    Perhaps he meant the Freenet Logo Contest.

    http://whiterose.sourceforge.net /index.php?page=page [sourceforge.net]

  • by kzinti ( 9651 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:25PM (#916826) Homepage Journal
    Here's a simpler paper penguin, origami-style:

    http://jimthompson.org/w-p0001954.jpg [jimthompson.org]

    I'll write up and post instructions if anyone's interested in learning how to make them.

  • I don't if I'm wrong, but when I have a 3 days long weekend, I can find something else to do than wasting my time in building up such a stupid thing.

    Why would you spent 5 days/week working on those damn machines, then, when you've go a weekend for yourself, you say "Hey, why not do something an old computer.. duh..".

    My 0.02 pissed off dollards...
  • by gwernol ( 167574 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:29PM (#916828)

    While the pegboard computer is kinda neat, it reminds me of a much harder challenge. Build a computer that play a perfect game of tic-tac-toe (aka noughts and crosses) built only from 300 empty matchboxes and a set of coloured beads. Donald Michie did this back in 1960. You can find out more here [atarimagazines.com]


    Oh, and man, those Men of Sieg Hall are just plain scary.

  • by StevenMaurer ( 115071 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:38PM (#916829) Homepage

    Linux has never been "free" as in beer.

    Even those who download a distribution spend money for the connection time, one way or another, which is pro-rated into the cost of getting Linux. Granted, for many the can mean a marginal cost approaching zero, but it is still not free. You also don't get "free" consultation either.

    What Linux is - is "free" as in freedom. Unlike MS or Apple, you can modify to your hearts content. This gives you control.

    That's what Linux is. If you thought otherwise, you haven't been listening very closely

  • by Phil Eschio ( 210602 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:40PM (#916830)
    For those of you interested in reading the real Kama Sutra, check this page out [tantra.org]

    "The most fortunate of persons is he who has the most means to satisfy his vagaries."
  • Am I the only one that's getting server errors at sputnik?
    Is the site getting slashdotted, or did I just sign up for nothing?
  • Damn! Right after I rip out my internal speaker and LEDs to keep my mom from shutting my workstation down while I'm out, I find a use for that beeping thing. *hunts around room for speaker*
  • It would only be that flat if his sound and video are integrated into the board and he has no other PCI cards in it... otherwise it's a little taller. =)
  • My ex-gf's nickname is Poohbear, has been since she was a kid. I picked up the nickname Tigger due to a poster in her room that looks like Tigger is humping Poohbear (note that the person who purchased it for her didn't have that thought in mind, it's a kids poster).

    We're all different.
  • by happystink ( 204158 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @03:54PM (#916836)
    is it me or do these quickies sound like a high-school yearbook?

    "And props out to dave taylor and the transmeta crew, keeping it real. i'll never forget kayak99 guys!!"


  • by SamHill ( 9044 ) on Thursday July 20, 2000 @04:06PM (#916837)

    There's a bug in coreplayer.c that will bite people with PowerPC or Alpha machines. Just because char is signed on x86 doesn't mean it's signed everywhere. fgetc() returns an int, so ch should be an int.

    Here's a patch:

    --- coreplayer.c.orig Thu Jul 20 14:42:55 2000
    +++ coreplayer.c Thu Jul 20 18:01:09 2000
    @@ -16,7 +16,7 @@

    FILE *core;
    unsigned short frequency;
    - char ch;
    + int ch;

    • Thanks for sharing.

  • While Quebec is "the french speaking province," all of the Candian provinces I have been in (all two of them) seem to have french subscript over everything written in public. Lay off the author here.
  • umm...Ottawa is not a province..
    also, most places in Ottawa are about 15 minutes away from the Quebec border.

    "The value of a man resides in what he gives,
    and not in what he is capable of receiving."

  • Where the hell did this guy come from? I assume that the french translation is there because Ottawa has a predeliction for bilingual signage, not to mention a large number of french-speaking and bilingual people, it being the capitol and right across from Hull and all. I don't see why this person wouldn't know that.

    BTW, Ottawa isn't a province (or did you mean Ontario?). There are plenty of french-speaking people in Canada outside of Quebec, and plenty of non-French-speaking people inside Quebec.

    Minor nitpick: That abbreviation would probably be the other way around in French.
  • Amazing - this is the first off-topic post I've found really COOL. =)

    I'm a huge DeadHead myself, so seeing something like this is nice - even if Bruce Hornsby didn't play much of his stuff with the Dead. Although, "White Wheeled Limousine" sounds great when he plays it with The Other Ones.

    BTW, did you happen to check out any of the Phil & Friends shows this summer with Bobby Dylan? I managed to get screwed out of seeing the two shows I had planned to catch.
  • When viewing streaming windows media files, is there any way to download it to disk for later viewing?

    Any other good streaming anime sites on the net?

    Lord Omlette
    ICQ# 77863057
  • Hahahaha... You just have to look at the character page for Bail Organa.

    I mean, this was the only time we've seen the old chap.

    Laugh yourself silly [starwars.com].
  • I have realplayer, but sputnik thinks I don't. Is there any way to convince it I'm ok? I'm in linux, of course
  • streaming anime of the Kama Sutra of paper sculpture men of Sieg Hall and Christopher Lee in space produced by a pegboard computer while running playcore from a console.

    I was in Sieg Hall once because the professor for a post-graduate computer science course decided to distribute the assignments as Word documents. The assignments were only 1 or 2 paragraphs of pure text! Sheesh! Rather than just paste the text into a ascii file and send that out instead he printed them out and left them outside his office (which was in Sieg Hall). (BTW, if you are considering the UW be forewarned that it is a fucking ghost town at night.)

  • Damn, and here I thought it would be a link to goatse.cx, and for once it would have been ontopic! :)


  • Anyone notice they also casted the roles of Luke's Aunt and Uncle?

    Maybe we can figure out more about Queen Amidala's family in this next movie, or maybe the term "Aunt" and "Uncle" mean they are foster relatives.

    It would make sense since the name is Beru and Owen Lars, but they could be legitimate relatives if Beru and Amidala are sisters..

    Sorry to spoil the plot, but it is neat what kind of deductions one can make by just looking at the situation.

    Can anyone else draw any interesting conclusions from that page?

    (Btw, check out the girl that is going to play Beru, maybe now we can get all the leet 'First Post!' dudes to sing a different song!)
  • Cool, post the instructions on how to make it please! yes I have way too much time on my hands ;>
  • by Ranger Rick ( 197 ) <<slashdot> <at> <raccoonfink.com>> on Thursday July 20, 2000 @05:01PM (#916850) Homepage
    Q: What did the deadhead say when he ran out of pot?

    A: "Man, this band sucks!"


  • Stop that--no golden guns allowed.
  • Linux has never been "free" as in beer.

    It's actually free as in water and air. Water is free... but I still pay a buck for it in a bottle... air is free, but I still pay a (couple of) buck(s) for it to come in a can. Selling free things is nothing new.

  • I'm not the only one who played it? Is it just me or does it scream a little too loud whan passed .gz's?
  • by GigsVT ( 208848 )
    That PbC is pretty cool, but kind of obvious. I have done what he did in the past, that is, run hard drives while they were open. All you read says that the tiniest speck of anything will kill a hard drive, but I have run them open for a while with no problems. It is interesting to see the difference between how a voice coil vs. stepper motor drive works.

    It would be cool if someone were to make a totally transparent computer, all the way down to the cases on all the drives. Kind of like an iMac on steriods. At least you might be able to see what is happening when your hard drive starts making that grinding noise. :)

    Bet that would be hell to get FCC approval on with zero RF shielding.
  • Cool, post the instructions on how to make it please! yes I have way too much time on my hands

    Sorry, but the instructions will only be for people with too much time on their hands. People with way too much time on their hands should be able to figure out the folding for themselves.


  • Man..... you can get some good playtime out of and ! It gets monotonous and annoying after a while, but there's a cool part at the beginning of my types.h, and both of them end with this really nifty low note....

    Now imagine a Beowulf cluster of these! It'd be worse than a marching band in 110 degree (F) weather.
  • What a perfectly useless program... I loved it! Maybe with just a little work I can modify it to compose jazz riffs based on core files.



  • Oops. Dang HTML interpretation.

    I meant to type bits/bits.h and bits/types.h.......

    Now go listen!
  • I'm all out of core files for the moment! I'm not able to test playcore :(
    so if you're on napster join #corecwareznow! ;)

    now all I need is a CORE file composer, oh wait I've got netscape!
  • Is anyone scared of how many links to Transmeta there will be after they've actually been around a while and have a bunch of products out? Me too. I think the entire slashdot index page will just be links to Transmeta. Stories about microsoft, Corel, Star Wars, Lego, they'll all link to transmeta.com exclusively.

    Well, until the story leaks that the whole time Linus has been working there he's been playing Tetris and they just hired him to get huge amounts of free publicity from slashdot.


  • WTF?????
    That is the most annoying thing I have ever seen on this screen. It should be put down !!

    ~ This sentence is never right.

  • by Kobes ( 66985 )
    "Man", you said the joke wrong. =)

    Q: What did the Deadhead say when he ran out of acid ?
  • I'll write up and post instructions if anyone's interested in learning how to make them.

    Come on, post the instructions already! One of those sure would look great on my desk.. :-)

  • There is a new Microsoft bug in IIS.

    Go to any website you know of that uses ColdFusion. Add .+htr to the end of the .cfm file and you can view the ColdFusion source... Ouch..

    That is why you encrypt any production code :)

    Sorry to not make this article more informative by providing the link on how to fix it its real simple.. Heres a link

    Microsoft Security Bulletin [microsoft.com]

    This article covers yet another new DoS attack and also discusses the file fragment thing I just shared

    No joke its ugly...


    If you think education is expensive, try ignornace
  • Slashdot is not linux. Redhat is not linux. VA is not linux.

    Linux is linux. ALl the others are just 'doing things' with it, which is perfectly fine.
    Linux exists because people want it to, and because people made it, not because of business.
  • > For those of you interested in reading the real Kama Sutra, check this page out

    What we really wanted was a link to the Karma Sutra, so we could learn new ways to make karma.

  • > Bail Organa? Is it me or does that sound like some kind of warped pseudonym for pot?

    The pic at the link [starwars.com] does look a bit like a cloud of smoke.

    Powerful stuff, I might add.

  • Someone already has built a clear computer, minus the clear drive casings though, check it out here [geeknews.net].
  • ... would be more interesting if it was a pegboard WEBSERVER.

    Looks kind of like my email server, except for the harddrive windows (!) and the pegboard.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    The french speaking province in Canada is Quebec, not Ottawa!

    Fucking self-centered Yanks don't know shit about the world outside their SUV's.

    Damn! Good thing you told us... what if we'd nuked the wrong place?

  • Love those names. Here's a Star Wars name generator for your benefit and amusement.

    For your new first name:

    1.Take the first 3 letters of your 1st name and add
    2.the first 2 letters of your last name

    For your new last name:

    1.Then take the first 2 letters of your Mom's maiden name and add
    2.the first 3 letters of the city you were born

    How to determine your Star Wars honorific name and title:
    1.take the last three letters of your last name and reverse them.
    2.add the name of the first car you drove/owned
    3.insert the word "of"
    4.tack on the name of the last medication you took.

    --Neisl Coald, Lieuno of Ventolin.
  • Oh please, As if there are not enough holy wars in this world. Please talk about CONTENT not NAME.
    Maybe someone should come up with a term both ESR and RMS are happy with.
  • I'm completely amazed that he didn't wipe out any hard drives with casing dust/fragments. I keep looking at my PC, and it keeps inching slowly towards the door....it can read my mind, I guess.

    It kind of reminds me of the time I did a system upgrade, got bored and ran the old parts with some other spares, on a towel for a week or two.

    And it also reminds me of the friend who referred to the missing drivebay faceplate as a "gaping hole" in the PC....hehe.
  • Pegboard? Buying a new computer? Pentium75, 875MB HDD?

    I wanted an X-terminal for a second machine. I wanted it cheap. I wanted it really cheap. I also wanted it really quiet. I then rummaged around my cupboard for pieces. All neccessary was there.

    The only problem was space: I didn't have that in my room. The only free case I had was a full-sized tower. I didn't want that crowding my room, so I hung it on the size of my desk [rdx.net]. No fine pegboard or such, just a few screws and voila!

    It's a 486 SX 25MHz with no hard drive (that would have been noisy) and with even the power supply's fan tweaked slower. And I can run the latest version of Netscape on it any day.
  • Interesting that Natalie Portman is listed as Padme, not Queen Armadillo or whatever her name is. BTW I first proposed the "Boba Fett's a woman" theory here [slashdot.org]. (OK, amongst about 1000 other stupid theories, but it's mine I tell you, MINE!!!!!!!)

    $ cat < /dev/mouse

  • Uhhh....Isnt Christopher Lee somewhere between 80 and 200 years old?I suspect that
    he will probably vapor lock before the next
    celluloid masturbationfest is complete.
    How about Bob Hope for Vader?
    Slim Pickens as Obi Wan?
    Phyllis Diller as Leia?
    Don Knotts as Luke?
    Better yet,use everyone who was ever on the Love Boat and Hollywood Squares.Now Thats a Star Wars
    that even I would bother to see.

  • MURL said that Christopher Lee has been cast in the role of a charismatic separatist in Episode II.

    So Christophe Lee has been cast as Queen Amidala's Wonderbra. Wonder how much he's getting paid for that role... :)
  • I hate streaming media, being in Australia I usually can't get more than 2 megs without the connection stalling.

    You can try putting the url into a download program (I use pavuk), or make an HTML file with a link directly to it and right click to download it. This is prevented on some sites by javascript and referencing scripts.

  • Is it just my stupidity or are my quickies infected with the HollandCRC virus?
  • is perfectly possable.

    RF shielding basically consists of a Farady cage around the compnent. To do this in a transparent case will require the use of a transparent conductive material.

    These exist.

    For example, the most common in indium tin oxide, although alternatives exists, such as indium gallium nitrate [mrs.org]

    In this particular case, the requirement for the anneal post-deposition for indium tin oxide could be a problem, assuming the case is made of a polymer. Additionally, you'd need an outer layer, the conductive Faraday cage, and then an inner layer, to protect the conductive layer.

    Still, it is 100% possable. And expensive.
  • "Water is free... but I still pay a buck for it in a bottle... "

    Right on. Not to mention the illusion that what you pay for is better than what you get free. My boss NEVER would have allowed us to use Linux for our intranet server, until he found out you could buy a RH distro for $180 (or whatever the "enterprise" edition costs). That's not to say that we wouldn't have used Linux anyway (vs. buying an AIX license- and we're pretending to be on a tight budget!), but this was the path of least resistance.

    I realize that a bottle of Thorspring really IS a helluva lot better than what you get from the tap here in Chicago, and that the $180 gets you commerical software and support, but my point is that the mentality of "you get what you pay for" is still running rampant in corporation-land, and will be until capitalism eats itself (oops, did I say that? =).

  • Q: What do you call a deadhead that breaks up with his girlfriend?

    A: Homeless...

  • Slashdot effect on the pooh-pr0n.
    Well, the server didnt crash, but check out the pretty pictures.

    http://www.planetx.com/logs/usage_200 007.page [planetx.com]

  • Les p'tites Vites de BarrePoint
  • Did anybody check out the "characters" page for good old Bail?

    Here [starwars.com] it is. It's a funny choice for a mug shot, if you ask me....


  • I don't know if accuracy is important at all with Lucas, but in the Star Wars books series Boba Fett is a man.
  • So I read the page about the pegboard computer. Looked like a fun piece of functional art. For ergonomic reasons I decided that it might be a fun project for an hour, so I built my own. This one is my primary machine (PII 400, 128MB, Debian) and its currently chugging away on a large piece of pegboard. I'm going to hang it on the wall, and add some christmas lights and stickers and such. Click here [gradman.com] for a picture (before lights.)
  • Yeah, my poor little hobby hasn't had this much traffic since I rebuilt it.

    Stay tuned for more plush-pr0n in the Hundred Acre Wood.


  • If you want a core file then just try running netscape for a few minutes.

    (got to enable core files first of course)

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • They seem to be using the Referrer: string to "protect" themselves from deep-linking. Unfortunately for those of us who disable that particular header in our proxies...
  • whatever. stop posting this horseshit.

Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed. -- Neil Armstrong