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Comment Actually Nice Printers (Score 1) 86

I have two of the Pagewide printers at work, and one at home (after watching the first one at work for a year, and needing to replace our ~16-year-old LaserJet 4000). They are very fast (although not as fast as some color copier/printers), fairly cheap, and seem to hold up reasonably well (so far; they came out about four years ago). Print quality is also quite good on decent paperâ"I spent quite a while evaluating that before deciding to keep it. And the color was better (truer to onscreen) than our color LaserJet. The only thing I find disappointing about them is that they only do letter/legal size paper. I'd really like one that could do tabloid with the same technology (but the only option there seems to be color lasers that are no faster than the 15+-year-old one we have, or the aforementioned copier/printers).

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