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Comment cynical guess (Score 2) 513

My cynical guess is that this company's corporate HR is on a mission to avoid situations that would make group health insurance premiums go up; when they figure out that this new employee could be one of those, although a court would probably say they've already technically hired him, they figure they shouldroll the dice and attempt to put the pin back in. Many people would say "no harm, no foul" and go get a job somewhere else.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 109

Seeing as these companies stop issuing software updates for previous models before (in some cases well before) telcos' scheduled replacements for the last ones they sent to customers come up, it's hard not to read these statements as basically "the security of our customers is a such a high priority that we will actually try to ensure it, some of the time, if you're lucky".

Comment Re:False Flag on Education Moment (Score 1) 337

I mean, you're right, UC Berkley is wussing out here, they've basically said "screw you guys I'm going home" because they don't want to spend $ to make their content accessible to people with disabilities. But are you saying that the government is wrong to try to enforce the law here, or that this law shouldn't be a law in the first place?

Comment Re:How Does This Solve Their "Problem"? (Score 1) 337

It doesn't relieve them of the requirement AFAICT, but if they're like most universities they already have facilities in place to provide assistance to students with disabilities that will prepare closed captions or other replacement materials on a course-by-course basis and by request. Combined with limiting the potential audience to students (i.e. reducing the number of people that an ADA complaint could possibly come from), they may not feel they are likely to get into trouble.

Comment Re:What a commitment... (Score 2) 32

This. For anyone who missed the story so far, VMware is a bit busy dealing with their commitment to open source at the moment (https://sfconservancy.org/copyleft-compliance/vmware-lawsuit-faq.html). This news could also tell us something about the Linux Foundation's commitment to open source and/or unwillingness to let a fundraising opportunity like this pass by?

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