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Comment Re:Global Warming (Score 0, Troll) 656

People like Al Gore fill your minds with this propaganda so that you'll go out and buy their *green* light bulbs

so you prefer the propaganda from people like exon who want you to go out and buy their gasoline?

1. Volcano's and things alike emit more C02 gas then the entire human race.

sure do. and for a long time, before the advent of industrialization, the climate has experienced only moderate fluctuations even with all that volcanic co2. then along came escalades and coal plants and massive human-engineer deforestation projects that when added to all that volcanic co2, it tipped the balance to a general warming trend.

2. The Earth heats up on a cycle. It just so happens that in this point in time were on the warming part.

of course the earth heats and cools on a cycle. no one is claiming otherwise. the concern currently is the amplitude of the cycle and the speed at which the general warming trend is expected to occur... not the existence of the cycle itself.

If we were going into an ice age, I'm sure Al Gore would be saying "Save the dingos from the ice" instead of "Save the polar bears from the heat".

uh, yes, of course he would. people who are opposed to climate change, which so many here seem to call "global warming", are not by extension in favour of global cooling. they're in favour of a global climate that is stable within the normal and natural rates of fluctuations.

Just my two cents.

and fair value at that price.

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