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'Matrix' Parody: 'Computer Boy' 100

Stoke sent us linkage to iFilm's parody of The Matrix called Computer Boy . I laughed quite hard, although it's about 45 minutes long. Available in Real (note to story submittors: if video clips aren't viewable under Linux, I can't view them to consider them for posting, so don't bother submitting those quicktime clips ;). Anyway, this one is pretty well done. A good edit would do it well: take some of the slower bits out, maybe trim 10 to 15 minutes (especially the beginning: it starts off kinda slow), but there are several really funny sequences, especially towards the end.
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Matrix Parody:Computer Boy

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Hey Rob, If you want quicktime, why not boot back into Windows like you do when you want to play Diablo 2?!? [slashdot.org]
    Nice try, better luck next time, bud. You don't fool anyone.
  • by Anonymous Coward
  • From what I understand from the geeks in space of late, there are win9x machines in the compound they use for diablo.
  • Well, if there are no windows machines around, and someone submits a story that says "come look at this cool video" and you can't go and check it, do you just blindly post, hoping it's not some pr0n or something thats *really* lame, or do you not post the story? On one hand it's elitist, on the other, it's needed to ensure that no stories of "unknown" quality are put up..

    my $0.02

    alan, who doesn't have a way to view quicktime 4 at his compound
  • Hehe, that was a great parody. Sure, the audio was 15 seconds out of sync with the video, which was some kind of pixely thing that I couldn't make out...

    Well, whatever. /Any/ kind of un-streaming format would be fine so that I could download it overnight and watch it later. Even that sorenson crap that I'm so quick to bash at :)
  • by quadra ( 2289 )
    I want those 40 minutes of my life back. that was horrible. I don't know why they bothered doing that.
  • i'm just an office gopher monkey and i got 3 fuckin computers with linux, nt, and 98...

    And are their names "blossom," "bubbles," and "butttercup?" :o)

    (I actually named a nasty HP C180 "mojojojo")


  • I'm so glad iFilm lets Linux users in. Atom stopped me at the door and gave me some BS about how I needed such and such hw and sw, all of which I had (except QT, but you don't need that for everything). I sent an email to them, and some lady sent me a reply saying they were working on the problem. That's stupid, though, because it's *harder* to keep someone out than it is to let everyone in and let them see for themselves whether they can watch the movies or not.
  • You don't have to give them any email address. Just a random string of characters with an @ and a . in it works fine.

    That goes for all those annoying download pages that all the big corps seem to love.
  • #undef FLAME

    I've been using computers since the C64 days, I'm not some windows pup that just hoped on yesterday.

    If you would care to rephrase your comment in a non flaming mater I'm sure we could disscuss any ideas you may have as to how to get QT running properly on my computer. If you do not wish to be constructive you can kindly bugger off. =)
  • > Nobody ever accused trolls of having too much intelligence I guess.

    Actually, according to this thesis [io.com], classic trolls (see the jargon file definition) generally have higher-than-normal intelligence. For some reason, a disproportionate number are also english. Go fig...

    What do I do, when it seems I relate to Judas more than You?

  • QuickTime 4 under Win98 is totaly unstable in my expirance.

    And when is your expirance? joke...
  • If he, of all people, doesn't have multiple machines at his desk or house, then I will be shocked. Seriously shocked.
  • My deity! Does the man have it in for that server? What the hell did they do to him? "I know, I'll /. a movie." I guess it's better that pissing on a Museum, tho' osm. Did anyone actually get the whole thing before it went mamories up?
  • Don't bother it isn't worth it. Mild humour(if you can call it that), not even worth the time watching it.
  • I've been using computers since the C64 days

    And you can't get QT working...?

    If you would care to rephrase your comment in a non flaming mater I'm sure we could disscuss any ideas you may have as to how to get QT running properly on my computer.

    Maybe you should ask for help instead.
  • Can you put me on your list of accounts to check?

    I feel bad being left out, you heartless prick. Stop treating me like a second-class citizen by leaving me off your list.
  • Sure, Quicktime is proprietary (but so is realplayer) but its not quicktime itself that gives linux people problems. I can play lots of quicktime movies (even good ones like TROOPS) at full speed using xanim. The problem comes with codecs (cough... Sorenson... cough...) that us linux developers can't even get under NDA. I suppose what's needed is an OSS codec and player that performs a bit better than current codecs, or offers better streaming features.
    These codec acceptance/compatibility issues for video is the same as audio. Look at the differences between windows media player, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis. WMP is all proprietary, we can't even play it in Linux. MP3 decompression is just fine in Linux, but the compression is covered by patents. Vorbis is getting there, but still doesn't offer any reason for suits to choose it over other codecs and formats.
  • Name: Bill Gates
    Email: MAILER-DAEMON@real.com
    Country: Switzerland
  • I sumbitted the story before and it was rejected -

    2000-06-25 23:57:31 Matrix Parody (articles,humor) (rejected)

    FU /. attribute the story to the right person!!!!
  • found out where the actual raw data is. Doesn't seem like it'll be possible to grab it though. here's the link for the (kill me if you want but it's probably the highest quality clip they have) 300K Windows Media if anyone that wants to try though.


    Thats right mms://, it's not a typo.
  • yeah, I occasionally have flashbacks myself. I never went to the war, but I saw the movie. Twice.
  • 'sokay, I'll try not to get too upset at you calling me a spammer ;-)
  • by coli ( 64530 )
    >note to story submittors: if video clips aren't >viewable under Linux, I can't view them to >consider them for posting, so don't bother >submitting those quicktime clips

    Okay, anyone else find this incredibilely offesive and hipocratical?
  • After the inevitable Slashdotting occurs, you might wish to check out the Geek Matrix Parody [luminanet.com] first mentioned on Slashdot here [slashdot.org].

    Its not a movie, but its got pictures from the original, so its more lively than just a script :)

  • Wow, I do not understand how/why Slashdot would post a story on utter shit. Spoofs on the matrix are as common as apples growing on trees. It's sad to see this film make news at slashdot, and not amazing films by such directors as David Mamet, or the Coen brothers. What's wrong here?
  • Except everyone has two thumbs you dumbass.
  • what's with all the fart jokes? I mean the occasional joke referring to feces can sometimes be funny, but dwelling on the topic while drudging through distilling someone else's plot gets old real quickly.

    I'm a big fan of supporting independant media - I congratulate these video artists on the work that they've created (most don't even get that far). But please put a little bit more thought into your story before sticking a camera in front of it, and perhaps a little more once you get to the editing room.

    A real genius copies, and doesn't steal.

  • He doesn't have to. He has IPO money.

    That's why he's so much better than us Linuserfs who post here.
  • maybe you should learn how to use your computer. quicktime isn't hard to get working...


  • Thank you for pointing this out, open vs non is a good battleground for many ideals, but there are MUCH more important battles to fight in software I believe, this being one of them.
  • I'd like to know how you play EverQuest in Linux. Using Wine or VMWare?

    Btw, have you read Tomas Covenant the Unbeliever? ;-)

    - Steeltoe
  • by PDG ( 100516 )
    49 minutes and 3 light chuckles, not worth the time
  • Troll or not, he's got a good solid point which I happen to agree with.
  • ko0L. Reads like User Friendly :)
  • (note to story submittors: if video clips aren't viewable under Linux, I can't view them to consider them for posting, so don't bother submitting those quicktime clips ;) Flame me if you want, and I don't want to seem critical of this great site overall, but to me, being a "Linux bigot" is no better than being a Windows, Macintosh, or whatever bigot. TWR
  • Actually, what CmdrTaco is doing by saying that is standing up for Linux. If he posts a link to some commercial site like ifilm.com, he's providing them with very valuable trafic and and he's giving a hint to people who publish movies on the Internet that it might not be in thier best interest to use formats that are unavailable to most of us here on Slashdot.

    Linux may not have taken over the world in yet but you can thank sites like Slashdot for putting it's existance into the mind of people who would normally ignore it.

  • Am I the only one to notice that the original text of this article contains either unbalanced parenthesis xor a malformed "winking" emoticon sans mouth?
  • And you can't get QT working...?

    Not under Windows. I can't run anything Qt-based. But GTK... that's another matter; I use GIMP as my everyday image editor.

    Oh... that QT. QuickTime.
  • OK, so Matrix had punch lines all over the place, there were so many, I don't think I could count them all... Anyway, what's with the gay jokes?
  • There's no way that I would expect a company to give away a product like that for free.

    And just why not? They sell the technology to stream their formats. I truly would expect it not to have a catch to download the player. Shockwave and Flash both have free no-catch clients. Why? Because if the clients are truly free, then more people will download them. If everyone has the client, then it makes sense for a webmaster to buy Flash or Director or something from RealNetworks to create media on their formats.

    Having a catch associated with downloading and using the client makes producing media under that format less desirable. You might not have as many people willing to download the client, and you are helping to participate in somebody else's (rather invasive) free marketing research.

  • He was giving example of things he couldn't do.

  • Typical for the slashdot folks.
  • Has anybody else relized that The Matrix is just an improved/updated version of Tron?
    I liked it, but I still got to call them when I see them.
  • Really? I've got an iMac at home (long story) and it's the suckiest piece of junk ever designed. Maybe Macs were cool when virtual-memory-less, single-threaded, single-focus "operating systems" were the norm. But not now.

    "Hey, Mr Jobs, I've got a great design for a GUI - force the user to constantly switch from mouse to keyboard."

    "Hey, Mr Jobs, I've decided to remove the "delete backwards" key and instead have a key combination to delete the entire rest of the document. That should be useful."

    "Hey, Mr Jobs, don't worry about multithreading. Users won't mind having a modal dialog box up the entire time the modem is connecting."

    Sorry if I'm offending any religious believers out there, but my experience of Macs has been atrocious, and I'm also having a bad day at work <g> Apple have given us some fantastic technology (ObQuicktime), but Mac OS 8 isn't it.

    And to think, for the price of my 15" iMac, I could've bought a 19" PC that actually ran some useful software.

    Grrr! Hate Macs. Hate Macs. Hate Macs. etc. etc.

  • I'd have to agree with you...Though if i were to read the script i'd be alot more impressed with the potential then what actually got put on my screen in the end...It seems as though it had some great jokes and parts...but the fact that it

    1.)Looks horrible streaming
    2.)has horrible video/audio sync's
    3.)has sometimes redundant jokes (Yes, 'Whoaaa' and 'kicks ass' CAN get old after the first 20 times)

    makes it unbarable at times to watch. I know 1 and 2 are not the movies responsibility, but its degrading anywho. My tip to any future movies produced by abe would be to just try and be more varied with the jokes and screenplay, and like mentioned previously, not as long. (was where they held morpheus the same place as the work office? Maybe im being anal)...Im excited about his future work, and look forward to spending my time watching it instead of doing real work.

    Mmm...I gave that parody of the movie 'battlefield', called 'battlefield earth' 4 thumbs up. John, keep up the hallarious work (and those kiss platforms looks VERY good.)
    -Swift ::
  • 2 different aps xanim, and qmovie, bothof which I got from freshmeat are pretty cable of handeling quicktime...
  • Got about 15 minutes into Computer Boy and just couldn't keep my head off the keyboard or eyes open.

    Lack of caffine? Maybe. Lack of humor? More likley.

    Or maybe it's my 23 hour C++ hacking binge....

    As the Guess Who said: "I got more important things to do..."
  • Media player still does a better job.

    In fact, even winamp is capable of doing that properly. Why can't quicktime?

  • I've been using computers since the C64 days, I'm not some windows pup that just hoped on yesterday.

    Well, since I've been a computer user since the Commodore PET days, I guess I'm one up on you. :-) But seriously, you shouldn't have a problem using Quicktime on Windows unless there's some other problem already. We use Quicktime on all our PC's here at work (a couple of dozen) and rarely, if ever, have a problem.
  • Thanks for the link!
    The main site is pretty freaking busy, and that one just clipped along.

  • >I definitely give it two thumbs down.

    How can you give it *two* thumbs down? You're only one critic aren't you?
  • Jesus H. Christ you're too fucking sharp for me. The post in question was referencing Siskel and Ebert's rating system, a system in which each critic either gives *one* thumb up or down, *not* two. Thus my friend, the poster as *one* person should only give *one* thumb up or down.
  • the player is HORRIBLE at streaming, even when you're on a T1, with a DMA'ing PCI ethernet controller, a P3-500 and 128mb of ram. While it's downloading, playback will stutter, even though you're not at the end of the downloaded data; When it finishes downloading, everything picks up just fine.

    You are not streaming. You are watching while downloading. It's not QuickTime's fault you don't know the difference.
  • no shit i'm just an office gopher monkey and i got 3 fuckin computers with linux, nt, and 98...
  • So, is there anyway to save the stream locally so I can watch it again later without having to connect to the website again?
  • by zTTTz ( 176815 )
    /. just wasted 49 minutes of my life. I want them back.
  • watch one that doesn't suck [dencity.com]. i promise, this movie will change your life.

    malda, you're such a dipshit.

  • Use mpeg for chrissakes.
  • Kick ass, gnarphlager. Looks liike the spambots are good for something after all!


    I guess I'm just a Fudboy, looking for that real Transmeta...
  • I also find this Incredibile and am quite Offesed. The story poster is truly a Hipocrat.
  • It's been scientifically proven that fart, poop, and burp jokes are always funny. Always.

    Try it sometime. Squint your eyes and say "feces". It'll always put a smile on your face.
  • I disagree.

    I can do (just about) anything under Linux that I do under Windows. Two examples I can think of are 1) Viewing movie trailers (usually quicktime, though some DivX;-) .avi's are floating out there, and 2) Playing Diablo2/EverQuest.

    I used to be a macophile, and the only thing macophiles are *really* restricted from doing is gaming.

    - chris
    - chris@unbeliever.netspam
    - i hate capitals
    - aim:arikel6000 / yahoo:blackrose91

  • i've always wondered what the correct way to end a parenthesis set with a smiley is, because it happens quite frequently. I almost always insert funny remarks into a serious post in parenthesis, and i like to set it off with a smiley. so is it:
    1. (This is funny :))
    2. (This is funny :)
    3. (This is funny) :)
    I like #1, personally.

    same thing with periods, ya know :).

    wahtever. this is so far offtopic anyway. the matrix thing was funny. It killed almost an hour at work. I'm so bored :)

  • "It's the porn pop-ups! I feel....saturated by them." LOL
  • if video clips aren't viewable under Linux, I can't view them to consider them for posting, so don't bother submitting those quicktime clips

    If that doesn't smack of elitism . . . hypocricy at its finest.

    Well, I can't view the clip at my connection anyway . . . and I booted into windoze to try :( (I'm sorry, but I'd rather take my chances with an NSA key than known privacy vandals)

    Don't you wish you could slap the article poster with a -1, Flamebait?

  • The Platrix [platrix.com] is way cooler than this. How can you go wrong with southpark?
  • man crap of course netscape locks the first time entering this so by the time i enter it the second time someone else already posted :(
  • Newvenue.com ( had/ has a Matrix/Starwars/TrumanShow parody. But it will not be mentioned here because it is quicktime and thus flamebait to the old "Closed Quicktime standard v. Open Quicktime Closed Sorenson discussions . . . http://www.newvenue.com/archives/feature30/index.h tml
  • ...file themselves under /dev/null. As a person trapped on the slow side of a shared 56k connection in Australia any streaming media stuff is completely unwatchable. If I can't download the file, I can't watch it.

    Oh yeah, and I hate Realmedia too - I only have it installed on the PC I don't care about. (MPG 4ever! ;)

  • That's stupid, though, because it's *harder* to keep someone out than it is to let everyone in and let them see for themselves whether they can watch the movies or not.

    You tell me. I use Opera 4 on Windows, which is quite capable of using Shockwave and Flash, but Macromedia's site is unavailable because it's not a "supported browser". As if there was some hard limit to the number of possible browsers which supported Netscape's plugin architecture or Microsoft's ActiveX.

    Could someone please place roadblocks around Macromedia HQs with signs saying their cars aren't supported by this road?

  • Cut the guy a little slack. He probably just doesn't want to reboot his system to Windows and back just to watch some stupid Quicktime flick. If I got a million submissions a day, I wouldn't want to constantly be rebooting either.
  • by BrianH ( 13460 )
    You know, I usually consider it a Bad Sign when I'm looking forward to the end of a movie before it's half over. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of the Matrix but this thing just bites. Bad acting, an awful script, and pathetically misguided attempts at humor added up to a 49 minute yawnfest.

    If you're bored witless and are looking for a way to blow the better part of an hour, go ahead and watch the film. But if you're a Matrix fan looking for a quality spoof, or a comedy fan looking for a good laugh, I'd suggest skipping this one. I definitely give it two thumbs down.

    Then again, this is just my opinion :)
  • live in reality like the rest of us.

    And what if Reality is that he doesn't have any way to view a Quicktime movie? That's the case with me too, unless I go use my brother's Mac.

    Since when is it zealotry to request that people use a universally readable format, as opposed to an obscure proprietary one that is only playable on two platforms (both of which are pretty antiquated an uninteresting to geeks) out of the dozen (dozens?) available?

  • You said it! Real has had a number of problems. My personal pet peeve is their proud claims of having a mailing list with 53,000,000 people on it. Including such famous RealAudio customers as "ietef@ietf.org", "rbl@mail-abuse.org", and "comments@cauce.org".

    Real is a scumbag's scumbag, and I don't see why we should be endorsing and supporting their product. Because it's free as long as you give them at least one email address (possibly even yours)? I thought this was about free-as-in-speech, not free-as-in-beer. If all it takes for us to be happy with a piece of software is that you can have it without paying for it, let's all switch to Internet Explorer.

    It's not all about Linux, per se. (If it were, as people have pointed out, Slashdot wouldn't have mentioned Diablo II.) It's also about open standards, open policies, and respect for individuals. Real has none of that.
  • In other words, we lie to them, and give them bogus addresses - and every so often, one of the bogus addresses belongs to someone.

    Better to just avoid these companies. :)
  • As horrible as quicktime is, you can play a lot of the less exotic variants (ie, not using evil closed monopoly codecs like Sorensen) with XAnim, as long as you grab all the decoding dlls that Mark P provides on the XAnim site (http://xanim.va.pubnix.com/home.html).

    It's a pain to compile, but works well enough for me to use linux to watch the "Come on my selector" video from the squarepusher "big loada" EP, which is what mattered to me :-)

    Beware, you need a fairly porky machine- I was using an 800mhz athlon with 256 megs of ram, a g400 etc, and was only playing about 1/4 screen. It's less than perfect, but it works.

    BTW, if you do use xanim, the switch to allow resizing of the window is +Sr, drove me nuts looking for that, HTH.

    http://www.mp3.com/tib - See how fast the b*stard burns.

  • Granted WINE is already more stable than Win98, but QuickTime 4 under Win98 is totaly unstable in my expirance.
    Not to get off on a rant or any thing...
    It freeses on launch, when you hit play, when you close it, basicly any time it does any thing at all other than sit there. And it freeses then too.
    Of the 4 Windows boxes in my office none can play a QT movie on the first try, worst case is QT will lock up windows hard and you'll have to reboot a few times to play the movie.
    But that's just my expirance I may be wrong.
  • Because of that goddamn syringe guy (who wouldn't be so bad, and possibly even entertaining, if he didn't post 1000 times per story (2 or 3 would be fine) and changed the post more often (how many times do I have to read about MDMA? Once is enough. Now tell us about the dangers of coke or something :-)) I'm now browsing at 1. Anonymous Cowards often have good things to say, but I just can't deal with that motherfucker anymore, so I hope that good insightful or funny AC's get moderated up so that I don't miss them. Repeated posts are not funny, nor are they true trolls. ORIGINALITY is what makes a good troll, not posting a million times to the same story.

    P.S. Moderators - don't kill my karma, I marked this off-topic myself, so you don't need to do it again. I'll even turn off my +1 bonus for you :-)
  • I'm used to fiddling with things in Linux to get them to work, but RealPlayer seriously sucks.

    Essentially no documentation, it doesn't even tell you the command to run. The service area of their website doesn't even want to admit that a Linux version exists.

    On my system (x86, Redhat 6.0, fairly vanilla but with an uncommon window manager, as if that should matter), it just doesn't work. No core dump, no error message, no zombie processes, it just does nothing. WTF?

    Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

    I've been searching all over the place, and I can't seem to find any info. Plenty of stuff on little glitches, but no flat-out failures like I'm facing.
  • ...why didn't you ask? Just a thought. Oh, and ask any of the regulars, I very rarely troll in the tradtional sense. That one thar'd be a real comment.

    so wait, if someone thinks a comment is a troll, did you troll them by their mistake? Or are they trolling you when you have to explain? God, I'm so lost. I should just stick to talking about something I know. Like cartoon monkeys and genocide.
    When you do, I'll have you
    but the question remains, do you REALLY want us?
  • OK, I'm probably gonna get flamed for this. Well, so be it, after all, you only live twice...

    I don't see what everybody is so up in arms about. I personally downloaded the Real* programs expecting some sort of "catch." I mean, it costs A LOT to write a program - those outrageous M$ developers fees, plus the expense of a development environment, plus paying the programmers to do it, etc. There's no way that I would expect a company to give away a product like that for free. I went into the deal fully expecting there to be a "catch." And there was -- RealJukebox was sending tons of marketing data back to homebase. Fine with me -- I went in to the deal expecting there to be a catch, and so there was.

    The same goes for web banner advertising. What do you think pays for the websites to stay up? I mean, bandwidth, hosting, content, and Web designers all cost money -- LOTS of money. If a site wants to slap up a DoubleClick ad thingy to help pay for it, I have no beef with that. I actually don't mind the ads - a little splash of color in a web page is a good thing. Hell, I even click 'em every once in awhile. As a Webmaster myself, I am exploring the ad banner options. Much as how I'd like to give out information for free, I have to acknowledge financial reality. I'm a starving student/odd job consultant type person, so the money inflow is few and far between. Yet the bills come in a steady stream. The DSL bill costs me $65/month, plus the electricity to run the server, the money to feed it (memory, hard drives, etc.), and so on. And I've got a landlord that would love nothing better than to throw me out on the street if i'm late with a rent payment. Any help that I can get with this, I consider to be a godsend.

    Even our favorite operating system, Linux, isn't totally "free" either. There's that little matter of the GPL... (Yes, I'm one of those BSD zealots. So sue me.)

    Like the man said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

    Now, what I _DO_ take issue with is when a company out-and-out lies about it. (and I consider not telling the user to be a lie too -- it's a lie of omission.) So that ticked me off about the RealNetworks deal. But now they have disclosed it, and have provided and opt-out, and I have no problem with that now.

    So feel free to flame away!!!

  • I personally downloaded the Real* programs expecting some sort of "catch."

    There's a bigger catch than a marketing spy with an "opt out" feature.

    Realvideo and Realaudio are proprietary formats, and there are no converters from Real, but plenty of free converters to Real. So if the current version of RealPlayer expires and they decide to charge for the next one, all the websites that put up Real media because they think everyone can view it for free will be screwed.
  • It did some things well, but overall I think it was about twice as long as it needed to be. Still, for a couple of guys with a camera and a lot of free time, I certainly can't claim to have done any better. . .Cut the whole pond/duck/narration sequence.

    Neo singing '99 bottles of beer on the wall' was hilarious!


    http://students.washington.edu/steve0/ [washington.edu]
  • Okay, I am probobly going to get a score of -1 for this, or get edited down, but that is okay. First, is there an MPEG, AVI or Quicktime version of this movie available? I have a 33.6 modem, and frankly, Real Player is not the greatest streaming format on the planet. I would love to be able to grab that 300k ASF file, but it seems to only want to stream. An overnight download would be fine for me. Now, to flame the poster. Man, grow up. So Apple hasn't released Quicktime for Linux. Like the video players that are out there are anygood. The dxr2 player for linux is fine, but xanim is a joke, Real Player for Linux is buggy and choppy, plus the G2 codec SUCKS, and there is almost no video accelleration that I know of for any video card in Linux. Yes, Linux is a great OS, but I don't think I would hug it to the point that I will go all off on having to reboot into another OS to run software. And if you are playing Diablo 2, as these people claim you are, then get a life, get IE or Mozilla, get your modem working in Windows, and stop being a troll by not posting about great movies simply because the file is in a format not supported by Linux.
  • to earn some extra brownie points they outght to save that thing, zip it and upload for those of us who loath streaming movie sites, you'd think that having people want a copy of a film/trailer was enough but no, we have to go back to the site and watch as we get half a frame every 5 seconds drip through our 56k modems, first up against the wall I tells ya.

    Anyway, do it.

  • My ass.

    Quicktime player not only feels free to crash itself on a wide variety of windows operating systems (IE, ALL of them) but the player is HORRIBLE at streaming, even when you're on a T1, with a DMA'ing PCI ethernet controller, a P3-500 and 128mb of ram. While it's downloading, playback will stutter, even though you're not at the end of the downloaded data; When it finishes downloading, everything picks up just fine.

    When you're outperformed by media player (though really, I wish microsoft could get their shit together and get a real codec) it's pretty goddamn pitiful. Then again, RealVideo has been in that position for a long, long time...

  • Rob talked about this in GIS, it's very simple: He just doesn't want to reboot ten times a day to watch something which in 90% certainty is just another lame vid. I can't say I blame him. Plus everytime a QT clip does get posted, every Linux zealot and their mother complains about it.
  • by fireant ( 24301 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @07:25PM (#955307) Homepage Journal
    Well, it didn't seem like Rob was making a political statement or a protest about free software vs proprietary. It was more indirect...

    (note to story submittors: if video clips aren't viewable under Linux, I can't view them to consider them for posting, so don't bother submitting those quicktime clips ;).

    ... is a long way from: "Since Quick time is an evil proprietary format, DON'T SUBMIT QUICKTIME CLIPS." Besides, the Real format is also proprietary, but it just happens to have better Linux support. It's kind of like when I tell people that I run Linux, so I can't see those silly executable animations that they keep emailing me. Not that I would run them anyway because of the security risk, but I think it hurts people's feelings when I say that (like I don't trust them or something), so I stick with the Linux story.

    Having principles is good, and I agree that Real Networks hasn't been a good neighbor lately, but come on... do you have to have your hand held for you? If you want the Quicktime clips, can't you find them yourself?

    "... message passing as the fundamental operation of the OS is just an excercise in computer science masturbation."

  • by crazy nick ( 203444 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @05:37PM (#955308) Homepage
    Does anyone know how/where i can download it? My modem connection is way too slow for online viewing.
  • by Shaheen ( 313 ) on Thursday July 06, 2000 @06:30AM (#955309) Homepage
    If CmdrTaco can consider movies that are only viewable in Linux, how the hell is he playing Diablo II??
  • by pridkett ( 2666 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @06:07PM (#955310) Homepage Journal
    Okay, so I watched the whole thing and was mildly amused. I couldn't help but notice for a few things in the credits they said Miguel Sanchez did them (Director of Photography). Now my question is, did they actually find someone in Australia (I presume that's where this was made from cars and license plates) that was named Miguel Sanchez or was it a take from the Simpsons where Lionel Hutz is babysitting Bart and Lisa. "Lionel Hutz is no more. Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!"
  • by Plasmic ( 26063 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @05:42PM (#955311)
    I can't believe it. I didn't think I'd ever do one of those meta-posts about the person posting the story rather than the story itself.. but this is beyond belief.

    The sad fact of it all is that if I were sitting around trying to make myself sound like an ignorant person, I might say something like this:
    If video clips aren't viewable under Windows, I can't view them to consider them for posting."
    I'm pretty sure that the general Slashdot population would feel okay about flaming the living daylights out of anyone who would say such a foolish thing. Quite possibly we'd merely dismiss them as a newbie.. as I think many of us were at the "Windows is kinda cool" stage, if only for a moment in our lifetime. Sure, some people would highlight the merits of Windows for a new computer user just as some would point out Linux's novel qualities. Do I think CmdrTaco is ignorant? Absolutely not. However, given this statement in an unknown context, the conclusion I'd come to is quite baffling.

    Well, would anyone really expect a seasoned computer user with such a wide exposure to the many facets of a multitude of operating systems to say something such as,
    If video clips aren't viewable under Linux, I can't view them to consider them for posting."
    Maybe so.. but probably not. Oh, that our fearless leader CmdrTaco had not been kidnapped in his sleep. Why couldn't he have turned cookies off on his browser so that his mother wouldn't post stories under his handle?

    I am officially distraught.
  • by gnarphlager ( 62988 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @05:43PM (#955312) Homepage
    okay, fine, no quicktime clips because you can't see them in linux. So you could say that you are protesting apple's decision to not support your operating system of choice. That's fine, and I respect that.

    However, there are those of us who dual boot (or more. Been playing with BSD lately myself), and that's fine that you don't want to share the info you hear. It's your site. But I can't watch this. Oh, I could download the Real player and watch it. I refuse to support Real Networks. You remember that thing a few months ago where RealJukebox was scanning hard drives then reporting back the motherbase? I certainly do. And that, among other reasons is why I don't have anything by Real Networks on my computer.

    Yeah, they made an opt out. And they appologized. But quite frankly, it's not about our personal privacy. It's about the privacy of those who DON'T live their lives paying attention to every little byte that flows across their computer's circuits. We're GOING to find out about this and opt out. However, Joe Windows down the street isn't. So they appease the geek community, while still taking the average user for a ride. Do you appreciate that? What if it was your mother?

    To me, it's not about Free Software (open source, whatver) versus proprietary. It's about infringing software versus non-infringing software. And this doesn't need to be your fight (though you preach it more often than I do), but you bitch about quicktime, I'm going to bitch about Real. We've both said our peace, and everything is okay, right? Thought so :-)
  • http://www.platrix.com/ [platrix.com]

    This one kick @ss and is hilarious if you are a fan of both shows. :)

    I didn't like Computer Boy either. The only part that made me laughed was the silly music during the chase.
  • by linuxonceleron ( 87032 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @05:34PM (#955314) Homepage
    This is good, def. worth the time to dl the 10mb static Motif version of RealPlayer 7. Its kinda lame, but funny still the same. I like cr0bar's parody of the Matrix [detonate.net] a lot better though. You can see that someone had *way* too much time on their hands, its so funny just because of how silly it is...

  • by linuxonceleron ( 87032 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @05:37PM (#955315) Homepage
    Most of the quicktime clips available on the 'net use the proprietary Sorensen codec which cannot be licensed outside of Apple's own QuickTime players, the actual QuickTime format is actually pretty open, just that some of the codecs aren't.

  • by bat'ka makhno ( 207538 ) on Wednesday July 05, 2000 @05:23PM (#955316)
    note to story submittors: if video clips aren't viewable under Linux, I can't view them to consider them for posting, so don't bother submitting those quicktime clips

    Right, and you've been playing Diablo 2 [slashdot.org] through WINE. Sad or funny, can't decide.
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