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Journal Journal: Nobody gives a shit about your stupid journal. 1

Heh, I saw a sig a while back that was the same as the subject line. In general, I thinks it's true. I write in this journal occasionally, but I hardly ever read anyone else's journal. I did add a comment to someone's one time, but I don't think I ever got a reply... I haven't checked in ages.

I guess these journals are a place on slashdot for a little ego-centrism. This is my own little world, inside /.! Mwahahahahah!

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Journal Journal: Finally

I finally did it. Not that anyone cares, but I went ahead and subscribed to slashdot. I only have ads disabled on the main page, and I disabled the daily maximum.

Well see how that works out. I'll probably check my page view count obsessively for the first few weeks, then forget about it until the ads start showing up on the front page again.

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Journal Journal: Subscriptions

Wow, such a big deal is being made about subscriptions. I admit, I was a bit dumbfounded when I first heard about it. I was also kind of confused as to why such a seemingly complicated system was chosen.

The IRC log answered all my questions and made me feel much better about the whole thing. I like the configurability aspect too. I read one comment about a subscriber who said his /. browsing habits already changed. I don't know if that was the point, but I honestly don't see a point in reloading slashdot 30 times a day (as he said he used to). I don't see my habits changing with a subscription...

I act like I've already got one. Not yet, I'm waiting for the Paypal fund transfer to complete. I've had a Paypal accountt for a long time (at least a year), but I never actually put any money in it. Strange, huh? I honestly don't remember why I got the damn thing, but now I've got a reason to use it. Once the transfer is complete (by Wednesday supposedly), I'll pitch in my $5, and I'll see how long it lasts.

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Journal Journal: First entry

Wow, my first journal entry on slashdot. It's scary that it says "Comments cannot be disabled once enabled" and "This will go down on your permanent record". The latter reminds me of high school. Weren't they always saying stuff about your permanent record?

I'd actually been making half-assed attempts to find this journal area for a while. It wasn't until I looked at someone else's journal today (Syberghost) that I saw that little link in the upper left hand corner saying "fireant's Journal". Well, maybe I'll keep this updated, maybe not. I actually have a regular journal here. I try to keep that one up to date, but I sometimes go weeks without an entry.

That's enough for now... if I getan itch, I guess I'll add another entry later.

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