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Comment IAAL (Score 2) 220

While not an expert in this particular case, the holding seems pretty clear - you can't patent an abstract idea and the mere implementation of one does not violate an non-patentable solution. The analysis points out that there is not unique thought or design process involved to protect and the mere following of steps previous outlined does not make something patentable.

Comment I'm glad I contributed to their failure (Score 2) 407

A few months ago I decided to go buy a new TV, first time in 15 years. I went to the local Best Buy, checked out models, figure out a plan and price, worked with the store rep to get it all set. We go to finalize and pay for it and they tell me that its OUT OF STOCK and they could order it but it would take 8-10 days. I spent over 3 hours working with various people in his team on a $1000+ deal only to get jerked around at the last second? I was so pissed I went home, hopped online, found the EXACT same make and model on Amazon for $200 less with free 2 day shipping. I find it interesting how they complain about people using their stores as showcases to browse, when that is the ONLY service they are capable of providing.

Comment IAAL and it IS unenforceable (Score 5, Informative) 206

The AT&T case was unique in that the SCOTUS overrode a CA statute that was OVERLY generous to consumers (and completely unfair to businesses) and said the arbitration clause was valid. MA on the other hand will toss out such a clause (as they did in the Dell case) as it simply stripped a consumer's right to the court. So I repeat, the AT&T does NOT validate all arbitration clauses, all it did was invalidate enforcement of a CA statute that was superceded by the Fed Arbitration Action.

Comment Re:Why should they? (Score 1) 343

Yes, check points need to be published in newpapers to allow police to side-step 4th amendment rights to unreasonable searches. If the info is made public, the rationale is you've been "notified", regardless if you've read it or not, and have waived your reasonable expectation of privacy in this regard.

Comment Too drunk to drive? (Score 2) 343

Then chances are you're too drunk to use the apps. I can't imagine some drunk driver trying to use some Google Maps mashup on a phone to navigate around police roadblocks, let alone have the mental aforethought to consider using it. People don't drink and drive because they're evil-doers, they do it because they lack the sober rationale to realize they're not capable of driving in their current condition.

Comment Other ways (Score 1) 446

Wow, I had no idea that adding an Exchange email account for your iDevice would give sysadmins that power. Good thing my last company had ActiveSync disabled on their Exchange server forcing me to find alternate ways to get my emails, one of which was a tool that let me set a middle man server to act as a IMAP/LDAP/CALDAV server, sort of a proxy via the WebMail interface. This would keep the admin's off my phone while giving me full functionality.

Comment Re:Steal the market? (Score 4, Informative) 449

Are you kidding me? I used my iPad are the office all the time. Granted, I'm not compiling Java on it, but there are plenty of uses over and above email at the office.

It makes a great portable Web-Ex client, as well as GotoMeeting and other presentation formats. It handles documents well. Using iAnnotate lets me markup and read PDF docs.

I also found it great for reading specs rather than killing trees with paper or trying to read them off a computer screen. I can take them with me with ease.

I also have RDP and VNC clients plus a shell terminal (no, not jailbroken) lets me SSH into other boxes and do sys admin work as well as a slew of other network tools available.

Add on top of that the fact that I can do Voip calls and listen to my music all at the same time.

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