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Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 193

The tomb you refer to, The Talpiot Tomb, has not been irrefutably shown to be the actual tomb of Jesus. A case was made for it by a pair of journalists in the first decade of this century that it might somehow irrefutably show that Jesus had not risen from the dead, but the translations that the journalists claim to have made and the so-called evidence that they have which supports their allegations has been since subject to much dispute by archeologists and linguistic scholars alike [1] [2]. The matter is clearly far from settled. Of course, it's very easy to say that the devout might continue to believe even in the face of scientifically irrefutable evidence, but even if that statement were true (which I do not refute), it does not leave science free and clear of any obligation to discover the truth.

The existence of the Aether was disproven through scientific experimentation, so it is wrong to conclude that science cannot disprove things, as long as whatever assumptions you have made about what you may be attempting to disprove are coherent enough to form such experimentation.

For what it's worth, I believe the Shroud may be genuine... but I believe it may be so only because science has not yet been able to determine how the image was made. Even if it shown to be a fraud, however, does not mean that the incident did not happen... it only means that some charlatan tried to artificially lend more credibility to what they were saying than they may have deserved. Even a liar can be telling the truth, after all. Although I'll agree that doesn't help the case for Christianity any.

Comment I'd like to take a moment to express appreciation (Score 4, Interesting) 69

for the maintainers. The bootloader is a not particularly glamorous problem to work on, but it's critical to everyone and because it involves differing interpretations of standards by manufacturers and various OS developers it had to have been a headache.

Of course later projects had the luxury of a clean sheet, hindsight, and more hardware resources, but without a solid bootloader in the early says of Linux, history would have been very different.

Comment Re:if you are that ignorant of his work... (Score 1) 716

Yes, but still significantly less evil than the crew that replaced him.

The problem with the Iranian revolution wasn't the iranian revolution, but the people who hijacked it. The revolutionaries where great people who wanted democracy and a liberal and free Iran , but unfortunately a lot of Iran where illiterate and conservative and this allowed the far right religious conservatives to sweep in and sieze control from the people. And the first thing they did was not only round up and execute the shahs men, but also the very people who overthrew the shah.

Irans revolution is a modern tragedy, and something we are seeing repeated in Syria as ISIS snatches victory away from the people for their own sinister ends.

Comment Or ... (Score 4, Insightful) 46

they could just give their environmental regulators the authority to enforce their existing environmental laws.

In the film Under the Dome, Chinese journalist Chai Jing astonishes a Chinese audience with a film clip from California where Cal DoT stops a truck and actually checks that it has all the mandatory safety and emissions equipment. That never happens in China. China has tough emissions standards on paper, but the law is written so that the regulators don't have any enforcement powers. So Chinese manufacturers simply slap stickers on vehicles claiming they have all the mandatory emissions equipment without installing any of it. Technically this is a crime, but the law's written so there's literally nothing anyone can do about it.

And if you don't think environmental regulations make a difference, this is what New York looked like in 1970. Note that that isn't a sepia tinted black and white photo, it's true color. Granted it shows an exceptionally bad day, but before the Clean Air Act got strengthened in the mid 70s bad smog was pretty common. If you look at pictures of American cities from the 70s you'd think that photo technology of the day put a blue or yellow haze on stuff in the distance (like this). It wasn't the film, cities actually looked that way a lot of the time.

Predicting bad pollution days isn't "fighting" pollution, it's living with it. If you want to fight pollution you've got to stop people from polluting. You've got to catch them at it, fine them, and in some cases throw them in jail. Pollution like they have in China is nothing short of manslaughter on a national scale. 1.6 million people die every year from it.

Comment Re: I don't want a fucking TV channel! (Score 3, Interesting) 243

They can get cancelled even if you *DO* contribute to their ratings...


I was in a Nielson household once... from about '99 to '04. When a show that I really *really* liked ended up getting cancelled after barely more than half a season, despite me and my wife and 4 kids watching it every single week starting with the pilot, I ended up cancelling our participation in January '04, and had them take their equipment back. I know that it's not Nielson's fault that the show got cancelled, of course.... but that experience with trying to participate in their ratings program, and *STILL* seeing a show that I really liked get cancelled before it could even get started was very discouraging, and I kind of stopped seeing the point.

Comment Re:You're opening the door to your competitors... (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Simply put, if things stop coming to Netflix, so will the viewers. We aren't locked in to 2 year contracts, so we can come and go as we please. Maybe, Netflix, you should continue to court us.

You sound like believe this is something Netflix is doing on purpose. Given the business environment they're operating in and how content licensing works, it's just as likely that someone in the industry is jerking them around.

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