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Comment Re:Cue creationists (Score 4, Insightful) 51 51

Cue young earth creationists claiming this dinosaur was intelligently designed 5000 years ago.

Why do you even bring it up? You honor the creationists too much by acknowledging their existance, and you help their cause by simplifying and slightly misinterpreting their (enormously flawed) arguments, thereby giving them the chance to come back with a "correction" of your post, while completely ignoring science (again).

Comment Re:Can we have another poll? (Score 1) 246 246

Well, if they are going to poll what our favorite analytical instruments are for measuring a gas composition, or our opinion on where we should be sending unmanned probes to search (new) life forms, (or something IT related where I would choose the CowboyNeal option), then I'd be ok with the poll having a prominent spot on the page.

But seriously... a poll about a major Hollywood production that really doesn't need any more advertising because it is already all over the internet??? Come on, Slashdot, I do not come here for anything Hollywood related.

Comment Re:too simple. there is no bear! (Score 1) 496 496

Annoyed, cold and really large. Now, what nationality is the helicopter that will come and rescue your sorry ass because you went walking for 3 miles in the cold and got lost because keeping west in this case is really difficult when it is not even nearly a straight line?

Comment Re:Parent is, sadly, correct (Score 3, Insightful) 208 208

No. All other cultures have already been overtaken by American culture: Burgers, Hollywood, American music, games and software. You just don't realize how much Western culture has already dominated the world in the last decades. And you fear a church from another country? You have been fully brainwashed.

Anyway, congrats on finding a smooth way to introduce your racist/discrimination hatred into a thread about encryption (you and the parent post - if you aren't the same).

Comment Re:Obsessed with keeping government out of busines (Score 1) 289 289

Worldwide, politicians will listen just enough to the public to not get kicked out in the next elections. And they will screw you over as much as they want the rest of the time, serving either their own agenda, but far more likely the some religious or corporate agenda.

The problem in the USA is that there is so little choice that politicians can practically ignore the public altogether, because you only have a choice between two parties, both of which play the same rigged game. I am not saying it is much better where I live in the Netherlands, but at least I can choose between 10 cable/internet companies, and at least 15 parties for parlementary elections. If you wanna play democracy and/or capitalist, at least you need to have something to choose.

Comment Re:Anti drone nonsense (Score 3, Insightful) 71 71

A burglar wouldn't draw attention to themselves like that, so that's just some rozzer trying to dream up anti-drone propaganda.

It is anti-drone propaganda, but also just the next scaremongering. Fear the new things! Fear the unknown! The government will protect you!

Comment Re:Steady as she goes (Score 2) 68 68

I'm sure changing strategies will allow them to make up for the slow progress since the last change of strategy.

As funny as that sounds, that may be part of the reason of the slow progress. All the way at the top, a reorganisation may look splendid, and should on paper improve efficiency and all that. But at the workfloor we all too often are then bogged down by slow decision taking at the intermediate management levels, or just very practical problems that were overlooked.

Comment Solar powered parking meters (Score 3, Funny) 403 403

1. Solar powered parking meters, obviously. Humans may be all gone, but you still gotta pay for your spot downtown.
But seriously though, these are designed to be robust, and to keep working even if the solar panel gets dirty. I don't see any reason why it would fail at any time.

2. The other one I can think of are (again, solar powered) satellites in higher orbits. But I am not sure how much damage the solar radiation does to those on the long run.

3. Wouldn't it be sad if the last electric device to work is one of those crappy solar powered moving plants (made of plastic)?
One of these:

Comment Re:Epic? (Score 1) 143 143

Glad to see the epicness of it all. All that material you see floating gently in that picture was shot up on giant bombs that exploded in a controlled manner, and got tons of metal and composites to exactly where they need to be, while going 7.8 km/s at hundreds of kilometers altitude... And then they installed wifi and a coffee bar in it. That is definitely quite epic.

Comment Re:You no longer own a car (Score 1) 649 649

No, the automakers just deliver what people want to buy. There is a good competition among car brands, and there even exist kit cars that you can build yourself, which will never have these kind of restrictions. Yet (nearly) everybody seems to choose the cars with all kinds of integrated software/hardware that are difficult or impossible to repair.

Comment Re:not the first region with man made earthquakes (Score 1) 166 166

Lots of discussion, people saying production should be lowered, government not wanting to, things like that

Lots of discussion about how to deal with the problem, and who will pay for damages... but no discussion about whether this was caused by mankind. Groningen is a very stable area in terms of tectonic plate movement, and yet earthquakes are really frequent, and epicenters overlap almost perfectly with the location of the gas fields.

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