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Comment Re:Sigh, guess no Win boxes in the lab then (Score 1) 209

There is a logical fallacy right at the front of your extended reply.

If p, then q does not imply if q, then p.

My statement that "Macs are good for people who can't handle much else" stands. That statement did not assert "all people who use Macs can't handle much else."

Comment By accident you almost fulfilled a request (Score 1) 1

I have called you out in a great number of JE discussions of abandoning the topic of discussion in favor of attacking me. This time you launched a JE specifically to attack me (notably not remotely close to being the first JE you've written about me), and in so doing this discussion attacking me is actually on-topic.

I still would be more impressed if the other discussions actually returned to their original topics. I certainly am not holding my breath for that to happen, though.

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 17

If your goal is to show how enthusiastically you can abandon a discussion and turn it in to a personal attack on me, you are doing swimmingly well there. If your goal is to show some basic level of comprehension on the topic or interest in learning about relevant issues, you sunk yourself quite quickly. As much as I enjoy watching you show off your fancy new take on "reading comprehension" (or even just "reading") it does get old after a while, particularly when you keep dropping the discussion in favor of attacking me instead.

Comment Re:Facts? Who needs em?? (Score 1) 12

If "new capitlalism" doesn't need facts to support its claims, then how is it different from old capitalism? Seems like the same old scheme sold by a different salesman.

Other than the part where one goes to work, sure.

I encourage you to go back and read the comment you just replied to - which I helpfully quoted in full so you don't have to click back to see it for the first time - and then try replying to it after reading it. Your line made no sense as a response to what I wrote. Did you think you were replying to someone else's comment - perhaps even one that you actually read - when you hit reply and barfed up that statement?

While we're at it, I'll quote my original line (which you also have not approached in any meaningful way):

I would love to know how the author reaches the conclusion that "millions" are following that specific plan. How does one manage to gather that kind of data on millions of people?

Comment Re:"what you said did not counter my point" (Score 1) 112

or do you just want to keep talking about (your thoughts about) me?

We can continue exploring your resemblance to a wretched crapflooder, if you like. Or not.

Is it even possible to bring the discussion back to the matter of the JE itself, or are you determined to not return to the topic? I've certainly seen you go to great lengths to avoid discussing topics that expose the lack of depth of your knowledge on a topic, but that won't stop me from trying to have a discussion with you.

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 17

There is a huge difference between the comment you wrote where you changed the topic completely, and the comment of mine that you linked to, that you are trying to use to accuse me of a similar offense.

Namely, you happily jettisoned the entire discussion in the name of partisanship. You brought up one issue and disregarded every other matter that had been discussed in this JE discussion prior to then. When I mentioned the broken health American health care system and the dysfunctional American political system, I mentioned it in the context of the discussion and continued on with the discussion.

So no, I am not applying different rules. You, however, are trying to pretend that to be the case.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 237

Your bias is showing.

In many parts of the world, the majority of people don't need to use tax software or "do their taxes". For example, here in the UK many basic taxes are deducted at source and then reported and paid by the employer/merchant/bank, so many people never have to file a return at all. Those who do typically use an on-line system provided by the tax authority or work with a professional accountant who can then file on their behalf. None of these people needs to run the kind of tax software you mentioned on their own computer.

Also, your stereotypes about gamers are way out of date. For example, the ESA's 2014 report suggests that interest in entertainment software is roughly equal between the sexes.

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 60

You keep saying that you believe you can't get what you want by using the legal system - both with the POTUS as well as with Hillary - so you have nothing left but to advocate for more extralegal action.

This logical leap is wholly, 100%, and entirely owned by you, and of your own devising.

You can only reach that conclusion if you ignore the avalanche of comments and JEs that you have written that explicitly show that being your ambition. You have not been one to let logic or reality get in your way as of late, though...

You very plainly have been calling for discarding the legal system when it doesn't suit your aims.

Is it the case that, when all of your other flaccid arguments fail, as they must, you have no recourse other than lying?

Are you pretending now that you have not been calling for the extralegal removal of the POTUS for years now? Are you pretending that you are not trying to mount some sort of campaign against Hillary that would make an end-run around the legal system in hopes of getting her out of the way? You can try to sell those, but nobody's buying them.

Comment Re:This is a real threat (Score 1) 210

It's because it's easy to install a new firmware (ddwrt or tomato), set your country as JP and use channel 13 for instance at full power...

A poor example. The FCC clarified some time ago that they didn't intend to restrict the usage of channel 13 in the way that current firmwares do (usually by locking it out entirely).

If the rule hadn't so obviously been written by Belkin's lawyers as a money grab, we'd be less annoyed with it. As it is, the reason you cite sounds more like an excuse than a reasonable (and legal) justification.

Comment Re:they don't ban installation of open source (Score 1) 210

It would be absolutely fantastic if people would be rational about tech news. Tech people/netizens are starting to sound like my grandfather now. Every change is something to be feared.

It ain't paranoia if they really are out to get you.

Considering DD-WRT was mentioned by name as something that would explicitly be banned, yes, this is something to be feared. If the FCC was doing their job, the job of regulating transmitters in order to preserve the utility of the commons that is the electromagnetic spectrum, the job that someone else pointed out they've been doing for 80 years, then there would be no problem. But when the proposed rule is worded primarily for the purpose of enriching a tiny handful of corporations, and only tangentially justified by their actual mandate, we're going to start sounding a bit shrill about it.

Tired of how shrill Slashdot has become lately? Blame the problem. Regulatory capture, and ongoing attempts such as this to extend it. This is the new normal. So of course we're going to become suspicious of every change, and of course we're going to be shrill about every change, because even when it's not such a blatant attempt at profiteering as this one is, Occam's Razor leads us to the conclusion that it's just a more subtle attempt at profiteering at our expense that we haven't figured out yet. The expense not only of our pocketbooks, but also our freedom, specifically the freedom to do whatever the hell we want with our possessions.[1]

The people running the FCC are people, but they are not just like me. Not in the least like me. The people running the FCC tell 300 million people what they can and can not do. I don't. They are not remotely like me. Therefore if I want to be suspicious of their motives, I damn well can be. Judging by past behavior, I damn well should be.


[1] And before the pedantic among us 'correct' me and tell me I don't have the freedom to do whatever the hell I want with my possessions, it was a rhetorical device. The previous paragraph acknowledging the problem of preserving the commons was your clue. I am perfectly well aware that this is a worthy and laudable goal, and if the number of cases of WiFi AP firmware modification resulting in out-of-spec radio performance that interferes with other uses of the spectrum ever rises above zero, the FCC might have a good reason to issue a new rule. But it still wouldn't be this rule.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 2) 214

This comes back to the ridiculous idea that liberal arts majors are incapable of learning math, and the even worse idea that math is hard for women ... so there should be another way to become a "programmer."

With decent teaching, the desire to learn, and the willingness to put in the time, math is just as much in reach as philosophy or political science or psychology ... maybe even more in reach, because you actually can solve problems with answers that are verifiably right or wrong.

Comment Newest Flash tools compile to HTML5 & Javascri (Score 1) 156

If you can find contact information, the newest Flash authoring tools will now output html5 and JavaScript, from old Flash project files. So converting is "easy", for varying definitions of "easy".

The Flash programming language has long been a dialect of Emacscript, also known as JavaScript, so code conversion is pretty straightforward, especially with the new tools.

Comment math talent, not math knowledge. SQL is algebra (Score 4, Insightful) 214

The author doesn't seem to understand what math IS, how and why programming IS math. The author writes that you don't do a lot of algebra and such in typical web pages. Does your PHP script use SQL? That's algebra, relational algebra. It's not that you need to remember mathematical formulas; it's that have a half decent design for your software, you need mathematical THINKING. If your high school algebra homework was wrong, your sql is probably wrong too.

The author likes to copy and paste a lot. Yeah, I've seen a lot of that kind of code, mostly while rewriting it to work properly.
Programmers with a clue #include, they don't copy-paste.

It's not that you need to write the tangent function from scratch, and purely from memory. It's realizing that tangent() SHOULD be a function, which you should call from libmath. The author managed to copy-paste code that computes a tangent into the middle of the onclick() handler. That's Doing It Wrong.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_