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by unitron (#47386579) Attached to: FCC Proposal To Limit Access To 5725-5850 MHz Band

Back in the day before the digital conversion, when analog TV channels were actually on the channel number by which they called themselves, Channel 2 started at 54MHz, and Channel 83 had an upper edge of 890MHz.

A channel 2 signal would wrap around a pine tree in the line of sight from transmitter to receiving antenna and keep going, but said tree would stop Channel 83 stone cold dead.

(It's kind of like how you can run both channels into a single sub-woofer because those frequencies are so non-directional, but tweeters have to be designed for wide dispersion if you're going to be able to hear all of both the left and right speakers without having to be pinned to one exact spot, because the higher you go in frequency the more directional a waveform is.)

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Those symbols on restroom doors are a fairly recent phenomena.

In the '50s and '60s they tended to have the actual words "Men" and "Women" on them (except in the Mad Magazine satire of advertising where it was "Mennen" and "Womennen"), at least here in the states (no doubt some places fancier than say, Sears, had them labeled "Gentlemen" and "Ladies" instead).

I assume that abroad they were in the local language as well.

The stick figure itself, I suspect, has been around as long as there have been humans to scratch them in the dirt with a twig or finger.

They were certainly known over a century ago when used as a plot device in one of Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes" stories.

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by unitron (#47339593) Attached to: I prefer to settle down at night with a good..

Later on they spun off a short lived "Hawk" series from "Spenser:For Hire", but my point was he's a good enough actor that you look at Sisko and never see Hawk, and vice-versa.

"Far Beyond The Stars", where's he's 'negro' syfy writer Benny Russell is some fabulous TV.

"... I didn't get a "great actor" feel from anyone on that series."

We shall have to agree to remain in disagreement.

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by unitron (#47244461) Attached to: Are the Glory Days of Analog Engineering Over?

Yes computers and internet are important but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The most important engineering currently being done is still analog, like reusable rockets and fusion reactors. These rank slightly higher on the scale of importance to humanity than the guys making internet-connected refrigerators and targeted website ads.

Reminds me a few years ago when some dudes running websites voted "the internet" the most important invention in human history. It's as if they never heard of agriculture, or fire, or electricity, or indoor plumbing, or any number of things that are keeping these idiots alive.

I had a high school history teacher who said the most important invention in human history (or at least one of the most important ones) was soap, since it was so important in reducing the spread of infection and diseases.

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