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Comment: Re: Use the technology on a chromebook (Score 1) 51

For everyone of you, there's 500 of me. People who just buy a PC and use it.

The ones who buy AMD are convenient to the rest of us because when they cast off their old machine, we'll be able to upgrade it since AMD rides a socket for a long time. It's expensive to go to a new socket, Intel has buckets of money. And also, they tend to have lots of memory bandwidth, so I don't care if I can't upgrade to the new shiny shiny. You just have to get in there before the old memory gets expensive.

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They have done it -- you just have to pay enterprise pricing if you want this feature. Look at HP's ZBook series for one example. Slide one latch and the entire bottom pops off, revealing the hard drive bay, DIMM sockets, mSATA slot and wireless LAN card without removing a single screw.

Can you actually, meaningfully swap the GPU yet? Most of the time there are fitment and cooler issues. And I note you didn't list the CPU socket. Most of my laptops for years have had socketed CPUs.

Comment: Re:The 3D printing future is vastly underestimated (Score 1) 96

Most little fiddly metal parts were long made of pot metal anyway. You could maybe TIG them if you had all the pieces and they were in the right size range, or braze them back together. But you're right, it's offensive how much these plastic parts cost. If you have one good one, or can get the original back into intact condition with glue, you can sometimes mold a replacement. Some of the resins available are pretty fancy now.

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by drinkypoo (#48266639) Attached to: Check Out the Source Code For the Xerox Alto

BTW, people who use spaces in filenames are imbeciles. They don't have a clue how command lines operate.

Or perhaps I just know how to use sed to rename files. I like it when my MP3s have spaces in the filenames, for times when the metadata is ignored.

I used to have a Kaypro 4, though. Its terminal was quite crap, adm3a equivalent IIRC. Watching the screen redraw was horrible.

Comment: Re:Tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 594

by drinkypoo (#48260309) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

Lets say for the sake of argument you are 100% correct, God was a space alien with advanced tech.........that means that he was a mortal being (or at least started off as one) bound to the same law of physics that we are.

He could have been born into a species which exists at a more advanced level than we do, with a different physical basis. But let's go ahead and assume that's true.

We could, in theory, achieve the same level of knowledge and power as he did (since there was nothing magical about him). How exactly is is he then worthy of worship or awe from us?

Who is this "we"? You and I, or descendants of today's humanity? If it's the latter, then awe at least still might apply.

Also wtf why play stupid games

Yes, this is the part that bothers me, too. But lots of parents do this, and lie to their offspring thinking it's for their children's own good when it's really for theirs.

And leave us a (easily) demonstruably false book as a guide?

Well, not all forms of Christian believe that the book is The Word Of God. At least some of them just think it contains interpretations of a few things he said, and a lot of other stuff people wrote about the faith. A lot of Christians believe that Jesus was basically human, and didn't have foreknowledge, so he had to deal with stuff as it happened to him, and he wasn't really God at the time so anything he supposedly said which is in the book is not the word of God either, not precisely.

This is part of what's so fun about arguing with Christians, you have to figure out what they believe every single time.

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by drinkypoo (#48260251) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

The point is the vast vast vast vast vast vast majority of our universe is lethal to us, so this idea that it was fine tuned for us is illogical.

Well, the obvious counterargument is that this planet is fine-tuned for us, that it's all we need, and the rest is irrelevant to us. Or perhaps that by the time we decide to leave this planet, the rest will also be ideal for our purposes. (Like maybe we'll discover some means of FTL that doesn't work near large masses, so all that empty space will be useful to us just as a means of getting around rapidly.)

I don't believe anything in particular, just saw that there was an obvious counterargument.

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For instance, the modern synthesis of descent with variation has no supernatural guidance, but the Catholic version does.

While that's true, it's something of a misrepresentation of the situation. Catholics (and many other religious people, and most Christians) believe that everything is influenced by their God. Depending on how excited they are about this, they may insist that God is capable of producing any individual result, or that he is responsible for every outcome, but His Hand is supposed to be everywhere, or at the very least, everywhere necessary for His Plan. With All Appropriate Capital Letters, of course.

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(you should NOT immediately kill all witches, homosexuals, and people who don't believe the same as us, even though the book says the Lord clearly instructed you to do this).

Sometimes god is delivering instructions. Sometimes someone is claiming that god delivered instructions. The bible is unclear as to which the author felt was the case in each situation, probably not least because of the centuries of translation, adaptation, and manipulation. Some of those apparent contradictions probably aren't supposed to be contradictions at all, but they are now.

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All of them assuming that life-creation basically got right to present-day creatures from the start (with a few rare stories where a particular new species is created in a myth in an almost evolution-life story).

That depends on how literally you read the bible, and how well you assume it was translated between the first writings (or probably, oral retellings of prior traditions) and the first writings which we have today. There has been substantial drift since those writings, why not before? If you just read "day" as "period" in the Christian creation myth, it becomes less ludicrous. It could be valid enough, then, from the right viewpoint. Maybe night is defined by sleep. And it leaves out whole stories of how things were done, but that's not surprising.

I'm not putting forth any theories here, but if the Earth were "created" (made over) by a superior being (alien with technology we have yet to develop) and seeded with life forms which evolved into what we see today, a few retellings slanted towards particular political aims could have resulted in the Holy Bible that we know and, uh, love, today.

I don't believe that there's necessarily any validity to Christian mythology, but there's no particular reason to believe that it's completely wrong either. The parts which seem to correspond to known historic events don't support the rest of the material, but at least it shows that some of what's in there isn't bullshit. Sadly, the parts which clearly are certainly make it much more difficult to take any of it seriously, when examined objectively. Each claim has to be examined individually, which makes it basically worthless.

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by drinkypoo (#48260051) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

we run the risk of imagining God was ... able to do everything. But that is not so.

That may well be the most controversial thing a Pope has ever said.

Yes, that was the only part of the entire affair which gave me pause. Wait, what? Isn't God's infallibility and omnipotence kind of central to the religion? Everything which happens is according to A Plan which guides us to an inevitable conclusion? That does everything but throw the whole schmeer out the window. If God can't do anything, then he's not infallible, and if the Pope's authority is derived from his connection to God... well, you see where this is going.

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by drinkypoo (#48258899) Attached to: OpenBSD Drops Support For Loadable Kernel Modules

I regularly have uptimes of over a year, and bug reports generally produce a next day response. Try getting that elsewhere.

Back when I ran obsd I had panics and problems with network card drivers that almost cost me a job. The machine was rock solid under Linux and the NICs were bog-standard eepro100s. Now I have a netbook and a laptop I can't use because of a lack of NIC support. Linux supports both NICs without ndiswrapper. I want to use these machines for low-end servers, but I can't without adding a NIC (dongle hell) or in one case, swapping out minipci. And I could do that, but it was cheaper to install Linux.

obsd lacks support for common hardware which everyone else supports. That's simply not arguable.

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by drinkypoo (#48258889) Attached to: US Post Office Increases Secret Tracking of Mail

If the mail system were privatized there would be a lot of this country where there wouldn't be any mail since it would be a money losing venture.

UPS and Fedex have to hand packages off to USPS because they don't have regular rural routes. But UPS and Fedex don't have regular rural routes because of the USPS monopoly on delivery to your post box. Catch 22.

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