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Comment: Re:Because it worked so well for PGP... (Score 1) 175 175

Also, WTF does "If it's an executable digital file, any foreign interests can get a hold of it" mean? Is ISIS unable to use non-executable files?

It means some asshole who doesn't understand computers is talking. I love it when people use words above their pay grade. I know immediately what to think of them. However, I would assume that nobody actually fucking told them anything. "a senior State Department official told FoxNews.com" ... yeah, fucking, right. Some minor peon in the state department mumbled some shit they didn't understand.

Comment: Re:Will we get up-to-date images? (Score 1) 40 40

It'd be really nice if MS would be kind enough to provide up-to-date .ISO builds like they've been doing w/ the Win10 insider program

How about if they just made it less of a pain in the asshole to save the update files once downloaded, so you could use them again? Making windows update not delete the installers is literally the least they could do.

Comment: Re:What they are cheering about? (Score 1) 1073 1073

Mind you - I am Polish and here also people HATE to pay taxes - they know that their taxes are being spent in wrong ways usually, the taxes fuel a caste of mindless clerks etc. but nevertheless Polish people DO PAY taxes like VAT and icome.

So you're proud to be paying taxes spent in the wrong way? Congratulations on being part of the problem.

Comment: Re:I hope for an agreement (Score 1) 1073 1073

Should each state in the US have its own currency?

If you live in California, Texas, or Alaska, you probably would say yes. We lose money to the federal government every year, to pay for things in other states that we (at least in California) can't even afford. If you live in some other state, you would probably say no.

Comment: Re:Good for greece (Score 5, Insightful) 1073 1073

just to pick one category, a military without any hardware isn't much of a military. But the concept that Greece can't pay back its loans is a lie.)

Greece can't pay back its loans and basically remain Greece. You never give an order which you know will not be followed. And you should know ahead of time whether your orders will or will not be followed.

(Note: the Troika isn't faultless either. In exchange for loans, rather than focusing on trying to improve the raw numbers with austerity, they should have been focused 100% on trying to force you to fix your structural problems so you can be competitive enough to stay in Europe. They tried to tackle the root problem in a totally counterproductive way and ended up earning a lot of hate for that.

Notably, austerity tends to shut down the economy, which will only lead to further financial insolvency.

Comment: Re:kernel developers on Macs - that would be me (Score 1) 274 274

Meanwhile, Snap-On, Mac and Matco break less often to begin with. When they do break, the local distributor shows up the same day in their truck with a replacement and you still get the customer out the door by close of business.

All of this, and maybe Apple support too, works really well when you live in the city, near one of their facilities. When you live anywhere else, it all goes to hell. The delivery trucks don't go to most of the shops, so you get stuff from whichever truck actually shows up. And when you need a machine serviced, they expect you to either bring it in, wait, or ship it and wait. It's not just Apple, I don't mean to pick on them alone; my fun stories involve HP... but only because I didn't buy Apple, or Sony, etc etc. (The Sony machines ordered alongside my HP which finally died of nVidia GPU die bonding failure plus HP tech with bad habits died long before my HP did.)

Comment: Re:Range and recharging time (Score 1) 622 622

I think it would be wicked cool to build an electric rock crawler. It seems like a natural fit because you get an exquisite level of control over wheel slip, and you also get massive torque from 0. It would be a sort of ultimate stress test for the components, but that could only lead to building better speed controllers... or going broke :)

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