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Comment My answer: Playstation 4 (Score 1) 373

I personally went for a PS4 as an "upgrade" to my PS3, but if looking at blankly recommending either, I'd still say PS4 at this point:
(cue people calling me a shrill)

* Larger game library (currently)
* minutely better HW specs
* upcoming VR headset (H1'16)

There are a few exclusive on XBox that people would be interested in (HALO?), though on the topic of exclusives it is a matter of checking out what games you want to play. The XBox-unique Kinect is dead in the water currently, as are the Playstation's PS-Move things.

A different thing to look at, though, is what do your friends/your children's friends play on - there is something to be said for being able to play with others, especially people you know, and the social features and multiplayer gaming on the 2 platforms are mutually exclusive (XBox support cross-play with MS' gaming platform on Windows, and Sony allows full cross-play with Windows/Mac/Linux games where applicable).

Finally, if you weren't looking at specific games limited to the current gen, I'd say to get a second-hand XBox360 or (and?) PS3 - they are plenty entertaining.

Comment Re:Only two ways (Score 1) 192

1) Upper management demands it, and keeps pushing for it.
2) Economics. When they start losing customers, and not winning new accounts because it looks old and crufty, then they'll make UI changes.

But according to you, the company is expanding.

I can confirm that #2 will not happen if there are other product sold by the company.

Comment Re:Wine-wrapped and broken games? (Score 1) 110

Virtually none.

I don't know of a single Steam Linux game that incorporates Wine in any way. The licensing itself would be a bit of a nightmare to resolve.

I didn't bother spending much time on this, but a quick google show Transgaming (who uses Wine-code to "port" windows games) as declaring proudly that they have helped games get onto Steam - I also know that EVE:Online's Linux client, on Steam, uses Wine (via Transgaming's efforts, according to all parties). Yeah, that was 2 minutes
So you might not know of any, but they do exist.

Ultimately, though, I guess the question comes down to: Are they stable on Linux?
My experience on OSX has been far from stellar with games that were "ported" (recompiled using Wine-based solutions, such as Transgaming's offers), and I think that in the light of a more popular platform (OSX is more common that Linux Desktops from what I gather) being poorly supported, it is a valid question to ask if games coming from Windows run properly on Linux?

Note: I am aware that more recent versions of various Game Engines (such as Unreal, Unity3D...) have native Linux support - I'm currently enjoying a game (Swordcoast Legends), where they employ such an engine, and the result being fully native.

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