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Comment Re:Or for slightly less per month (Score 2) 58

Leasing a BMW i3, cheapest option, in CPH will cost you 211870 DKR for 36 months, or 31636.55 USD. This comes to about 0.136 DKR/minute, vs 3.50 DKR/minute for the rental.
The difference is 25.7 times, or, for every 25.7 minute you have the lease car, you can drive the above solution for 1 minute, or, 6.5 hours of driving per week.

If you only need it for odd trips once or twice a week, which, since you're living in a modern city (CPH) is more than likely, the 3.50 DKR/minute is miles cheaper than a lease-option, and still significantly cheaper than buying, insuring, fueling, and maintaining a BMW i3, even if we only look at direct costs, and ignore financing and time spent cleaning and maintaining a leased or bought car.

Note: I didn't see a new-price for a BMW i3 on the BMW website, but a used-car dealer's cheapest option is a 2014 model for 299.885 DKR ...

Comment Re:Not quite ready (Score 1) 164

It is not supposed to 'replace', but to supplement.

Creating really bad straw-man arguments and congratulating yourself on beating reflects poorly on you, not your opponent.

Judging from discussions in the US media, it is all-or-nothing - either you replace everything with Wind Power, or you replace everything with Solar Power, or you keep running 40+ year old nuclear plants and build more coal plants

Comment Re:No Apple (Score 2) 98

If these parties all decided to use whatever codec came out of this, and Apple choose to stay out, it'll be Apple's loss when Netflix, YouTube and the rest start showing messages about "your Apple computer/phone is not able to use this site, please upgrade"...

(The actual winners of that move would, naturally, be lawyers)

Comment Re:Obviously the fault of Gay Marriage (Score 1) 286

20% of (straight) US adults were on that site?!?
Reports says it was 85% male, so as much as 34% of all (straight) US male adults were there?

Why bother mailing people from the dump, just mail random US males, and there's close to 1-in-3 chance that they're "guilty"!

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