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Comment Re:no need for malware (Score 1) 48

In my previous job, I refused to accept anyone joining my conf-calls using Skype - the audio quality was horrendous, and when you're conferencing in people from around the globe, with lots of different accents and differing levels of English, you need every bit of clarity you can get.

In the current job, we're allowing Skype, but the one time we ended up using it, we still had to give up due to dropouts and general quality.

Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 1) 180

Taxi service is terrible. Taxis are dirty and old and frequently rip you off if you don't know where you are going.

You should prolly go live somewhere civilized, instead of Outer Bummfuck, Poopistan?
I've travelled half the planet so far, and far-and-away most taxis have been clean, drivers polite, and routes pretty much optimal (I occasionally check with a GPS-enabled phone out of curiosity)

Comment Re:Amnesty International workers/members guilty (Score 1) 187

Hypocrites. Amnesty International workers and members who use an Apple, Samsung or Sony phone or laptop are just as "guilty" as Apple, Samsung or Sony.

Baloney. Just because I use a company's products, that does not mean I approve of every aspect of their behavior, nor does it mean I forfeit my right to criticize them.

I don't necessarily agree with what Amnesty International is saying, but they certainly have a right to say it, regardless of what cellphones they use.

You've financially supported the very activity that is hurting Environment/Children/Whatever, and then you want to criticize them for that activity?!? Seriously?!?!?

Comment Re:18 years? (Score 1) 332

off the top of my head:
* hp (tandem computers) himalaya - do they even have an off switch?

Don't ask HP Support - they truly have no clue what those machines are......but that could be because HP Sales seem to think they run Windows, when selling support contracts for 'em.

Comment Re:Easy Fix (Score 1) 353

I'm reading these comments, and I think people are missing something: There'll still be smartphones for sale

The masses can still get their phones, either locally (incl backdoor) or via internet (backdoor optional).

The locally sold ones will be sold to people who do not care about, do not understand, or have never heard of backdoors/unlocking/encryption ... and these will be, by far(!), the largest groups.
The minuscule elite, who must have a phone with a perceived level of cryptographic protection, will in no way be able to move things in any direction on their own.
The iPeople, those who cannot just choose a different brand, will have access to internet, and buy their desired hardware from out-of-state.

Comment Re:Cart before horse (Score 1) 115

Just to clarify: I've seen contracts where any cost-saving incurred by the supplier is partially passed on the customer - this is a trait in contracted manufacturing, where you get goods produced as a set, and if the supplier manages to optimise production, the savings are shared.
Meanwhile, if the supplier cannot hit the target costs, they don't bear all the expenses (only most of it)

Comment Re:Cart before horse (Score 1) 115

About half of the financing comes from NASA. Admittedly SpaceX can still waste money like in any way they like, but at that point it would be appropriate if NASA reduced the money they put in since there clearly is too much of it floating around.

Doesn't work that way, you can't go to Apple and say you make too much money so sell me an iPhone for half the price. Your choices are:
1) Buy something else
2) Not buy it
3) Create it in-house (since you're NASA)

There are alternatives, but not cheaper ones. Leaving the ISS stranded is not an option. And in-house you get a massive government project with pork to every district. But if you want to start your own rocket company, remove the bloat and undercut SpaceX on price just do it and NASA will be happy to award you contracts. What are you waiting for?

In business, I have literally seen cases where a customer tells the supplier they are making too much money, and forces a price-reduction on them.
Just because you cannot do it with Apple doesn't mean large companies and consortia cannot.

(note: Not arguing about whether NASA should, only that it is done)

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