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Comment: Excuse for Spaniards to learn even less English (Score 1) 99

by Optali (#48624481) Attached to: Skype Unveils Preview of Live English-To-Spanish Translator

Spain is the European country which has a lower proficiency rate in foreign languages, specially English.

Now they have a perfect excuse for being even lazier...

Worse, given the general low literacy of the Spaniards they may even become convinced that the rest of the world actually speaks Spanish... not that they aren't doing it yet.

BTW: Please, MS, Google, etc... improve your Dutch / English translators, they utterly sucks in both ways, and these are closely related languages.

Comment: Re:The Pirate Bay (Score 1) 302

by Optali (#48615891) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

Well, the bands I listen too don't play for much more than 30 EUR (for a full event with a few dozens of them). And some even encourage that people download their stuff or even put it directly online.

There is a whole huge scene of bands out there who are not playing by the rules of the show-bizz and I am not talking about some crappy neighborhood bands but the Extreme Metal scene where bands issue their stuff at small labels and as most do not make a living of it they make real art and are true to their fans instead of making expensive shit.

And we the fans actually BUY their stuff, because we want to. We buy T-shirts, official patches and albums... and the best of it is that we can even mosh and have a few beers with the musicians while another band is playing.

This is the scene I know, and we are millions around the world, but I am aware that other scenes work much in the same way such as the dance scene.

What the masses do, I don' t care. I just don't give a fuck about media for the stupid. And well, Pirate Bay is not getting too much attention from me either, al being said.

Comment: Re:Muslims? (Score 1) 880

by Optali (#48615855) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

How many killings of abortionists doctors and buildings blown up did you have in the USA by Right Wing Militias, the KKK, etc?
Well, these are all Christians.

Recall Rwanda? That was a civil war among the Catholic and Protestant Hutus and the Tutsie based on the assumption that these were left wing socialists and both the CAtholic and Protestant churches were main instigators. The conflict broke a few historical records of people murdered in less time. This alone leaves even ISIS look like a friendly bunch.

Right now there is a conflict in de Central African Republic were Christians are doing some very nasty things:

And in the way things are developing in your country everybody is expecting that there will be an outbreak of violence from ultra-Christian groups such as the Hutaree or similar.

I think that all you religious apologists need a wake-up call.

Comment: Re:As far as I'm concerned, Pluto is still a plane (Score 1) 77

by Optali (#48555667) Attached to: Pluto-Bound Spacecraft Ends Hibernation To Start Mission

Well, easy solution, we find two crappy-ass Kuiperbelt objects and name them Yahveh and Jesus.
A few months later there will surely be some silly Disney character (a roach or a siphilitic duck for instance) called Jesus and Yahveh and this will be the end of Christianity (and Islam as they have the same Yahveh guy as God).

Never fails!

Comment: Re:yes (Score 1) 330

by Optali (#48448143) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

Or, the most common approach used by document writeres: One monitor in landscape and a second monitor in portrait, with the desktop in the landscape one and the document being displayed in the protrait monitor. Works very nicely for me.
Nowadays most desktop environments use dual screens anyway.

Nice and interesting info about why monitors are landscape. I was jsut asking myself the same ;)

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