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+ - Dear museums: uploading your content to Wikimedia Commons just got easier->

Submitted by The ed17
The ed17 (2834807) writes "Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) are now facing fewer barriers to uploading their content to Wikimedia Commons—the website that stores most of Wikipedia's images and videos. Previously, these institutions had to build customized scripts or be lucky enough to find a Wikimedia volunteer to do the work for them. According to the toolset's coordinator Liam Wyatt, "this is a giant leap forward in giving GLAMs the agency to share with Commons on their own terms.""
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Comment: Re:Great... (Score 1) 534

by rtb61 (#47555469) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Artillery fire from the Ukraine has already killed Russians in Russia, so it is Russia shooting back maybe, hard to tell with anything coming out of the US nowadays apparently a lot of their press announcement are based upon nothing more than social media, this after many announcement of US intelligence and military agencies routinely hacking social media and filling it with propaganda. The US government is just another corporate mass media channel no different to Disney Corporation or Fox not-News.

Comment: Re:sure, works for France (Score 1) 279

Ha ha, as I said, once you redefine the words you can claim all sorts of nonsense.

1927, New Century Dictionary
Inflation: "The act of inflating, or the state of being inflated, specifically expansion or increase of the currency of a country by the issuing of paper money especially paper money not redeemable in specie or that is insufficiently secured by precious metal."

Not even a mention of prices.

Deflation is defined as the opposite of inflation.

Of-course the earlier in the dictionary world you go the more correct the definition, and the closer to the present, the more propaganda and nonsense is added to the definition, inserting the level of prices into definition of expansion and contraction of money supply. Prices do not inflate or deflate of-course, only total supply of money inflates and deflates. Inflation and deflation are changes in the measurement units, not changes in the economic output. Once you redefine the meanings of the words you lose all meaning altogether.

Once you ask the wrong question it doesn't matter what the answer is.

+ - U.K. team claims breakthrough in universal cancer test->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "U.K. researchers say they've devised a simple blood test that can be used to diagnose whether people have cancer or not. The Lymphocyte Genome Sensitivity (LGS) test looks at white blood cells and measures the damage caused to their DNA when subjected to different intensities of ultraviolet light (UVA), which is known to damage DNA. The results of the empirical study show a distinction between the damage to the white blood cells from patients with cancer, with pre-cancerous conditions and from healthy patients. “Whilst the numbers of people we tested are, in epidemiological terms, quite small (208), in molecular epidemiological terms, the results are powerful," said the team's lead researcher. "We’ve identified significant differences between the healthy volunteers, suspected cancer patients and confirmed cancer patients of mixed ages at a statistically significant level .... This means that the possibility of these results happening by chance is 1 in 1000." The research is published online in the FASEB Journal, the US Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Where can I obtain resources to program for Palm OS 5?

Submitted by baka_toroi
baka_toroi (1194359) writes "I got a Tungsten E2 from a friend and I wanted to give it some life by programming for it a little bit. The main problem I'm bumping with is that HP thought it would be awesome to just shut down every single thing related to Palm OS development. After googling a lot I found out CodeWarrior was the de facto IDE for Palm OS development... but I was soon disappointed as I learned that Palm moved from the 68K architecture to ARM, and of course, CodeWarrior was just focused on Palm OS 4 development.

Now, I realize Palm OS 4 software can be run on Palm OS 5, but I'm looking to use some of the "newer" APIs. Also, I have the Wi-fi add-on card so I wanted to create something that uses it. I thought what I needed was PODS (Palm OS Development Suite) but not only I can't find it anywhere but also it seems it was deprecated during Palm OS's lifetime. It really doesn't help the fact that I'm a beginner, but I really want to give this platform some life.
Any general tip, book, working link or even anecdotes related to all this will be greatly appreciated."

Comment: Re:sure, works for France (Score 1) 279

Of-course I completely forgot to mention all of the service prices that are rising, from accounting, to lawyers, to court fees, to mailing, to education, to car repair, etc.

Did I forget to mention coffee and coffee shops?

Obviously water

They will talk about drought and bandits and weather and climate and every single excuse under the Sun except for the actual real cause of this nonsense: inflation.

Comment: Re:sure, works for France (Score 1) 279

You are not buying stuff at the same price as 6 years ago, maybe you should actually pay attention to the receipts.

beef, pork, avocado, fruits, veggies, almonds, pinenuts, walnuts, mozarella, cheddar, other cheeses, seafood, grains, soy, soy, palm oil, milk, gasoline, beer and more beer, limes, canadian bacon, barley, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants,electrical energy, car rentals, hotel rooms, cab fairs,

air travel and air travel gets more expensive in many other ways, various extra fees, less room, more seats on planes

aluminium, nickel, zinc, steel, natural gas

I can do this all day, I just don't want to waste that much time on you.

See, maybe you are not doing your own shopping, that's possible, if you can afford a butler then maybe you don't need to worry about prices and you never notice what others do. In the real world the prices are going up.

It is not only local USA prices that are going up of-course, globally prices are going up, assets and goods being bid up by ever increasing money supply, which the globe prints in response to the printed US dollar.

I wonder what it's like to live in such a thick bubble.

Comment: Re:Get used to this... (Score 1) 181

No matter how much space you take up with your PR waffle it is still PR waffle. Corporations are owned by shareholders and the shareholders have representation for the business vehicle they own, the corporation and thus taxes should be paid. If corporations do not pay taxes then every rich shit head will shift all their income into a corporation and not pay any tax (their PR=B$ plan). Another tax bracket is required for income in excess of 1 million dollars a 50% tax bracket. All taxes should be charged on local revenue regardless of off shore costs. Those off shore costs should simply be audited and the profits in the taxed as those profits were based upon local revenue. Any country internationally recognised as a tax haven should be economically ostracised and it's currency devalued to zero. All corporate officers should be tested for psychopathy, if tested positive for psychopathy, they should be banned from holding office in public corporations.

Comment: Re:Appropriate punishment (Score 0) 181

"Read my lips: no new taxes."
"Iraq has WMDs."
"If you like your plan, you can keep it."

that came to my head in just 1 millisecond. You can find millions more just like those ones. I mean I do not have a problem fining all those involved into those lies enough to rebuild the economies and societies, I would also jail them all, but the world doesn't really work like that. I suggest starting by educating yourself and buying into propaganda, whatever it may be.

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