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Comment SQL Injection Trivial to Defend Against (Score 1) 191

...SQLi is relatively easy to defend against.

Relatively? It's trivial to defend against (spoiler: use prepared statements), and anyone creating software that has even the potential for SQL injection is an incompetent moron.

Hiring a programmer who doesn't know how to eliminate SQL injection is like hiring a surgeon who doesn't know how to use a scalpel, or a bridge builder who doesn't understand weight distribution. It's the first thing that a programmer should learn when learning to write database aware software.

Comment Re:Could you at least hint what "Pocket" is? (Score 5, Informative) 199

Pocket is a proprietary usage tracking system. You sign up for an account, which is how the tracking is performed. Then you can save Web pages, videos, etc. to your hard drive using the Pocket system to you can view the content offline later. All the while, Pocket is building a database of what you saved, which laws you've broken (to be handed over to law enforcement upon request), what your viewing preferences are, etc.

Comment Re:Work-life balance thrives where it is prioritiz (Score 1) 195

I'll also note that this is in the Midwest, where all you tech people from the coasts complaining about not finding jobs should move.

I think you're an H1-B Visa loving CEO of a midwest company looking to reduce your payroll expenses, because you've just invited a whole bunch of tech people to flood the midwest. If that were to happen, midwest tech wages would plummet.

If you're really who you claim to be in this posting, then you are actively sabotaging your ability to have a work/life balance.

Comment Re:Often a small number of users /do/ use a ton .. (Score 1) 622

Well, as much as I hate them I do have to admit that there is a plausible case for a small fraction of users degrading service for the rest of their paying customers (or necessitating costly upgrades that will be passed along to everyone).

No, there is not a plausible case. Comcast sold a service, and the paying customer is using that service. If Comcast cannot live up to its advertising, then it should not advertise. It really is that simple.

If I pay for X Mb/s, then I am well within my rights to keep my pipe running at X Mb/s for every single second of my subscription. If my Internet provider knows it can't keep up, while taking my money, then that is stealing from me.

Comment Re:Using your advertised space != Abuse (Score 1) 330

This is following the obvious and predicted trajectory of "cloud" computing: get people dependent on the service, then slowly and inexorably raise prices. Anyone who was foolish enough to think this wouldn't happen should see this as the painfully obvious clue it is.

When, not if, you get bitten by this again and again and again (which is going to happen), you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Obligatory: I expect to be modded into oblivion by clueless moderators.

Comment Re:Why do you like KDE? (Score 2) 115

I can understand your confusion, since you're conflating applications with the desktop. I started out on GNOME, but moved to KDE back when it was at version 1.44. I found the desktop look and feel to be vastly more pleasing than GNOME, Konqueror to be tremendously more functional and polished than whatever GNOME was using at the time, and KDE's customizability to be worlds more advanced than GNOME.

I absolutely love all of Plasma's bells and whistles, and get quite annoyed when they crash. One of my favorite little plasmoids is the calculator in krunner. It's so handy to have a line-based calculator a simple Alt-F2 away. And KWin's desktop effects are so well integrated into the desktop that it's painful to sit down at any desktop that doesn't have them.

As far as applications, I run Konqueror for my file manager but not as a Web browser; as a Web browser, it is far behind Firefox and Chrome. But as a file manager, it's top-notch. It's castrated cousin, Dolphin, is an abomination that should have been stillborn.

I run LibreOffice, as it is the crown jewel of office suites for Linux, obviously.

K9 was the best, simplest DVD copying utility I've ever used; it's a shame it was abandoned. I have yet to find anything to fill its shoes.

KTorrent is a fantastic bit torrent client.

I could go on, but I won't. For me, KDE's customizability is a huge plus that puts everything else to shame. And it has many applications that I consider to be best-of-class. It fits my workflow better than any other desktop, bar none.

Comment Re:Photoshop / Lightroom anxiety (Score 1) 426

It's a long-shot, but maybe WINE will run Adobe Creative Suite (but probably not).

That being said, Richard Stallman saw this coming a long time ago. After years of thinking he was a crackpot, I eventually understood his perspective when he said that it's better to use a Free program with fewer features than a proprietary one with more features. After getting the rug pulled out from under me too many times by proprietary software, I went purely FOSS in 1999. I sometimes have to be creative in my solutions, but I don't consider that to be a bad thing. And my freedom is worth it.

Windows 10/Adobe Creative Suite is a case study in what I have come to accept as Stallman's fundamental truth on the matter, and is the rule of proprietary software rather than the exception.

Comment Re:Simple methodology (Score 1) 347

One would hope that a good manager would have enough practical and direct experience in writing software to at least come up with a half-decent estimate, no?


I've been writing software for 30 years, and I have never calculated an estimate that was even remotely accurate. Every project is unique, and must be treated as if it has never been done before (which it hasn't). Time estimates are snake oil sales.

[unrelated rant]

I hate, Hate, HATE, HATE!!!!! Slashdot's forum rules. Who has the time to wait a billion years between postings?! Who's the moron who comes up with this shit?! I registered at a few days ago, and this stupid Slashdot notice:

Slow Down Cowboy!

Slashdot requires you to wait between each successful posting of a comment to allow everyone a fair chance at posting a comment.

It's been 3 minutes since you last successfully posted a comment

is the last straw. I've been on Slashdot for about 18 years now, I think, and I've had it with all the stupid site decisions of the last couple years. I'm done with Slashdot. This is my last posting to Slashdot. Hello, Soylent News!

[/unrelated rant]

Comment Re:Hard to believe (Score 1) 166

And [Microsoft has] done some great work on a lot of software engineering fronts, including secure development, powerful tools, integrations, and are even dabbling in open source,[sic]

Only until they can find a way to subvert it. Don't let Microsoft's current worries confuse you into thinking that that company has changed in any way, shape, or form. The moment Microsoft management think the coast is clear, they will drive their hidden knives into your back. It's one of the few things Microsoft does well.

"Love your country but never trust its government." -- from a hand-painted road sign in central Pennsylvania