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Comment Re:Um.... duh? (Score 1) 374

How would you expect such a device to behave when it is compromised with unauthorized components?

It could revalidate the pairing, just like Apple does.

There is really only one question: Does Apple provide documentation on how to revalidate the pairing? If so, then the problem can be resolved by providing the instructions. If not, then Apple is just being a bunch of dicks trying to lock you into Apple services.

Comment Re:Easiest things to do. (Score 1) 1822

4. Reducing time between comments? That's only a concern if you have crap karma....

In my experience, I can't see any relationship between crap Karma and that moronic delay between comments. Sometimes, there are multiple comments in a story that I want to rebut, but have very little time available in which to do so. That idiotic comment delay amounts to nothing more than massive frustration (which I'm experiencing right now, just talking about it, in case the tone of my posting doesn't make it obvious).

And for the record, my Karma is Excellent (and has been for years).

Comment Re:This is what happens when monopoly revenue fall (Score 1) 573

...given the state of the market and computers in general I doubt they are going to get out of this unscathed.

I disagree. Having watched Microsoft do this to people year after year (do you seriously believe this is a first for Microsoft?), it's obvious that the sheep will be sheep. Very few in the general Microsoft-using public will listen to the shephard who tells them that the predator eats sheep.

Microsoft will be hurt by mobile and, to a lesser extent, LibreOffice. But the general public is so accustomed to being abuse by Microsoft that they don't even notice for what it is (and never have).

Comment Re:"Java's demise" (Score 1) 165

Hardly, unless you are talking about browser plugin technology.

The browser plugin has needed to die for 20 years, so I'm glad to see it finally happen.

The submitted appears to now know the difference between the Java browser plugin and the Java language. The former is dying (it's about time), while the latter is thriving.

Comment Re:Translation:quit optimizing for Intel technolog (Score 3, Insightful) 152

There are no "goodies" or "baddies" here.

There are now. AMD, through necessity, has chosen the right path. NVidia, through ability, has chosen the wrong path.

Even now, when AMD cards perform worse than NVidia, I have started choosing AMD for both personal and professional use because of the Open Source AMD drivers. AMD's doubling down on Open Source has validated that decision, and I will likely never buy, nor recommend to my customers, another NVidia card.

I have completely inverted my recommendations for Linux video. It used to be, "buy NVidia and be done with it," since AMD's driver was a huge pain in the ass to get working on Linux. But Open Source has a powerful appeal to me, having been burned over and over again by proprietary business practices over the decades, and now my recommendation has switched to AMD for the same reason.

Comment Stop Using Mir (Score 1) 63

I wanted to buy an Ubuntu or KDE tablet, but they both have major problems: Ubuntu Touch uses Mir, so can't run Java. Plasma Mobile support for tablets is very sparse, and the ones it supports are very expensive.

I'm getting really tired of Android (iCrap isn't an option under any circumstances), and want a tablet that will run plain Java and is Free (note the difference between Free and free). Microsoft Surface does Java great, but ewwww Microsoft. And the Surface is too expensive.

Give me a Free tablet at a reasonable price that runs Java, and I will buy.

Comment Re:Every cloud (Score 1) 130

Wait, so someone has found a way to make audio work reliably across Linux distros?

Kubuntu audio has worked reliably since somewhere between version 9.10 and 10.04 (I'm not certain which). I think that's where Kubuntu got Pulse Audio finally installed correctly.

Does this make 2016 the Year of the Linux Desktop?

My customers (who vary in range from late 20's to early 70's) have been happily using Kubuntu desktops since the 2008 timeframe. Most reactions have included a variation of surprise that computers can work so well (once I turn off the brain damage that is desktop search).

Comment Re:Because they are stupid. (Score 2) 729

When more do this, the problem of companies and bosses abusing the workers will go away.

My work week is 40 hours. In order to have a less stressful commute, and to get a little more done in a day, I would come in about an hour and a half early every day for about five years. One day, when my boss was asking me to to calculate my unpaid overtime compensation hours, he got irritated when I asked if I could include my five years of uncompensated overtime. He said, "No, because we didn't ask you to do it."

At that point, I started working exactly 40 hours a week. If something wasn't done, I started telling him I would get back to it first thing in the morning, but that I was going home at exactly 5pm every day. If he wanted me to work extra hours, he would have to ask me to do it, and it was going to be part of any unpaid overtime that he asked me to calculate.

I have never since been asked to stay late or to come in early without just compensation. The one time since then that I had to come in on one of my vacation days, I was at work for about an hour. I added 4 hours to my vacation time. When I came back from vacation, my boss said that he "granted" me that same four hours of vacation. I responded with a simple, "Yes."

So yes, don't let your bosses take advantage of you. I always thought my bosses were better than the others I had read about, and I was wrong. Most bosses are ego-maniacal pricks.

Comment Really?! (Score 1) 122

Someone is still using that piece of shit?! It takes the crown from MySQL for the worst database ever. Here's only the most recent example:

A coworker issued an update to a large table to which he didn't have update rights. Oracle's response? Drop the table!

Way to go, Oracle! This is only the latest reason my company has decided to ditch Oracle in favor of PostgreSQL.

And multiple databases per server? PostgreSQL has had that forever.

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