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Comment: Re:Consciousness (Score 0) 284

by StormReaver (#47398355) Attached to: Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

Wow, if we discover the exact region and mechanism for how consciousness emerges from brain activity, then this, in my mind, is the final nail in the coffin of the Soul Hypothesis

Heh, you haven't actually had to talk to the religious/nutty, apparently. They will defend their absurdly ignorant misinterpretation of the universe with a violent ferver not seen anywhere else. They will simply wait until one of their brainwashers/preachers/ministers/popes/whatever invents the most ridiculously ludicrous explanation for how this actually ties into their fairy in the sky's grand plan for humanity; and bullshit, ignore, and dogmatically shout down anyone who tries to use anything even remotely approaching logic.

No, this discovery will be completely lost on 95% of the world's massively idiotic population.

Comment: Re:OPEC to subsidize its demise? (Score 1) 376

Withholding that money would be regime suicide (plus possibly population genocide).

If first world countries were to redirect the massive amounts of money spent to invade and conqueror those third world, oil producing countries over to renewable research and development, the end result would comparable: enough funding to end the need to invade and conqueor said oil producing countries.

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A magic number is then produced as to the tested product on site. The application/suit as shipped then matches that same end test numbers.

And who writes the program that does the test? Who writes the compiler that compiles the test? Who controls the build farm that creates and compares everything? Everything is under the strict, untrustworthy, iron handed control of the very same criminal (yes, convicted of multiple felonies in multiple courts) organization against whom Governments are trying to protect themselves.

Sorry, but this is all just smoke and mirrors from Microsoft.

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by StormReaver (#47307697) Attached to: Long-Lasting Enzyme Chews Up Cocaine

I wish i could say that therapy is worth a hoot but so far what I see is cell therapy (the iron bar type) works better than a two thousand dollar a day rehab.

All qualitative arguments aside, and sticking to purely quantitative evidence: imprisoning drug users has resulted in no reduction in drug users over the last 30+ years. Drug use has risen, unabated by the threat of prison, from the very beginning of our misguided war on drugs.

Punishing addiction is bad policy. There are far deeper psychological issues surrounding drug addiction that cannot be addressed by the penal code.

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by StormReaver (#47212855) Attached to: Toyota Investigating Hovercars

No, it isn't legal. Look up Impeding Traffic. You aren't allowed to impede the normal flow of traffic, even if that traffic is violating the law.

Impeding Traffic varies from state to state. In Missouri, for example, drivers in the left lane must move faster than drivers in the right line (assuming both lanes are for the same direction); but only up to and including the speed limit. If the driver in the left lane is at the speed limit, and the driver in the right lane is exceeding the speed limit, the right-lane driver is violating the law while the left-lane driver is obeying the law.

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Dissolving the corporation and forming a new corporation with the same assets(in this case, patents) is a classic example of where that can happen and what that very concept was created for.

Which is VERY easy to skirt:

1) Form a new corporation, issue stock (tada, new ownership free of liability).
2) Declare bankruptcy on the old corporation (triple point score if it's incorporated in Delaware).
3) Liquidate the assets of the old corporation to the new corporation for a pittance.
4) Shutter the old corporation.
5a) Next victim, please.
5b) Thumb your nose at the judge, who is now powerless.

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by StormReaver (#47003791) Attached to: KDE Ships First Beta of Next Generation Plasma Workspace

The gvfs way is better than the KIO way.

I started with GNOME way back when, but then switched to KDE at version 1.44.

I have a love/hate relationship with KIO. My biggest complaint is that KIO isn't a virtual file system, but rather is just a file copy mechanism. It works great for many uses, but completely falls flat when trying to perform an open/read/close sequence. It copies the entire file to a temporary location, then opens that temporary copy. This is asinine, and is the single largest failing of the IO Slave mechanism.

Even Windows' UNC handles remote files better in this regard, which is saying something since most of Windows networking is a painful joke.

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You have a better chance of a wish for a flock of pink Unicorns to be granted than you have of a White House petition having any desireable effect. White House petitions exist solely as a feel good measure; nothing else.

If you want a better alternative, stop voting for Democrats and Republicans. While not a silver bullet (how apt a metaphor), it has a much better chance of evoking change. Vote for someone who usually wouldn't stand a chance against the RepubliCraps, and stop wasting your vote. Neither major party is the lesser of two evils.

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by StormReaver (#46976591) Attached to: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding

Since nobody can tell what skills will be needed in the next decade, learning a particular coding language, the "learning to code" is almost certainly teaching the wrong language to children.

Teaching several languages is just a vehicle driving all of the things you mentioned; they are all the natural results of learning multiple programming languages. Each language contributes to a person's understanding of abstract terms. Teaching multiple languages will even mitigate against the stupidity of "teaching the keystrokes" that currently infests most "introduction to computers" classes.

Comment: Re:Not in trouble for hacking... (Score 3, Interesting) 43

You're in trouble for bragging about it.

âoeEssentially I am in trouble for posting all of the stuff on Twitter,â

And now you're going to prison because you just confessed to it all on public forums.


Your trial is going to be very short, and your sentence is going to be very long.

It's said that there is no accounting for stupidity, but this is natural selection at work.

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