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Comment: Been there. (Score 5, Funny) 149

by methano (#46787661) Attached to: Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0
I used to work for a biotech company. After we went public our stock did nothing but sink. There was a period of time where our total value was substantially less than our cash in the bank. In other words, a pile of money in the hands of our management was worth less than the same pile of money just sitting on a table. I tended to agree with the market on that one.

Comment: BS (Score 0) 28

by methano (#45692813) Attached to: Programming Molecules To Let Chemicals Make Decisions
I am an organic chemist. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I do know a little bit about making molecules and their chances of doing useful things in the body. I've been doing this for 35 years and I have some credentials though I'm not a Harvard professor. My opinion is that this article is pure, extremely well crafted, bullshit. Throwing in all that math only makes it more so.

Comment: Re:I would love 4K!!! (Score 1) 559

by methano (#45223123) Attached to: 4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television
One of the advantages of getting older is that your own visual resolution drops. So you can get just as much information from 720p as from that 4K stuff. The device can try to give you more but you can't use. Same goes for sound. You don't have to stand around and argue about compression algorithms cause you can't hear the difference. It doesn't matter if they're different. You can't use it.

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by methano (#44732501) Attached to: U.S. Gov't Still Fighting the Man Behind Buckyballs; Guess Who's Winning?
Right after I posted, I tried the original 6x6x6. I did it by making 6x6's and folding them over onto the growing cube. I was able to almost make it except that I now appear to have only 213 balls instead of the original 216. I left off 3 corners. It would clearly have been more stable if I had all of them. After fondling it a bit, it went haywire and collapsed into the close-pack on one plane. So I smushed it into randomness again.

Maybe those 3 lost balls are what killed the cat.

Comment: Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 555

My wife gave me some of these Buckballs for Christmas a couple of years ago before they were banned. I have to admit, it's real tempting to put them in your mouth. Also, it's impossible to get them back into that cube shape like they were when she bought them. But they are fun to play with. I enjoy them even more now that they're banned.

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