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Comment Re:EPA and other like agencies have to know (Score 1) 356

Very true. Government regulators routinely fail in their jobs, either through direct criminal complicity with the violators or by gross negligence. Then, when their failures are revealed, they ALWAYS claim that they need more laws, more people and bigger budgets. Nobody in the regulatory agencies is ever investigated, prosecuted or otherwise held accountable no matter how badly they perform.

The 2008 financial crisis is the absolute perfect example. The government has the SEC, OTS, OCC, CFTC, FDIC, FBI, etc. all with regulatory power in the financial industry. Yet this army of bureaucrats utterly and completely failed to carry out their most basic responsibilities AND neglected to enforce the laws even when the criminal practices of the big financial firms was openly exposed. Government solution? More regulations and more bureaucrats in a new CFPB.

EPA agents must have been too busy (or too incompetent) to actually test a few vehicles for compliance with emissions laws. They were probably off threatening and harassing some small business owners who can't afford full time lawyers and compliance officers.

Comment Re: In three years ... (Score 1) 185

A formal logic class (whether heavy on symbols or not) would be a good idea for everyone.

Can you point to any evidence whatsoever that people trained in "formal logic" actually make better real life decisions?

Formal logic is not even particularly useful for logic design. The software tools do it for you. I haven't written out a Karnaugh map in 20 years.

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 1) 356

A special place in hell should be reserved for government bureaucrats who never designed or built anything, never ran a business and never had to actually provide value in excess of their exorbitant cost. It's easy to sit in a taxpayer-funded air conditioned office and dream up new rules which you can justify your existence by enforcing. Much harder to be the person that has to deal with them.
Every business is probably breaking some number of rules, knowingly or unknowingly.

Comment The perfect cover? (Score 4, Funny) 103

However, bearing in mind that the breach was carried out through a fiercely protectionist Scandinavian VPN, and that Lambert was a Google software engineer before become CTO of a major technology company, it does seem surprising that he would have accessed such sensitive data with his own domestic IP address.

What a great defense... there's no way it's me.

Comment uh-huh (Score 1) 96

Dell is reportedly in talks to buy all or part of enterprise storage powerhouse EMC, which would mark a bold and unexpected new chapter in the PC maker's history.

According to unnamed sources in the WSJ, who also cautioned the companies might not finalize any agreement. Cautionary tale.

Sort of like this, these deals don't always materialize.

Comment Re: Good for them (Score 1) 191

And how long would it take before they realize that they can cut years off their time by taking a easy course ?

Most inmates don't serve their full sentence, and many are released early for dumber reasons that this. We have way too many people in prison, so almost anything that gets people out earlier is a step in the right direction.

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".