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Comment Re:Much todo about zip--ConsoleKit2 is also suppor (Score 1) 452

FWIW, I have not seen any advantages to systemd, and I have not heard of any advantages that I would personally find advantageous. And there do seem to be potential problems.

E,g, faster boot times don't impress me at all. I'd be more impressed by longer up times. I find binary logs dubious, and many people have reported problems with them. Etc.

I have not personally had any actual problems with systemd, but it's not clear how I'd resolve them were they to occur.

So I'm both dubious about the advantages and worried about possible disadvantages. Sufficiently so that if a BSD supported the ext4 file system I would have a test installation running. But not yet sufficiently to reformat my file systems.

Comment Re:Really hard to stop (Score 1) 248

It's a contract of adhesion, and those are limited in what they can require. As to what the limits are, I don't know, and it would probably depend on your jurisdiction anyway.

FWIW, even standard contracts are limited in what the state is allowed to enforce.... but as far as I know, each contract requires a separate lawsuit. And the first item of business would probably be as to whether they can force you to use arbitration with their selected arbitrator.

Comment Re:I think you are on to something (Score 1) 218

I'm not convinced that there's a reasonable chance that you would EVER get your stuff back, no matter how much time and effort you spent on it. And I've heard things that cause me to believe that it's not only tourists that suffer.

It's not so much power that corrupts, as lack of consequences. Admittedly, the two are often closely intertwined.

Comment Re:Legality? (Score 1) 305

I think the IANAL disclaimers are because some places have laws against pretending to practice law when you aren't licensed. The IANAL is anti-lawsuit insurance.

That's just a guess, and that's why I use it when I use it. Also because some people are so Darwin award worthy that they *would* take legal advice from someone unknown over the Internet.

Comment Re:Not that anybody cares... (Score 1) 135

You misunderstand the problem. Being a vegetarian won't protect you against human-to-human transmission, and these aren't disease organisms that survive cooking anyway. The mentioned organisms are already infecting people. (Of course, there are probably others that haven't yet made the jump.)

IIUC the current disease is minor. The problem is that bacteria share genes beyond species boundaries, so it can easily spread to something serious.

Comment Re:Questions... (Score 1) 135

It is ever difficult to impress people barely making a living in the present with tales of doomsday futures.

While true, it *is* understandable. The problem is it's equally difficult to impress those currently getting extremely wealthy. And they're the ones with the power to change things.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 1) 135

Perhaps, but while the "Affordable Care Act" is better than what we had previously, it's *NOT* a good act. It's lousy. It guarantees that the health insurance companies get to keep their profits, when they should be totally cut out of all basic health care as an unnecessary expense. Perhaps they are a reasonable approach for major medical, but when I checked into dental insurance I found that it was a total waste of money. They wouldn't cover unexpected or major dental problems, and they were much more expensive than just paying the dentist for routine care.

So my guess is that insurance companies shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the health care system in any branch. Perhaps for cosmetic surgery, but even there I have my doubts.

Comment Re: Your sig (Score 1) 18

The thing is, I *do* believe in gods, for a reasonable definition of god. I just don't believe they're infallible or all-knowing (or that they have even vaguely human perceptions or purposes). And I think that the thing I'm talking about is the same thing that those who claim direct contact with gods are talking about.

I classify these things as gods, but also as common underpinnings of thoughts on a species, and occasionally genera-wide commonality. They are the strata of thought that Jung glimpsed and called Archetypes, but to think of them as psychological is to misunderstand them. We do not see the world, we "see" the dreams of these gods, which can be mapped to the world only via a lossy transform. But because they are common to the species, others will see the same dream, from a different perspective, of course. And please understand that dream is a metaphor. The gods never exactly dream. But they *do* make mistakes. More mistakes as we move away from the environment within which they evolved.

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe