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Comment: Re:Human Subjects (Score -1) 88

Yessir. Ebola's relative lack of success using the hairless monkey as a host has thus far been her mortality rate and quick rate of infection-to-death.

In reality, the worst case scenario now involves an immune host/carrier.

It doesn't even have to evolve into an airborne pathogen to cure the overpopulation problem under the right set of circumstances.

Comment: Re:Devil's Advocate (Score 2) 259

Disclaimer: I don't know shit from shinola about the (pseudo)science of divining water with rods in one's hands.

Water well drillers have been the contractors of choice to locate underground reservoirs wherever I've lived, and they usually relied on knowledge of aquifers in their respective locales.

Caveat: They often require payment to drill the well whether they find water or not, and there's no guarantee on the volume your new well might produce.

Comment: Re:It's OK to attack mythology and superstition... (Score 1) 259

Dowsing is an objectively testable claim.

As is true with politics, there are people who will accept no new evidence if it contradicts their belief set.

Two examples that seem to prove this theory are religion and superstition, but I repeat myself.

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... or that humanity can continue to multiply exponentially because God will end the game before too many people become a serious problem.

On the flip side, since many of the most devout religionists are prone to war and episodes of mass suicide, perhaps they will inadvertently help with the overpopulation problem.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin users didn't all start exchange service (Score 1) 92

by rmdingler (#47760963) Attached to: Early Bitcoin User Interviewed By Federal Officers
Why won't you help us with the investigation if you have nothing to hide?

This line of questioning is especially effective if the suspect is guilty. Oh shit, I better go in and talk to them or they'll think I did it. The thing is, they are interrogating you, often for hours on end, because they already believe you could be the guy they're looking for.

It seems likely it is better to close your mouth and let them think you're guilty, rather than open it and remove all doubt.

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