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Comment FTA (Score 1) 36

"Of course, nanobots are often the source of speculation about the death of all humanity. There is the "grey goo" theory that one day nanobots will learn to self-replicate and quickly eat everything organic on the planet in a never-ending urge to procreate. There are several explanations about why this couldn't happen, including the fact that we could stop it with a fairly simple electromagnetic pulse. But it is fun to think that with this step toward a viable 3D-printed microscopic delivery device we are either one step closer to curing all the diseases of mankind or one step closer to just destroying ourselves entirely. Or both."

It's the way of too many of our watershed technological breakthroughs. When you ask if we are ready for the responsibility of a potential Doomsday Device, be certain to solve for (we).

Comment Re:Dumbest thing I've heard today. (Score 1) 515

I rather want to believe he thought it was a joke rather than an immigration policy know, the kind of thing a celebrity bounces off his sycophantic entourage instead of a single critical ear.

Part of Trump's charm seems to be his lack of a filter in this be careful as fuck what you say era we live in.

It would appear the Jersey Governor may lack the Donald's Teflon skin.

Comment Re:Coma (Score 1) 72

Wouldn't it be better just to put the crew into a medically induced coma for a year or so instead? Lower metabolisms, less calories and air required and no mental problems to deal with.

No. That would be great training for extended space travel.

This experiment is designed to examine close quartered living arrangements on a foreign planet.

What can we do to keep people from killing each other in Space?

Comment Re:ten years (Score 3, Informative) 71

The great thing about the plasticized pollution in the Pacific is that it tends to collect in certain areas, and much of it floats, reducing the volume of water that would need to be filtered by several orders of magnitude.

Oh yes, doing something is almost always better than doing nothing.

Comment Re:I've heard enough! (Score 2) 116

Right, prohibition never works. Prisons just need more porn, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

Prisons everywhere have alcohol... Apparently, it's quite low tech.

Porn, tobacco, and drugs are made artificially scarce by their prohibition, which, as I understand things,

Leads to a sellers' market.

Comment Re:This is Important to Discuss (Score 1) 68

Well, it's great news that a suggestion box exists at all, frankly, which (at the very least) means the overseers believe our views are still freely given and received.

It's our job as holders of the ballot to right the ship; to make certain the nation's leadership is representative enough to actually read the focking suggestions.

6 years is all the time it takes to clean out the lot of executive and legislative branches.

Comment Re: they weren't marines: one USAF, one Oregon NG (Score 1) 468

(But what if the terrorist actually turns out to belong to one of the organizations that the US is currently at war with?)

They weren't on-duty, so that may not count.

I think there are medals for actions while serving, but not on-duty, however I'm not sure.

There are, of course, plenty of commendations they can receive, assuming Congress assents.

Yes. And, maybe, since there's been no formal declaration of war to cover the last several U.S. military incursions, combat itself may be open to interpretation.

They gave William McGonagle a MOH for a combat situation the US wasn't formally at War in.

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