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Comment Re:There we go again (Score 1) 380 380

Fiat money is just a handy, fungible way to store wealth earned by one's labor. I can take the value of my repair of Mrs. Jones system and trade it for groceries or cable with HBO.

A society as diverse and populated as ours would crumble without a universal way to settle accounts. How would Walmart pay its Chinese suppliers? It is no accident all major empires in written and remembered history evolved past the barter system.

All that and money is how we keep score.

Comment Re:Now I won't feel guilty about using Adblock (Score 5, Insightful) 380 380

I came here to say this, and to add how obvious the solution must be for would be advertisers:

Instead of dragging my browsing speed down to tortoise level and asking me to like it while watching your adds,

try making me benefit, even subtly, from viewing your auditions to separate me from the paper in my wallet.

Comment Re:If there was a criteria for safe unlocking (Score 2) 83 83

The cold, hard reality of many a tragedy is that outcomes not foreseen by developers wind up relevant, and thus, engineered out of the realm of probability.

I can guaranfuckingtee you the engineers considered this event. Their take at the time? " Nobody is going to pull the feather actuator prematurely!"

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 14 14

Nike and Apple have agreed to settle in a class action lawsuit alleging that the two sold the Nike FuelBand fitness tracker in spite of knowing that the device’s biometrics measurements were inaccurate.

Based on the wording in the summary, I expected it to be about the "tracking" part. I was guessing that the band doesn't actually log any thing locally, so it can't be said to track anything on its own. I have no idea if that's the case or not.

So in other words, like many, many things sold under the guise of being healthful,

these products are about as scientifically helpful as the mood ring.

Comment Re:Uber should countersue (Score 1) 246 246

losing money to another company is not an issue unless you are using unfair competitive practises.

This is, of course, the backbone argument against Uber in many municipalities. Commercial Taxicabs are subject to many rules and regulations that Uber is not.

I don't think Uber is ignoring the regulations as much as they're challenging whether or not they have a right to exist.

Comment Expect some hurdles (Score 2) 60 60

It is less than surprising that a mortal physique evolved and modified in earthly gravity would encounter some strife in an environment void of g.

Bone & muscle density loss, circulation problems, and some yet undiscovered detrimental effects are all strong arguments for three things:

expand space exploration programs by artificial intelligence, continued extended human weightlessness studies, and experimentation with artificial gravity via a centrifuge system.

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