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Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 416

The music industry has a well documented path for those who think this is the solution to higher creativity, higher productivity, and dealing with crunch times. In fact, it is not hard to find a dozen well known names that have passed due to drug overdose, in the industry that "used" them just to get through the schedules.

And these aren't stupid people. They were good enough to learn how to play instruments better than you or I, train their voices for singing, and in some cases write their own music. They didn't start off with the intent to harm themselves, but the problem is that for most people, addiction follows recreational use. Even if the drug itself is seemingly free of the worst side effects, the person can become dependent and in that dependency can create life long problems for themselves.

And if they can't fix it, with the resources available to them, then what are the odds that a code slinger in CA has a better shot.

I can see the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith might've had longer careers had they abstained from the recreationals.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 416

I imagine far more people are addicted to chocolate or video games than horse droppings for example.

That is a fairly human-centric point of view. My faithful posting companion, Miss Daisy, agrees to disagree and doesn't drive, despite the nom de coincidence.

She can't do chocolate, whines all during game time about the absence of an opposing thumb, and eats shit like it is going out of style... yes, like someone in mid-management.

Comment Re:It just seems bad because of the news cycle. (Score 2) 136

The news has more slots to fill than ever, having evolved from a noon, five, and eleven broadcast to several stations with differing agendas filling 24-hour slots of their own.

Availability heuristic works in advertising too, but if you hear a thing in the news enough times, it brings it to bear sooner and with exceptional relevance in your brain's personal selection process.

And as everyone knows, scandalous gossip just sells better than than the other brand.

Comment This will be politicized, but: (Score 1) 128

A presidential review committee concluded the surveillance regime did not lead to a single clear counter terrorism breakthrough that could be directly attributed to the program.

Use your noggin' when you listen to candidates for office.

If there were some examples of threats neutralized by this level of privacy invasion, wouldn't the proponents of the police state have trotted them out?

Comment Or (Score 5, Insightful) 491

Engineers are handy personnel assets in nearly every venture, and the field of terrorism is no exception.

It is likely many promising young jihadists are schooled to suit the perceived needs of the movement.

The claims in this summary reek of arriving at an opinion, and then fitting in the evidence as it suits your case.

Comment 10 ft of ash over a thousand miles away? (Score 1) 285

I've read that the Yellowstone supervolcano going off is an extinction level event.

Of course we don't know what it would be like, as witnesses to a supervolcano eruption are hard to come by, and by and large, not talking.

Like the first atomic weapon detonation, folks are all over the map with varying levels of predicted destruction. I remember hearing a theory that the planet's atmosphere itself would catch fire.

We can all probably agree it would suck to be American... finally, right?

Comment 3D printers don't jail people (Score 1) 311

They probably get you on a short list to be considered for that career move, though. What if I have a cheap little Makerbot and a curious deer-hunting son?

It was bad enough, with teenage sons, wondering if I ought to get them on a guest wifi to prevent some pron charge.

Everyone will eventually be a law breaker, at this rate.

Comment Re:Questions... (Score 1) 137

Sure. I'm betting the profit margins for the Chinese pig farmer are pretty slim. Adding a few extra pounds per animal, or keeping an extra few animals alive per season, make a huge difference in his family's quality of life.

Individually choosing to forego the antibiotic advantage may not even be an option for one farmer, who's tiny personal sacrifice would be essentially insignificant, and likely place him at a disadvantage to his nearest competitors.

No, this is something the people who make the rules need to get behind, and you'd think they would, as their children will be as susceptible as the poor.

Comment Re: Why is this news? (Score 1) 164

Really? My boss never has a problem when I just don't show up for work for half a day... Perhaps you should have called the boss while your partner was in labor, or were you heavily invested in reminding her to 'breathe'?

Nope...that was me at the wheel of the Skylark, above the speed limit with the emergency flashers on, hoping to get pulled over so I could use the line.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).