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Comment Re:don't believe his lies (Score 1) 169

TPM chips are designed to withstand such attacks by using distributed storage. I really doubt that you can pull it off even in the best lab. And even then the cost of doing it will probably make sense only for highest-grade intelligence, not regular terrorist investigations.

oh please. all they have to do is disable the self-destruct/counter mechanism and the rest is a brute force attack. i'm sure Infineon even has a backdoor mechanism to disable it. I doubt Apple is even using TPM 2.0 which makes this all moot because TPM 1.2 is a joke.

Comment Re:don't believe his lies (Score 1) 169

2) The key is contained only in RAM and inside the TPM module that also does fingerprint recognition.

i wouldn't be surprised if...
1) Infineon had a way to subvert their own security
2) FBI decapped the chip to retrieve the key. you can edit silicon circuits with a Focused Ion Beam. it's pricey and slow but it can be done.

Comment don't believe his lies (Score 4, Insightful) 169

FBI director says investigators unable to unlock San Bernardino killer's phone content

things one needs to unlock a smartphone:
* fingerprint (sometimes) (difficulty: invalid)
* dump the flash memory (difficulty: hobbyist)
* to avoid lockout, have machines emulate the phone and try every combination to unlock the phone (difficulty: developer)

conclusion: the investigators had a technician unlock the phone in less than an hour


Comment Re:What is the significance? (Score 3, Informative) 59

Why is OpenGL support important to me as a user?

OpenGL is used for much more than 3D, it's used for desktop compositing.

I clearly all the stuff I was doing was working before. So evidently I didn't need this.

it's an open source driver instead of a closed source driver. if you think close source is fine, continue enjoying the Microsoft Windows spy network!

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