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Comment: Re:BGP? (Score 1) 57

by Gravis Zero (#48587847) Attached to: BGP Hijacking Continues, Despite the Ability To Prevent It

What if we agree to spell out obscure acronyms the first time?

I guess I disagree. I don't want to have to see "Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol" the first time in every article that mentions TCP/IP

good news everyone! using time travel, i have added a html tag specifically for abbreviations. go ahead and try it, it's the <abbr> tag.

Comment: Re:Fracking, not what you think it is. (Score 1) 155

by Gravis Zero (#48540935) Attached to: Romanian Officials Say Russia Finances European Fracking Protests

Thanks to horizontal completions petroleum products (gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, plastics and on and on and on) prices are plummeting.

and with bullets on sale it's even cheaper to shoot ourselves in the foot!

Thanks to horizontal completions, natural gas is now cheaper the coal in the US and coal power plants are being converted to natural gas which is all around cleaner, safer, and produces half the CO2 of coal.

that's as great as getting half as much cancer than normal.

Thanks to horizontal completions, OPEC's 40 year cartel appears to be at an end, and horizontal completions dropping the price of oil has been the most effective "sanction" by far on Russia, putting more pressure on Putin and the ruble then all the heads of state combined.

i'm no fan of bad governments but wouldn't it be better to just do away with OPEC by moving to clean energy like solar?

Comment: obvious reasons (Score 2) 376

by Gravis Zero (#48445191) Attached to: Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

lately, US news and politics are more vapid and transparent than grumpy cat's take on things. the reality is that our political system is really because voters are gullible enough to thing they have a choice about what happens when it's really a one party system. the news spews lies about everything like it's DEFCON 1 everyday when they are speaking of meaninal bullshit. meanwhile there are serious matters that has caused a massive schism in the middle class and shit is hitting the fan. if you protest you are either cordoned off and ignored and/or abused by the police which are not help accountable for their actions. can you blame us for wanting an escape? (psst, the answer is here)

Comment: Re:Opposition is from a small elite (Score 1) 550

the most universally relevant reason being that systemd has a HUGE attack surface. the other reasons all feed into this one issue, it's a blaring and blindingly bright security issue.

Do you really believe that IBM, Oracle, RedHat, HP, CenturyLink, ... are not going to be addressing security problems if and when they emerge?

with thinking like that, you might as well start using Windows because Microsoft will fix it too. the point is that it's a needless complexity that increases the risk of critical/exploitable bugs occurring.

Comment: Re:Opposition is from a small elite (Score 3, Interesting) 550

I dont see an issue with systemd,

the issue isnt with systemd per se, the issue is systemd becoming a dependency of things that should not require it. for example, since systemd decided to eat udev, that means that every package that used udev now needs systemd. if you use any of the major desktops, it is a requirement. one the upside, it's fuelling the development of other desktops environments.

... let people who do not want systemd simply configure their system either so that systemd will start regular sys v init or bsd type scripts, or let them change /bin/init to point to the alternatifve init system of their choice.

there is a problem with that, it means systemd is running. there is an additional opposition to systemd itself, the most universally relevant reason being that systemd has a HUGE attack surface. the other reasons all feed into this one issue, it's a blaring and blindingly bright security issue.

btw, if you are GNOME2/MATE holdout trying to escape systemd like me, consider using LxQt. it's still a work in progress but it's usable as an everyday desktop environment.

LxQt repo (works with debian jessie):

deb http// utopic main

Comment: Re:We've been selling these since 2010 (Score 1) 38

For now 3D printing only seems to have two real advantages: versatility (especially important if you only have the space/budget for a few manufacturing tools), and the ability to create geometry that is essentially impossible with any other manufacturing process.

not true at all! a huge advantage is the price of making a one-off part. $1K for a mold you are only going to use once is very prohibitive.

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