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Comment how this changed blender (Score 3, Informative) 31

* Improved hair/fur simulation and rendering
* Enhanced 3D view (with cool effcts like screen-space ambient occlusion and depth of field)
* Painting features and performance increases (including cavity masks)
* Updated/improved dependency graph
* Forceviz forcefield visualization
* Filebrowser preview of image sequences (including playback)
* Sticky keys
* Progress integrating open source libraries such as OpenVBD (volumetric data), Alembic (mesh caching), and Ptex (high-detail textures)
* Two external-to-Blender tools for rendering and pipeline management, Flamenco and ATTRACT
* Lots of bug fixes
* And of course, a wide array of small, but time-saving enhancements all across Blender (particularly in tools for animating, sculpting, and sequencing shots). These are the kinds of important improvements that can only be made by being in the same room as artists while they work.

Comment It's no ARMv8 (Score 1, Interesting) 54

Seriously, this inability to let x86 go is just getting sad. If you want something that is power efficient, you go with ARM chips. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple announced it was switching it's laptop/desktop machines over to their own ARMv8 chips because in addition to power savings, it wouldn't cost nearly as much as the chips from Intel.

Comment the comparison is pointless (Score 0) 83

The compilation tests they ran are completely pointless because all it measures is the amount of time required to build XYZ which is not a measure of a good compiler. What they should be looking at is what is actually being generated for it's size, efficiency and most importantly, accuracy.

Compiling code with -O3 on GCC will get you in trouble yet they still use it. However, I noticed some of there tests use -O2 instead which I presume is because some optimization resulted in an incorrect result.

However, there was no comparison to how small it could make a binary or a comparison in the efficiency of the resulting binaries when executed.

Don't bother reading TFA.

Comment we can fix this (Score 3, Funny) 53

it seems to me that we can stop shit commercial software from being published if governments set up a mandatory bug bounty systems. it's simple, you demo the exploit and get money based on the severity and the company making the software must pay it and has X days to fix it before paying the fine again. this would result in either better education on how to find exploits, better Q/A mechanism or companies going under. frankly, i don't care which happens as long as commercial software is held accountable for bad code.

Comment ungrateful jerk! (Score 1) 393

"In total, the vulnerabilities investigators found were so severe and so trivial to exploit, Epstein noted that 'anyone with even a modicum of training could have succeeded' in hacking them. An attacker wouldn't have needed to be inside a polling place either to subvert an election... someone 'within a half mile with a rudimentary antenna built using a Pringles can could also have attacked them.'"

well that's the last time I elect him governor!

Comment Re:Two ideas (Score 4, Funny) 57

it seems that the new much-more-accurate algorithm still misses 30% of cases. For me, hurting (even killing) 3 out of 10 pedestrians still sounds quite bad.

missing 30% isn't killing 3 out of 10 people, it's killing 7 out of 10 people which is a solid 70 points or 210 points if you are drifting. #Carmageddon

Comment Re:so fast your head will spin (Score 2) 138

I'll wager by 2025 most Cubans traveling to USA will be complaining about the shit internet and shit cellular here.

LOL! How much are you willing to wager? I would like to point out that Cuba's regime clamps down hard on communications technologies. They fear rebellion because they are tyrants.

Comment Re:blame the caller. (Score 1) 145

As a millenial, phonecalls never made sense to me. Unless I actively want to hear your voice (my parents for example) then i have an infinite and vastly superior cadre of resources with which to communicate.

it's true that many interactions are best kept to a text medium but the tone and volume of your voice is just as informative as what you are saying. i'm not saying it's more effective at resolving issues, i'm saying it's better for expressing your emotions.

"I have not the slightest confidence in 'spiritual manifestations.'" -- Robert G. Ingersoll