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I haven't seen any welcome arms for pro-life in the republican party. You have just decided that pro-gun is more important to you and you drank the kool-aid that democrats want to take your guns, when the fact is Obama is the best thing that ever happened to the 2nd amendment.

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by pnutjam (#47359419) Attached to: Is K-12 CS Education the Next Common Core?
Education is not like gas. I can stop at the station by my house if I forget to fill up after work. You do damage to a kid if you constantly pull them out of one school and put them into another.
There are community barriers, if your kid goes to a school across town he won't have opportunities to socialize after school and will miss out on alot (voice of experience).
There are social barriers, kids make friends and uprooting them can be difficult. This inertia can allow bad schools to hold onto kids, it's happening now.
There are time barriers. How often do you by gas vs. how often do you change schools years. The logical time to change schools is in the summer. It would take at least one semester to evaluate a school. After a semester or school year in a bad school, your kid might be hopelessly behind. There are plenty of charter and public schools that can do alot of damage in one year. You basically have 12 to 24 segments of schooling to "purchase" for your kid. This is a far cry from any other free market commodity.

and, yes... Super markets and gas stations are blatant cash grabs... Free market is the idea that the worst kind of people will do good for the worst kind of reason.

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by pnutjam (#47349433) Attached to: Is K-12 CS Education the Next Common Core?
Vouchers have turned into a blatant corporate cash grab. The private school system does not have the capacity for a huge influx of students so charter schools are setup and either run by clueless parent groups who are underfunded and end up folding unexpectedly, or they are run by corporate groups whose only interest is that fat voucher cash. Schools are a community resource. The problems we need to fix are community problems. I don't think that strong central oversite is a bad thing, communities need to communicate with other communities or they stagnate.

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