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Comment: Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 395

by sumdumass (#49761949) Attached to: Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

My rebuttal was that years and years before that, marriages had nothing to do with the churches of today, and maybe nothing to do with any church at all.

So your opening sentence was flawed on that basis.

lol.. there is no flaw at all. What is so hard for you to understand here? I DID NOT give a complete accounting and did not intend to. For fucks sake, how many times does this need to be said? I do not care about before or anything. It is completely irrelevant.

Exactly, what you gave was not a comprehensive history of marriage. My point exactly. Thanks for noticing.

Is it your point to echo my own point? If so, you win the internet. I said this in the original post.

That is what you said. Please refrain from saying that in the future. It would be most appreciated.

If you want to specifically limit yourself to certain periods or countries, where it is accurate, that would be much improved.

lol.. Stop, just stop pretending to be a moron. Sorry for going for the insults but you seem to be insisting things that never were said were. I never said in the beginning, or always or on this specific date, I never even said it was absolute, that is all inventions of your own minds. What I said is correct, in the past churches and religions generally controlled marriage. You know this to be true and admitted it but are stuck on some bullshit about periods when it wasn't.
Just drop it, you are not adding anything to the conversation and doing little more then pedantic trolling.

That seems to indicate me you think there are non-Christian religious institutions you want to consider, and that would take you outside of Ireland, or into its ancient history if you want to discuss Celtic marriage. I guess the jews weren't invented until well after the Christians. Is that what you are trying to say? And yes, pagan religions had marriage ceremonies too.

Anyone? Yes, they have, history has been asserted as the role model to follow, especially with marriage, which is treated as a "sacred" and "unchanging" and "eternal" tradition that is exclusively and solely the province of the "church" or other "religious institution" so yes, they have done so.

So that's why you are acting like an imbecile. You are pissed that people don't like gay marriage and banned it forever and somehow thing going after me will vindicate it or something. No, I nor anyone in this thread asserted history is any role model. For fucks sake, all I did was explain how modern government became entangled in something that they shouldn't even be involved with in the first place.

Go piss up a rope or something. You will be more productive doing that then you have demonstrated yourself to be here.

Do you want me to paste some of the filings made in regards Proposition 8, or Obergefell v. Hodges, or the advertising regarding this vote in Ireland? Or will you accept it as generally true without me doing so?

I can paste some crap too. Here is your problem, I simply do not care. I did not come here and say marriage should be a certain way or another way or whatever. I really do not care if you can marry your boyfriend, dog, sister, mother or whatever your fetish is. It doesn't matter to me one but at all.

Then I'll take this as implying a disavowal of those arguments, is that ok with you?

It doesn't matter, you took everything else and twisted it just so you can troll against it. I don't find having any opinion on how you twist and misaligned contexts will have any meaning other then further your trolling.

Sadly many don't know this. But no, even with the history being recognized as discretionary, you do need to get it right. Because sometimes it isn't what others, including yourself, say it is.

No I got it right. You are just hopelessly looking for an argument to win even if you have to create one that never happened.

PS, the Magna Carta, mentions marriages and sets conditions thereby, including the King's involvement. I kinda consider it part of the English legal system, and I wouldn't consider it entirely religious either.

Actually, the magna carta gives the catholic church power over marital matters. It only mentions heirs in ward (
not of age) and a widows inheritance and the abilities of spouses to appeal for the life of their condemned spouse. Not the shell shocker you think it is and truthfully, it starts off strengthening my claims.

Comment: Re:Williams WASP X-Jet (Score 1) 55

by sumdumass (#49761719) Attached to: The Hoverboard Flies Closer To Reality

Temp drop is about 3.5 degrees f every 1000 feet. So that's around 35 degrees f drop at the ceiling. Untreated diesel will start separating wax at around 24 degrees F and likely be completely gelled at 18 or so degrees F. So as long as the ground temp is lets say above 35+30, or 65 degrees, there should be little to worry about. Frankly, in an open cockpit, that might be a little low of a range anyways for that height.

That is without added weight of a fuel heater. You could run a return line near the exhaust or through a port in the intake manifold to heat the fuel and pump it back into the tank eliminating most all gelling concerns as long as the ground temp is above the 24 degrees F. But then you would need a pump large enough to supply the engine as well as return excess fuel and hoses and pressure regulators.

Comment: Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 395

by sumdumass (#49761499) Attached to: Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

So when did they first exist?

It's irrelevant to any point I made. Most of the rest of your comment is irrelevant too.

But your summary was based on flawed premises. You should have tried harder to be more accurate.

There is no flawed premise. Ireland gets it's laws from English law not roman laws. Nothing it flawed, as I already said, what I gave was not a comprehensive history of marriage. It's even in the first post. You gain nothing by trying to inject what I left out as I left it out on purpose. BTW, what is it you think you are going to gain by arguing what was never said?

But it did try to change things to suit its needs. Why does the Church get to dictate what it wants?

Because at one point in time, the church had the power to do so. It's fucking history, you can find books about it. I suggest you pick on up.

You didn't limit your comments specifically to Ireland, the UK or the US, you should have started with that caveat, but no, you'd still be wrong in your summary if you didn't note how the Church attempted to subsume existing marriage practices.

You do not need to limit anything as long as it is within the context of the article and GP post. FFS are you that daft that you cannot take that into consideration?

You mean right after Ireland was forcibly conquered by English forces?

Yep, and that would make it the history that is important because it actually happened and is what is influencing modern day Ireland. Wow, for a minute there I though you were a complete imbecile but evidently, you do get it. You just don't want anyone to know it.

As role models go, I'd pass on that.

I'm not sure anyone asked you to make it a role model. If you think I did, I'm sorry your English is so screwed that you got that impression. The history is the history, it is just what is. You do not need to worship it, look up to it, just know about it and decide if you want to repeat it or not.

Comment: Re:If the rich carried their fair share... (Score 1) 178

by ScentCone (#49761115) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect
And, as expected, this wasn't a mental health issue. This was a pre-planned extortion exercise involving more than one person in holding the victims captive, torturing their son, and arranging for a pile of cash to be delivered. Accomplices, helping out this trained welder who new the family in question would be good targets because he used to work for the victim's company.

Comment: Re:If the rich carried their fair share... (Score 1) 178

by ScentCone (#49761093) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect
What are you talking about? The police say this was a planned event carried about by more than one person. He didn't "snap," he set up a captivity/torture scenario in order to try to extort $40K in cash from a former employer, and had help from accomplices. You're going to have to find another way to feel sorry for the crew that did this.

Comment: Re:Williams WASP X-Jet (Score 1) 55

by sumdumass (#49761079) Attached to: The Hoverboard Flies Closer To Reality

Not really, Jet fuel is more or less kerosene/diesel with a few additives to stop gelling at low temps. Well, jet B fuel is anyways. Jet A is a little more tricked out but you could get a close approximation with either kerosene or diesel fuel and a few additives mixed in something like the oil additives for 2 cycle engines. You possibly might need to few engine modifications. The Ceiling of this type of craft just isn't high enough to worry about the air temps that much as long as the ground temp is high enough.

Comment: Re:Not news, not for nerds, doesn't matter (Score 1) 222

by ScentCone (#49761013) Attached to: WSJ Crowdsources Investigation of Hillary Clinton Emails

so you are saying that republicans were lying in their report about Benghazi?

No, I'm saying that the Obama administration, with the direct involvement of Hillary Clinton, was lying - deliberately, repeatedly, for weeks - about what happened. In order to influence the imminent election.

Comment: Power to the blamers! (Score 2) 170

by smitty_one_each (#49761001) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession
Power to the blamers! There is far too much power to be garnered from inflaming (occasionally real, but often wholly manufactured) biases.
But things like the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax, global warming, GamerGate, &c have blown the lid off what a bunch of cheap hucksters the Grievance Industrial Complex are.
Go back to hell and stay there, creeps.

Comment: Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 395

by sumdumass (#49760591) Attached to: Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

Church was probably a wrong word to use. Religions traditionally did the marriages. When I said church, I didn't mean the catholic church or church of England or just Christianity, I mean it was generally a religious institution if it was officially recognized at all. In England, which US and Irish law derives from, the government started getting involved when it started requiring licenses in the late 1600s with the marriage duty acts. It started setting conditions of who can and cannot be married too.

Comment: Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 395

by sumdumass (#49760469) Attached to: Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

Sure I know about the roman marriage laws. I even know about Nero claiming to marry a male ex slave and a boy he castrated and roman law forbidding it at the time. But that is all sort of irrelevant as to why government is still involved in marriage. Even in Rome, the church controlled what could and couldn't count as marriage starting around the 4th century when Rome converted to Christianity. But I didn't want to write a complete history of marriage, just a short summery to why government is involved today.

Also, the church or churches was involved in marriage long before the Council of Trent. The reformation set certain things into cannon but didn't start it. Maybe I shouldn't have used the term Church and instead said a religious matter. In English law which is important here because of the connections to Ireland and the US, the laws of old Rome are somewhat removed. The Marriage Duty Acts on the late 1600s (1694 and 95) is likely where the start of government interference in Ireland and the US in modern day marriage started.

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