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Comment Re:Why do browsers allow websites to do this? (Score 1) 358 358

That is what add-ons and extensions are for. I want to use those (and I do) but I want the choice. I do not want my browser doing crap that I tell it not to do or doing more than it should be default. I still use Opera but they have lost some features and controllability in their new/beta versions now that they are based on WebKit/Chrome. I am seriously thinking about forking it and rolling my own damned browser at this point. I like add-ons. I like choosing them wisely.

Comment Re:NVidea's problem, not Microsoft's (Score 1) 315 315

Heh, no! I think this is one of Microsoft's stupidest moves for the reasons you suggest BUT I do not think it will be as bad as you are expecting. I can certainly understand expecting the worst but I am an eternal optimist while being a pragmatist. I am Buddhist, it is my right.

Comment Re:You just described SoylentNews. (Score 1) 427 427

Nah, we'd already be starting with the community and not from scratch. The goal would be keeping folks happy by providing them what they wanted and leaving it at that. I am a member at Soylent though I have not gone in ages. I do not think it would be anything like that. I mostly believe this because it is not a starting community but a community as a whole.

Comment Re:Most people won't care (Score 1) 101 101

Patches are generally easier to access in my experience. I have literally used the excuse, "I am curious." I have also used, "I feel like breaking stuff." It does matter who you are and how much you have a history with the company (as to be expected). However, the source is there - it is just not open. I would not want to be the one caught leaking it either.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 1) 292 292

DNC, they did try to get elected you know... Wikipedia happily has an article, click on the history section. It is in the first or second sentence.

I realize you probably do not want to hear this but, yeah, it is true. I have no incentive to lie and Wikipedia has free access to all who can make it to Slashdot.

Comment Re:I dunno? (Score 1) 58 58

Those seem well and *potentially* good if you want to match a metric but they seem trivial to defeat in anything with any noise associated with it. I pause at random points and will sometimes return a half hour later and delete stuff. I am not saying that I can not be fingerprinted but I am saying that it would be difficult and there are much easier ways that are much more likely to succeed.

Comment Re:Can the new buyer be worse than DICE? (Score 1) 427 427

Quote from earlier thread that did not get greenlit:

I would tender a realistic offer if such were possible, It would be nice to have it in user control mode again. All staff would be fired immediately and the place would be run on a volunteer basis. Income (after paying back the purchase price) would go solely to the updating of the site. I would work on automating listings based on the firehose as the default with moderators being able to change that. I would get rid of the silly post limit. Any income left over would be donated to a worthy cause that we decided on.

Give me an idea of what they think the site is worth and I will contact my lawyer and give a return bid. I will need to see a list of assets, assumed values, projections, and current and historical trends. I may need more data.

Alternatively, we create a board and kickstart this.

I should clarify that only editorial staff would be let go though I do think much of the administration overhead could easily be done by volunteers and probably *would* be done by volunteers.

Comment Re:Got e-mail this morning from mail.whitehouse.go (Score 1) 432 432

They have made me angry by abusing my rights and weakened the protections enshrined in the Constitution. I call both harm. If I take your possessions so that you are no longer secure in them - do I harm you? My rights are my property.

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