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Comment Re: Expect drama (Score 1) 77

Umm... Are you illiterate, drunk, or just not bright? If you can comprehend what you read then re-read my post. I'm the one clearly suggesting not interfering with speech. Or, rather, I'm the one who is curious about why one would actually want to restrict someone's funding and, in doing so, limit their speech. See, I'm the one who's a fan of letting idiots say what they want, even if I think they're morons, and letting people spend their money however they want without trying to busy myself with harming others in the name of 'justice.'

That might be too complex for you. If it is then, well, I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't think I can explain it any better so I'm just going to hope you get it and passively ignore you at this point.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 85

And yet that's never happened. Funny that. However, I certainly agree that I'm an asshole. On a more serious note, nobody noticed - it's not like I was anywhere that bugged people. Well, she noticed but it turns out she just wanted to hold hands. (She's still here, at any rate.) I was kind of surprised at how few people were in the theater - it was a Regal in Buffalo. They all went and watched the 3D version. If someone had even slightly indicated displeasure then I'd have certainly stopped - while I am an asshole I'm not that much of an asshole. I'm usually pretty perceptive too. I also wasn't holding it up and waving it about or anything. It was down between my knees and automatically dims in the darkness. You'd probably have had to work to notice as we had the entire row to ourselves and it was the furthest row back. Not even the usher complained - probably because it bothered nobody and was on silent.

It's tempting... Man is it tempting. I mean, hell, you're offering free life skills assistance, right? So far you've been willing to call me an asshole, without really knowing much, and that's certainly true. So you're willing to be brutally honest, perhaps perceptive, and you seem to be convinced you have all the answers to what is and isn't socially acceptable behavior. Boy have I got a wall of text and some questions for you. You have no idea how tempting that is... ;) Tempting indeed. I mean, you guys helped me pick my favorite Linux distro. You've given me advice on investing (albeit not intentionally). You, meaning Slashdot in general, are generally smart and insightful as a whole. In fact, I'm on my current adventure, in part, due to some advice from a person here on Slashdot.

Alas, I'll think I'll pass for now. I also need advice about buying a boat. I don't know anything about boats but I'm told I could invest a small amount and make a tidy sum on a resale assuming I'm willing to park some currency for a while. You don't know anything about boats, do you? It's a big boat, it has sails and a motor and stuff. It's in Barbados and has engine and cosmetic issues and the insurance had lapsed. It's huge, like 130' huge, and the price is pretty high as is the estimated repair cost but the resale value's pretty high too - a 200% profit would be reasonable but the turn-around could be a couple of years (or more - I don't know) as the market isn't that strong currently, or so I'm told.

I mean, yeah, if you're giving out free advice... *shrugs* It can't hurt to ask, right? I really should do a funny Ask Slashdot style journal post.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 85

I don't think anyone noticed but the person I was with and she thought it was funny. I think she just wanted to hold hands, otherwise she might have just let me be. I'm an asshole but, you know, if someone had noticed and looked displeased or bothered then I'd have stopped. I'm not THAT much of an asshole.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 77

Eh? Why do you care so much if someone's doing something you don't like on the internet? Do you begrudge them making money off of fools, for thinking differently than you, or what? It looks to me (and you're probably aware of my perspective) that you're just wanting to take someone's income away because you don't like what they have to say. I seem to recall you mentioning campaigning for this in the last thread on this Patreon matter. To what end do you want to curtail speech and strip people of their income?

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 156

Can I buy a used black cab, do you know? I'd seriously buy one and have it imported and I'd be willing to pay pretty well for it. I'd almost certainly have to get it antique in order to register the thing as I refuse to own a trailer queen. I absolutely adore them but I've only been in one twice and, I must say, it was a number of years ago but the service was exact and perfect. I had no idea what the street was where I was (either time) and I simply flagged down a passing cab and told him my hotel name. He didn't ask any additional information but was very polite - including vast stores of cultural knowledge (or so it appeared to me).

It was pristine, in a way, and something I truly appreciate. I've since watched a documentary about their testing process (The Knowledge or something akin to that) and saw why he was as good as he was. This experience was repeated twice, I've only needed the service twice, but was impeccable. I can neither complain about the price, the service, or the server.

The vehicle was awesome. The second trip was interesting, we were on a small side street (I had been to a pub in what used to be a 'gin house' I understand) and not far from that old, round, theater that had something or other to do with Shakespeare. Anyhow, he did a U-Turn in the street while it looked to be much too small to do so. We're talking Moog style, or Subaru style, turning radii here. That was where I noticed how tight the suspension was and how well the vehicle must be maintained because it didn't appear to be new but was still in very good repair and was extremely well kept.

I didn't have much time (or think to) ask much about it but I did notice how well the vehicle appeared to be maintained and I can imagine that they see a lot of fairly rough usage.

What would be awesome is if you got a *something* if you manage to stump the driver (within reason). I seriously think those guys could compete with an optimized GPS and have the added benefit of not losing the signal when around tall buildings. However, if you stump the driver then you should get a t-shirt or something. Or a free fare. If such were the case then I'd do my best and try this out the next time I get the chance to visit. I'd take multiple rides just to see if I could stump the driver. I've not been back in nearly 15 years, that might almost be enough to make it a definite choice for an overseas adventure.

Anyhow, I'm not generally inclined to protect any sort of business and this really isn't the group targeting Uber or anything so it doesn't really apply, but it would be a shame to lose this service and rich history. I do hope they continue to remain in business and that the turmoil doesn't affect them. I don't know if they're even allowed to use a GPS? They certainly did not when I was able to use their services and that was part of the experience and charm.

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 2) 156

You know what pisses me off? Half these Uber-defending-jackasses self-identify as Libertarians. It's because of this that I can understand the confusion on the part of sane people everywhere. I'm truly at a loss and really do think it's time to start with the new moniker. People, people are the damned problem. Give them something good and they'll shit on it, set it on fire, or otherwise ruin it. I guess I can live with that. It's when they complain and throw a temper tantrum afterwards, blame others for their behavior, and insist they be given a new toy because they still believe they're correct and unaccountable.

It's not even an age or generation thing. It's just people. I hate people. I'm glad I'm not one of them.

Comment Re:fair competition (Score 2) 156

Markets, like all freedoms, come with restrictions for the protection of the commons. To put this into sensible terms, I'm free to kill you - I don't have a right to do so. You can not have a perfectly free market, it can not and will not happen. If you want one the provision the infrastructure and other assets. I'll eagerly watch to see how it works out for you.

We take all of our freedoms and put them into a communal pot (we call this society) and, from that pot, we withdraw our rights and leave enough to ensure that everyone gets their share of stew from the pot. Where those boundaries and limits are is subject to debate but the idea of complete and total freedom has never been very good for those who are somehow unable to act on those freedoms and thus we ensure they're given some measure of protection. It's for the good of the whole and yes, it does mean you don't have the right to do anything you want.

Again, we can debate where those lines belong but there's no way an extreme version is ever going to work just like no pure political ideology has ever been successful on a large scale. No one economic model has been successful, in its pure form, for any real length of time either. Go back to the communal pot of stew analogy if you find this confusing.

Comment Re:fair competition (Score 1) 156

That... Umm, that actually sounds reasonable. There's so much rhetoric from either side. I never take taxis but I do hire a car and driver on a fairly regular basis - it's for a period of time, however. I think I might like a law-compliant Uber that offered time (+mileage, perhaps) service but I do expect a certain level of quality with my driver.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 0) 85

Well then I'm an asshole. You'll adjust. Compared to those talking on their phone, speaking loudly, and generally also ignoring the movie I dare say I was fairly well behaved but I am indeed an asshole and you'll adjust. However, I think we've already established (long ago, actually) that I'm an asshole. The only thing left for you to do is to adjust. If a small light emission from behind you is disconcerting then you might have ADD. If it's more bothersome than the guy in front yelling on his phone then you might have OCD. If it's worse than the number of times people had phones go off then you might be surrounded by assholes and outside is not a place you should go.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 85

I've seen that and, absolutely, I realize the US didn't win WWII on its own and many other things - like nuking the Japanese might not really have been the reason that they surrendered. From what I can tell, they're all a little biased and some are outright dishonest. I usually turn the latter off and will mentally try to correct for the former. I think I'll make it a point to watch that series again - it was pretty damned good.

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