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Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 1) 47

Caveat: I don't own a Windows computer and haven't used Windows 10 for more than five minutes. However, I read that you could install the drivers in safe mode and change the settings from within safe mode and that they'd stick. The person that mentioned it, here on this site, is a fairly reputable person.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 146

This logical fallacy is repeated so frequently that I think it needs its own name. I think "appello propter indispositionem" (appeal to ineptness) or "appellare multiplicitate" (appeal to complexity) are both appropriate. It's too complicated, we can't possibly be right! It's too hard, there's no way that's possible!

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 146

Do you actually understand what you're speaking about? Dark matter is not, absolutely, any one thing. Dark matter is a reference to something we're unable to view and can only speculate about. Dark matter exists, by default, because we can not see it and we can demonstrate and measure that we're not seeing something. What that something is, is open to speculation. However, dark matter absolutely does exist. We can't see it - that's WHY we call it dark matter. It's there. We can measure and tell it is there. We speculate as to what it is but only a few overeager journalists are making statements about this being definitive. Everyone else knows that it is speculation - except for you.

Do you even science? I'm not even a scientist (my degree is in mathematics) and even *I* know this. Well, I guess, for some definitions, I am a scientist but I don't think of myself as one. I've done very few lawful or not-sexually-related things while wearing a lab coat, for example. I'm certainly not an astrophysicist. But even *I* understand this. No, dark matter does - by very nature of what it means - exist. We know it exists. We have some working models that try to explain it but they're not completely working yet so I guess we could call them half-working models. These speculations are based on those models and we'll use those models until someone proposes something better to explain the unaccounted gravitational effects that we can not see but can measure the effects of.

Again, we call it DARK MATTER because it exists and we can measure it but we can not see it. Because we can not see it, it's called DARK MATTER. (I'm pretty sure of this, at any rate - the disclaimer about my not being an astrophysicist is completely and obviously true.)

I mean, yeah, there are competing models that include things like this all being a 2D model and we're living in a hologram and thus are holograms ourselves but we don't really take those guys very seriously because they're more akin to God-botherers than they are akin to scientists. If you've got a compelling theory to explain this and maybe some maths to back it up, I'm sure they'll be happy to read your paper. Given that you don't actually seem to know what dark matter is and why we call it that and how we know it's there then I'm not actually sure how well your paper will make it through the peer-review cycle.

Is it a full moon or something? :/ Meh... Maybe it is me who's missing something. That could be true but I'm pretty sure that Brian Cox explained this nicely. I think even Morgan Freeman's gabbed about it but he's just reading a script. The little Asian guy from the college in has spoken about it too.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 2) 302

This... It's being skipped because it's tied in with EUFI. Disable fast boot in system settings (it's somewhere in there, I don't know where but the question gets asked every single day on the various forums) and then, if it still isn't showing grub, boot to a live disk and run `sudo update-grub` and it will figure it out on its own. On the off-chance that it doesn't then get a copy of boot-repair and that should do it. If it *still* doesn't work then just edit the damned config file by hand, save it, and then run the update-grub command.

This question is asked so often that I, someone who doesn't even have Windows installed on anything other than a phone, know the answer to it - or at least where to find the answer. Google "dual boot Windows 10 and Linux" and you'll get step-by-step directions on the first page. Jump in at the correct place or use the search as a jump-off point and add the words repair, uefi, and swap out Linux for your distro of choice. I'm pretty sure you can have a Linux install that doesn't even *have* a live OS variant and still use a live disk from *any* vendor and `sudo update-grub` will still work.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 302

LOL You're frothing at the mouth again Mac's. They did not claim that OS X was currently doing so specifically, only that they were headed there. And, really, I guess it was a question. Apple's a big company, you don't have to defend 'em. We know all about 'em. You don't have a decent free firewall for OS X? That kind of sucks. Even Windows has one and it's not too bad these days from my understanding. Well, assuming you don't want to block Microsoft's telemetry gathering.

Anyhow, spyware to me means that you didn't consent to it. The users consented to, clicked through at least, the EULA which I'm pretty sure informed them that Microsoft would be collecting data and that they would be trying to do so - even if you didn't want them to do so. That makes them assholes, not necessarily spyware. I believe you'll find Siri collects similar data if you want full functionality. (They kind of have to send your inputs to the 'net to find your content. Hell, I *also* seem to recall a post from the other day that mentioned that if you didn't pay for the music service that you couldn't search for music - I don't know how valid that is, some subscription thingy for the Apple Music Store or whatever they called it.)

Either way, yeah, you'll probably find your OS is in a similar situation soon enough. That will suck and hopefully Apple doesn't go that route but greater features often need more data to properly implement them. But, equally important, Apple's got plenty of ads out there - you don't really *need* to defend them against perceived slights. They'll be okay. ;-) They make some good stuff, hopefully they keep it that way. Trends suggest otherwise but there's hope. I'm off in Linux-land so I'm not terribly concerned but it may come to my end as well - some applications already request telemetry data and there's some data being sent out in a default configuration of Ubuntu. At least you and I are more able to disable that stuff, for now, than the Windows users.

But, again, they did consent to being tracked. They might not like that they did. They might not have been smart enough to read the EULA and understand it. But, they certainly gave consent either explicit or implied. My understanding is that a decent software firewall (not from Microsoft) is enough to block any leaking data. Agnitum's Outpost Personal Firewall is one that I am, shall we say, intimately familiar with so Windows users can consider this a blatant plug for their software but I am not, directly, financially affiliated with the company or the software.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 302

Post SP1 made Vista into a serviceable operating system. I used it, happily, for quite some time. Once SP1 was released and installed there were a few boxes, later on, that I never felt compelled to even bother upgrading to 7. I wasn't fond of 8 or 8.1. I have about five minutes of very casual button poking on Windows 10 and that's the extent of it.

I use Linux. I'd always kept it installed on a second partition, for the most part, since the late 1990s but I never gave it the attention it deserved. So, I just stopped using Windows as my OS, even in dual boot configuration, because if I kept doing so then I'd never take the time to learn more about Linux. I'll likely return to Windows in the distant future, probably years from now, but I've never really hated an OS from anyone except for the 8 and 8.1 versions. They were salvageable but it was never worth doing so as I had Vista and 7 available.

Comment Re:Infinite* Tamagochi (Score 1) 76

Infinity is a concept that has absolutely no relevance in the real world. People have actually gone insane trying to figure out the principles of infinity. I strongly suggest you not do so. If you insist then, well, what is one half of infinity? Infinity is impossible. Not even the all the atoms in the universe are infinite. Not even the love of your first born child is infinite. Nothing, ever, is infinite. It simply can not exist. It serves the purpose of being a mathematical concept and has no relevance to reality.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 210

Each person is making a copy on their local computer, in cache at bare minimal. Why ya being obtuse? I know that you know how computers work. Hell, you probably know more about 'em than I do. Without a copy, they're not viewing the page. This is definitely a copy and almost certainly in violation of copyright laws in the US and, I'm pretty sure, Germany. Hell, I'm so certain that I'll bet on it. :D The company will either be found guilty (of property or copyright laws) or will settle out of court which may include shutting down, filing for bankruptcy, and dumping any assets they can before they make it to court.

Ya just can't do this. It's against the law. Sheesh. I know you know better. :P It's too early in the morning to go making me think. LOL I woke up to AmiMojo responding, having to dig out their old reply, and then reading their response saying they didn't say what they said they said (I'd quoted it, without editing it, in full), and claiming that I had reading comprehension issues. :/ I shoulda stayed in bed longer but the hotel's noisy.

I'm leaving on Friday so, I guess, you can know my current address.

That's why it's so noisy around here. They've got a giant-ass gingerbread house in the lobby. People keep coming to check out the display. I guess they did this as a tradition but, recently, had stopped it and have just started doing it again. Thus there are reporters, tourists, locals, and general mayhem and noise. I don't know if it was the cause of the noise that woke me up but I'm resentful.

Anyhow, of course there's a copy - even if it's just a temporary copy in cache. There's a damned copy and you know it - hell, you probably know more about it than I do, how it was specifically written to memory, and how it is isolated from memory, if there was any cache stored on disk, etc... And no, no I'm not gonna play "what if they modified their phone so that it was live and there was no cache-state!" No! Have you no shame?!? Sheesh... Sheesh, indeed.

Comment Re:I'd be wary of Musk, too (Score 1) 97

Depreciation seems to be something that anyone can use, I don't think it's specific to those industries but it is enumerated as specific items but, if I recall correctly, that was something they didn't want - I seem to recall reading that they were wanting to wait and write it all of. However, depreciation is something most businesses can write off or even defer and write off all at once. You can depreciate computer equipment, cars, and other resources as their value decreases. It's not really special, it's just enumerated. There's nothing magical there. I seem to recall they wanted to be able to write it all off at once which was why they ended up having to list it as depreciation instead of the tax games they were playing before that. But no, depreciation of assets is pretty normal. In fact, if you're not doing so then you're sorely missing out.

Comment Re: Trolling is for cows. (Score 1) 246

I have but it's not typical - I don't think. I just don't really notice or spend them. I don't moderate, as a general rule. The posts that I'd flag down are just spam and those are already covered. Other than that? I don't feel a need to curtail others speech or to impose my standards on the speech of others. If I disagree, I'm more inclined to say something or ignore them, not to delete them. I'd moderate spam, and have, but I don't usually bother - I just delete the notice. I'd rather comment in the threads and doing so as an AC, if I moderated, is against the rules so I don't do that either.

Mostly, I know that my moderation means that they get a lower score. With a lower score they're less visible. That means they're less likely to be heard. Which, I figure, means they're more likely to just repeat themselves or it hides their posts from people who don't read at -1 or the likes. Meh, let 'em read it. I read almost everything - if I have time. I keep a Slashdot tab open and return to it when I have a few minutes. It's a good time burner. I like to discuss, not to hide speech. With the exception of spam, well, who am I to judge? So, it's a few reasons but no - as a general rule I don't spend them.

But yeah, I've seen 15 a few times but I don't see them as often any more. I think that's because I don't moderate? I still get points but not as frequently. When I stopped using them, they stopped showing up as often. If I take a day or two off and return then I've generally got a few notifications. I'm not entirely sure how the system works. I don't think I've gotten a slot of 15 at one time for a while but I think I've had 15 waiting for me when I returned? I just delete them and the temptation goes away - I still see the settings but I can ignore those fairly well. ;-) I'd rather comment. Maybe I'll learn something?

Comment Re:The perfect storm (Score 1) 102

I have shared, via torrents, a very large number of distros. I already have a seed box that does nothing but run headless and seed torrents all year long. It consumes more power than it probably needs to and while I could, easily, set up a Pi to take care of this - I'm very unlikely to do so. I could see this being handy a a device that can do things like that. I'd be unlikely to get around to setting up a Pi but I'd probably do it in a browser and just share it to NAS like I already do.

Meh... I do keep my wiring fairly organized so I'm not entirely lazy. Then again, I keep it organized to prevent additional labor in the future. ;-)

Anyhow, I don't see this as a good business level device. It'd be something fine for the home if, you know, I didn't already have countless alternatives.

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