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Comment Re:But how many women are using Go? (Score 1) 221

I gotta be honest here and say that I agree - my perception has been that there are far more people complaining about SJWs than there are SJWs complaining about, well, anything - at least on this site. I mostly just see folks bitching about SJWs to be frank.

Comment Re: Why is anyone still running Firefox? (Score 1) 88

Might I recommend Opera? It is built on Chromium but strips out all the privacy invading crap that Google has. It is open, it is free, and it is pretty good. You can use extensions from Opera or even Google so you have a lot of choices. It is stable as all hell. It has a temporary save state so when you POST data you can press back and make changes to your input. It is quick, easy, and ranks very well in a number of tests. It is also seemingly gaining market share.

I have been using Opera since the days that you had to pay for it. So I am a little biased but I also have donated to Mozilla and they even put my name in some newspaper or other (I forget which one - it was a big thing to them at the time though I did not really care). Opera generally has been the browser to incorporate the new features before other browsers get them. I have been a fan for a very, very long time.

Portable versions can be built or downloaded. It's worth the time to check, if you are interested in an alternative, and I've had great luck with them.

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 275

To be fair... If she has had a computer since the C-64 days then she really should know how to use a computer well enough to open a Word document. Which, well, assumes she does not still use the C-64 as I do not believe that would be capable of opening a Word document. Well, no, it would open it if it could load it into memory and it would then show all the markup as the only choice would be to read it as a plain text file.

Anyhow, I am a bit sorry to say this and it makes me feel like you will think I am an elitist - I am not, truly, I am not. Much of the 'dumbing down' of compute devices has actually resulted in making them more difficult to accomplish things that are not standardized. I do not want a dumb router that just magically configures stuff. I want to control ingress and egress. I want to ensure my safety is the priority with these rules. I want to establish networks and designate specific IP addresses that are not DHCP assigned.

The trend is that once one device does it then the rest copy it and, soon, it becomes difficult to find adequate solutions at reasonable prices and sometimes they are damned near impossible to find. I don't want that world. I want a world where I am free to tinker. I want a world where it is complex and it does require that you learn because, by learning, you better understand the principles and you are better able to make your own choices or craft your own solutions.

No no no... I do not want that world. I would not be happy there I do not think.

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 275

Can't trust you, Greg. You've got a Facebook icon next to your name. That's like running around with a bugger on your cheek. Fortunately, I blocked it with the element blocker in ABP. I had thought I had blocked them all but I somehow missed Facebook. However, I shall remember you always as "Facebook Man." I am not sure why I blocked it - I am going to wipe this box tomorrow and put a different distro on it.

Comment Re:The New Shiny (Score 1) 100

Your post made me ponder so I ended up scrolling back up to find it. Over the years I have figure out that, for me, it seems that the more bleeding edge your hardware is the more likely you are to be cut. This is, of course, part of the adage. Anyhow, this seems particularly true in the graphics arena. I am not sure why that is.

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