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Comment Re:"What do all men with power want?"... (Score 1) 654

I bought 2000 shares when they were at about $24. I still have them. I've been pondering moving away from Tesla but I kind of want to wait until the middle of next year to see where it goes. I'm pretty sure that the value will not drop to the point where I would be selling at a loss and I expect to see a decent growth between now and the middle of next year.

Comment Re:Absolutely (Score 1) 654

In a comment below you mention how you'd to not just kill but to gruesomely kill people. So I scrolled back up. In this comment you sound about as intellectually honest as the average racist. I am thinking jealousy and entitlement are your issues but I'm sure you've all sorts of confirmation for your beliefs much as those who'd judge black people by reading the court logs in their newspaper.

In other words, it's nice that you have an opinion and all but I'm not sure you should be seen as someone with a respectable opinion or even someone who's qualified to opine in the first place.

Comment Re:Do something money can't solve (Score 1) 654

I don't do the whole raising animals thing but I do grow, hunt, and fish much of my own food. Even then, I still buy a half a cow, pigs, and fowl from local farmers. I've learned a number of cuts and can butcher my own food. I've learned to preserve foods by drying, canning, pickling, and smoking. I don't think you need to be "productive" to be content but it does help to have obligations and things to keep you busy.

Also, striving for happiness is a fools errand. Instead, I seek to be content. Of course, being content makes me happy which is a bit circular. However, hopefully you get the idea..

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 654

I average 13% or so with my "play" account and I really don't have any history with it and I have no financial degrees or anything. I simply look for trends in various news aggregation sites and read the comments as well as talk to people. It does require that I pay attention but it works pretty well. The 13% also factors in bonds. I typically only play with bonds and stocks and, with the latter, I've found a great way to tell what is going to do well is by keeping up on the comments more than keeping up with various press releases or the likes.

If I could cut the first few years of my learning curve off then my number would be much higher than 13%. I've not crunched the numbers but I suspect it would be closer to 18% but that is very heavily weighted by investments in Tesla. My "play" portfolio has significantly less than 50M in it. However. I don't personally manage my own investment, savings, and protection portfolio though that has a lower growth percentage than what I manage to do but that is by design. I'd rather that be handled by someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Comment Re:Become a full time SJW (Score 1) 654

I think we should fork Patreon and make Patriarch that the "SJWs" (I hate that word) can use to acquire funding - it would just be an amusing site and likely attract all sorts of interesting emails. Unfortunately, I suspect that it would be filled with MRWs (I hate that word too) who do little but antagonize their enemy.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 654

I touched on this in a post on a different site just a day or so ago. I sold my business for a decent sum of money, certainly nothing akin to this guy's earnings but I am financially set to the point where I can be pretty stupid (if I want) and not actually have to worry about it. The problem is that, once people know you've accumulated some wealth, their whole attitude changes. You can no longer trust their motives.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a novella. You have been warned. I am not the greatest at articulating but, I suppose, I'm pretty decent at verbosity.

For example, I am no longer married and have not been for a quite a while. I will never be able to wed again. It is difficult to even have an intimate relationship. I have, indeed, been "burned" already due to my unfamiliarity with the situation. I'd rather not get into details but, suffice it to say, I'm an idiot. I can no longer really trust anyone because I don't know their motives.

I'm far from greedy and pay every single tax that I am obligated to pay. I help my nearest village, usually aiming towards helping the impoverished and increasing education in tech, and I donate a great deal because I feel that is my end of the social contract - not because I am obligated to by any law. All of my income is from capital gains and feel that my tax burden is lower than it should be - which is one of the reasons I enjoy donating. I feel that donating is akin to a form of taxation (willful) with representation.

Then, at the same time, I'm viewed as some sort of unethical monster by others. They assume I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth - not that I didn't spend eight years in the military to pay for my education. They hate my children because they have trust funds that enable them to not work - though they still do. They don't realize that those trust funds are actually funds in the market that may well be keeping their employer afloat or allowing their employer to expand.

Though I not have a board seat at my credit union they think I am somehow stacking the deck - even though I am no longer "playing the game." Yet, in the past two weeks we've allowed a nearly insolvent company to stay in business for another year and allowed a single proprietorship agricultural business to expand as well as opted to be lenient with several businesses who were having financial difficulties.

I've given away more money than many will make in their lifetimes. I had relatives and friends "crawling out of the woodwork." Everyone has wanted something. No matter what I do, it will not be enough. Yes, I have been lucky and don't ever have a risk of being financially needy ever again and no, I am not anywhere near 'wealthy' comparatively speaking. I did not do anything immoral or unethical to get here. I worked my ass off and got lucky and was in a position to capitalize on luck by taking chances. I attribute it not to my skill or work but to my good fortune - I was lucky and did not work harder than many other people who were not lucky, I actually worked less hard than they did.

And, if it matters, my two children are both productive members of society. Well... In the Boy Child's regards let's at least settle for saying that he is not harmful. He's, ostensibly, still in school but that's changed. He lives frugally, which is good. They do have trusts and have full control. They could be stupid and try to manage it themselves or spend it all at once as opposed to living off the interest and dividends. They could get away with not being productive but they're hardly lucrative lives. I did not want to enable them to be vile nor did I want to give them cause to be socially harmful.

Both of them have a "trivial" income of about $3000 USD per month and can do absolutely nothing - should they desire. My daughter is now in the medical field doing her rounds in an emergency room. My son, claiming to study biology, went to Peru at the start of this year and, from all accounts, is not actually studying the fauna so very well... He's there to do some research to save some plant (I am not at all sure which) but he's mostly hanging out on the beach, smoking weed, and sexing a very beautiful local girl.

To touch on that a bit further, my son specifically, who are you (not you specifically) to begrudge him this lifestyle? Who are we to say that his lack of productivity is immoral? Would that I could, I'd have done the same thing in his shoes. He's certainly contributing to society and is certainly not a drain on it - this is definitely even more true in his locale. Though, for the past week, we've been discussing my purchasing a local bar, restaurant, or hotel on his behalf. He will then be in charge and keep 60% of the profits and can buy out my stake at any time based on initial purchase price.

Screw those who yell at me for giving him an "unfair advantage." That they'd not enable their children as best as they can is telling. It's petty and jealous. Caring for our offspring is essential. Provisioning them with the tools to do better than their parents did is our obligation. There's not much more pure than enabling them to be content in their lives and secondary aspects are just that, secondary.

Yet, generosity doesn't seem to be enough to some folks. Some seem inclined to think I should be a pauper and I can only surmise that is their own greed showing. I've had my share of hate mail even though I don't think I've ever done anything to make one hate me. When I give to one group there's another that hates me because I did not give enough or because I did not support their cause. Who are these people who think they know best for me and feel entitled to make choices on my behalf?

'Tis frustrating but, honestly, I'd not change a thing. Money can not buy happiness but it can get you a lot of distractions and make the bad times much more tolerable. Is it fair? Absolutely not. That doesn't mean it's an injustice. Life is not fair. If one wanted to wax philosophical we could say that insisting on life being fair is unfair and an injustice on its own. So long as we had the same chances of success for others in the same starting point what more can we reasonably do?

Of equal importance and tangentially related, who and what I leave or give money to is, frankly, nobodies decision but my own and those people are entitled to the gifts because I chose to do so. That money, as it is then an income, should be reasonably taxed. Then, those people and organizations should be left alone in these regards. You don't see people out there yelling at the birthday boy telling him to rip up his birthday card and hand it to those who were not born on that day.

I was not nearly as fortunate as this man was. However, at both macro and micro scales, it doesn't much matter. I will never have to worry about assets ever again. I do, almost as a hobby you could say, have taken up 'playing' in the stock market.

Aside: Believe it or not, Slashdot is one of my main means of educating myself and making choices on what to support. I noticed the trend and bought 2000 shares of Tesla back when they were about $24 each is one example where I've used the comments at this site to accurately guess what the future might hold.

But, back on point, I'm nowhere near as lucky as this guy has been (my company sold for less than 10% of what his game sold for), and there are folks who seem inclined to think that there's some group that competes as if these are numbers on a score board. If there is such a group then I have not been welcomed to join them. Then again, to this alleged group, I'd be an impoverished pauper.

Also, no... I have never bought a law. Seriously? I hear that a lot - again, not from you personally. There are lots of laws I'd like to see changed but I can only advocate their changes. I can not just meander in and visit a senator with a suitcase full of cash and a law. At least, nobody has ever shown me how to do so. There doesn't appear to be a cabal of people conspiring to burn down the world. As near as I can tell, nobody wants society to collapse as that would not be a good or safe thing.

Keeping the less fortunate healthy, happy, and productive is much more likely to be an objective than trying to drive them to rebel. There are certainly evil corporations and people but I don't think they're organized. There are corrupt organizations but, again, they don't seem to be organized. I am at the very low end of the scale, very low end, so maybe I'm just not invited to the right parties but it really seems unlikely.

Much of this comment is about at the "generic you" and not you personally. By all metrics I am at the very low end of the scale where folks like him are concerned. So, it may not really be applicable? One thing I have noticed is that there's a huge disparity between myself and those at an even lower scale. There are those who are "wealthy" that maybe have a million or two in the bank or maybe make a few hundred thousand a year. From there the gap seems to be less as we work down.

On the upper end of the scale there seems to be some big gaps between people in my "class" (I kind of hate that word, or at least its connotations) and those at higher levels. I am not sure that it needs fixing but I do feel, strongly, that those who can have an obligation to those who can not - though I am not sure that they have an obligation to those who will not. I am disappointed that there is still poverty today and I try to do my part but I have neither the means nor knowhow to have much of an impact - but I still try.

I feel I am obligated to donate and pay my share of taxes. Where taxation is concerned we can argue about the percentages but I can afford to pay more in taxes than most - and I do but I am taxed at the capital gains rate instead of an income tax rates and I understand the motivations for this. They want people to invest and so the idea is that they will be taxed at a lower rate on investments. At least that is how it was explained to me.

At some level, I think, this should be reviewed by policy makers and people smarter than I. I make up for it by donating time, effort, and money. I feel that's an obligation that I have and treat it as my duty. I prefer to do so anonymously or on behalf of a group of people. ("Slashdot" has donated to a number of groups over the years, for example.) EFF, Red Cross, and Heifer International are some of my favorites if you're curious.

Sorry for the novella but there were a lot of topics that tied in so I figured I'd try to opine on them all because they didn't look like they'd make much sense unless I gave some background and related information. One additional thing that I've noticed is that life becomes much more mundane. I don't leave my area, or even my house, a great deal unless I am just out roaming the planet. I find the 'net to be an interesting place to lose yourself for a while. It's nice to be able to share in experiences and to talk about them in online communities and one can be truly (mostly?) anonymous if they want.

Ah well... Enjoy your novella. It's rambling and, probably, incoherent as I am not the greatest at articulating things.

Comment Re: couldn't hurt (Score 1) 262

With everything going towards the cloud, I would say we have a trend. We have everything from Office to Photoshop in the cloud now. To my mind that is reminiscent of the days of yore when we had dumb terminals and rented time on the mainframe and I don't see this trend ending any time soon. I actually envision more and more Software as a Service and more and more cloud applications.

Heck, I am forever using VNC to connect to a PC of my own and working from there. I see that as so very similar to the days gone by that I can't help but notice the similarities. It's also "trendy" these days so I think we'll see more and more of this for the time being. As someone mentioned above, the pendulum will keep swinging. How long before we have gone to entirely dumb terminals where even our OS is grabbed across a network and we work from there? At the same time, there will also be a viable OS on the chip itself which, I imagine, will be the pendulum swinging back in some regards. I'd expect some sort of melding.

Hmm... Come to think of it... I know lots of people who neither know how to configure or use an email client - even on their phones. They simply access the web and, to them, email is a web service and a web service alone.

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