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Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 741

The reason you will still work with ridiculously wealthy is because if you don't work you'll soon get bored, or start to feel like a worthless leech only taking from society, but not giving anything back.

AGain...nope, I have plenty of hobbies and interests, and would not get bored.

And as for society...what do I have to "give back"? I don't feel I owe "society" anything really, I'm in the game for ME. You come into this world alone, you have a short period of time gotta enjoy it.

Sure I love my family and my friends, but when it comes down to it, where rubber meets the road, it is all about me, the individual and what makes my short time on earth here special and fun.

I don't owe anyone anything. I don't mind giving, but I don't feel obligated to give anything back to anyone.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 741

You can't hit the gym daily for 1-2 hours with a job? Tons of people do.. ok, it's the bottom end of your scale, but I do an hour a day (walking on a treadmill, watching TV on an iPad).

I try, but often, things get in the way....that and the job is not always close to where the gym is.

And it is rushed, if having to do the gym early in the morning before work, and a PITA if you have to go in the afternoons (4-5pm) when the gym is full, and traffic is a PITA getting there.

So, yes, much easier to do it as your pace, at your times if you don't have to force it into an already crowded schedule with a work day.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 741

How about entertaining yourself, travel, have with (old established) friends....

I don't understand, do that many people out there NOT have at least a thousand and one things they'd rather be doing on a work day? No hobbies, outside interests?

I mean, hell...the ONLY reason I work, is to earn enough $$$$ to support my lifestyle. If I didn't have to earn the money, I'd certainly not be working...and I"d have a blast till I died.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 4, Interesting) 741

I guess if I were to get overnight wealthy, it would have to be the lottery, Powerball or something.

What would I do?

Well, I'd leave work so fast the door wouldn't come within a mile of my ass hitting it on the way out. While I *might* stay long enough to be a nice guy, maybe give the passwords to someone, I'm outta there.

People that say they'd keep working, not me. I don't understand that, I have PLENTY of things I like to do that can keep my occupied for the rest of my life.

I"d likely but a nicer house here in New in maybe Denver, CO to go when too hot here, and maybe one in Key West or somewhere near a beach when I felt in that mood.

Married? Hell no....why get married when you can now be free to chase pussy 24/7...or if nothing else, do the thing...cute, good looking girls, and you get to upgrade models at will without having to risk losing half your shit you own.

But more seriously, the world is your oyster if you are that rich. Travel, see things..hell, you can see and do a lot without ever leaving the US.

I have plenty of friends around the US, so, I don't really need more. I'd take care of them and their families (the ones that are married)...and well, just have fun.

I have never understood the lottery winners who'd just keep working. I've got a ton of stuff I'd rather be doing at any point in the day.

Heck, on some long times in between contracts, one time was 7mos...I'd wake up about 8-9am, go walk the dog...maybe jump on my motorcycle and hit the gym daily for 1-2 hours. Home for lunch, then maybe back on the motorcycle (summer/early fall) and go check out a new art museum or something here in NOLA...and maybe catch a fest or meet friends of mine getting off work at a bar for a few about 4pm....come home...lather, rinse, repeat.

Personally I never got tired of that easy life..and hey, if I was rich and got bored, I could always travel somewhere and vacation from that!!!

Yep, I'm sorry, I dunno how someone could be rich and miserable.

If it is so bad, gimme the money and let me take a swing at that type of life. I assure you, I'll have no problems.

Comment Re: "There are no comments." (Score 2, Insightful) 377 we go with Obama and the PC folks, basically needing to re-write history again. No more old symbols, if it is something a white guy did, gotta take that down, etc.

Geez...why are we needing to tear down everything old or rename it in the name of political correctness or whatever. Let things be and build from there, eh?

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem. (Score 2) 210

I'm frankly NOT longing for AV's.

I personally LIKE driving my vehicles....the autonomy and freedom it gives me....and well, I've never in my (getting longer) life owned a car with more than two functional seats, always sports/performance cars.

Every day when I sit in it, fire up the engine and crank up the stereo...even a trip down the street to the grocery store is an adventure and a pleasure.

I feel sorry for folks who think a car is nothing but a means to get from point A to point B.

Life is should be enjoyed.

And personally, I like it when I'm getting from point A to point B in a fast manner (of course, given that driving conditions at that time/place are safe enough to do so).

Comment Re:What else would the FBI (Score 1) 84

Frankly, it would have been a WASTE of effort for the FBI to try to surveil phones.

Just after Katrina hit and for at least a month or more afterwards, pretty much you could NOT do voice calls if you had a 504 area code.

It was shortly after this hit that I actually discovered texting which I'd not done much of before.

I found that people I could not call....I could text and at least get info to them on how to call me at a land line where I was staying (out of state) till things got normal again.

But no, for a long time, you could not call anyone with a 504 area code cell phone.

Comment Re:Lying scum (Score 3, Insightful) 303

I think the most valid explanation anyone could come up with is...the Hillary just wanted to be able to NOT have to share or have her email transactions become part of the public record, etc.

Of course, that is now blowing up in her face...but seriously, there aren't many other valid reasons to just NOT use the govt supplied and managed email servers.

Setting up your own email server isn't rocket science....but why bother when you have all the security questions taken off your shoulders and allowing the govt security types to set up and run your email for you? Unless you fear you will have something to hide....

Comment Re:Work for HIRE!! (Score 2) 280

A bill is not a contract. A bill is the result of a contract. It's clear that there is an implied contract between restaurants and their patrons, hence why they can drop a bill in your lap at the end of the meal even though they may not post prices in their menus or place notices around the establishment that you'll need to pay for your food once the meal is done. But suggesting that the implied contract extends into work-for-hire concepts seems a bit far-fetched to me.

I think it *is* a work for hire. They fix the food...and serve it to you, then you are free to use it as you eat it, to throw it on the floor, you can encase it in carbonite and hang it on the wall as a trophy.

I mean, I can't believe anyone would begin to think that they are licensing the food to you, and that you are not free to reproduce it at will in your own kitchen, or even make it yourself for sale. Hell, if you wanted, you could resell the original dish.

If it were otherwise, THEN I'd think there would have to be a more restrictive contract in place upon ordering.

Comment Re:As much as possible (Score 1) 350

The difference is on your MBP you probably never close an app unless it's a one-off that you don't use frequently. I know I have several dozen open apps right now across 15 virtual screens and servo between them over an 8 hour day as I become blocked on one task and switch to another. Why shut them down only to spend 10 minutes relaunching? On linux or OS X, with unlimited desktops, why bother?

I find when I'm doing render jobs or even working in AE, to get performance I often have to shut everything else down...even stopping email and my browser..those seem to suck up a lot of resources.

No, even with what I have...on anything moderately stressful in video or photoshop, I have to pretty much ONLY have that one app running to get any use out of it at all.

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