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Comment: Re:Yeah.... (Score -1, Redundant) 100

I'll be happier with private companies like Google than governments.

If I get tired of a business like Google, I quit using it.

Kinda hard to quit a government that can take your freedom and life away from you if you get pissed at least hard in the short run.

Comment: Re:Oh just stop already (Score 1) 201

by cayenne8 (#49165509) Attached to: That U2 Apple Stunt Wasn't the Disaster You Might Think It Was

Since I'm here I might as well give you a heads up on some of the things that will change. On the sex front, expect your standards for what is "hot enough to do" to fall straight through the floor. I know this sounds awful to you now, but trust me on this, you've got hold of the wrong end of that stick.

Not sure why you're saying this.

I've gotten quite a bit older and my standards for what I will fuck certainly haven't dropped?!?!

Sure, the women are a bit older than before, but they still have to be good looking enough for me....well kept, not fat, and not old looking or acting. The one nice thing about older ladies, is that you don't have to generally worry about them having young kids to get in the way. If they do have kids, they are usually of the age of just about to leave the house, so you don't have to put up with them, or the father of them really.

Comment: Re:Photos being separated (Score 4, Insightful) 144

by cayenne8 (#49164795) Attached to: Google+ Divided Into Photos and Streams, With New Boss
It would be nice to be able to comment on YouTube videos (even reply/respond to comments on my OWN videos), but I refuse to switch to G+ and give them that info.

My YT account is so old that I guess it was grandfathered in and I never would associate it with G+ or create a G+ account for it (it isn't registered under a gmail email). They have finally quit bugging me to do this.

But it would be nice if I could comment on my own videos or respond.

I really HATE the forced association google tries to make with this. I don't NEED a unified account across all Google.

Comment: Re:That is okay (Score 1) 301

Yet you seem more than willing to kick any of the people trying to climb out of the hole they were born in in the teeth to make sure they never get ion an equal footing with you.

Actually, that's not true at all. I don't go out of my way to keep anyone down, and encourage anyone that actually puts forth effort and works hard to succeed.

But I don't think anyone or any group should have or get special consideration, or have the bar lowered for them just because they are of a certain group, sex or religion, or had a hard start in life.

It is pure results at the end.

I don't believe in quotas, or special helping funds for anyone out of the gov. coffers, that just isn't supposed to be the governments job.

Comment: Re:That is okay (Score 1) 301

You say it would be fair for them to make $35/h

That is waaaay too much for unskilled workers. Pushing boxes around is on the same level as flipping burgers. No wonder things are getting so expensive. We're paying far too much for unskilled labor.

If you've not tried to make something better of your life with education and life skills...then well, you get what you deserve.

What's next, I have to pay someone $40/hr to mow my fucking lawn?

Comment: Re:That is okay (Score 1) 301

Sure, not everyone started off on the same footing, boo is unfair.

BULLETIN: Live has always been unfair. I'm not 6'11", I can't play basketball and make millions of dollars.

Everyone is dealt some cards to start with, some start from the back, but if they work and learn to value an education..they can succeed, and many do.

But just because life is don't pull the playing field down to the lowest common denominator so that everyone can be "equal".

While I do like to give to charity and I try to help out my friends and family as best I can, I am NOT my brothers keeper. It is not upon me to make sure they can make a living or whatever, especially if they are stupid, and/or lazy.

I won't stand in anyone's way, but I certainly don't feel I need to go out of my way to help.

No...someone who picks up fucking garbage on the side of the road != someone who designs CPUs.

The world does now and always has needed its ditch diggers. If you fsck up your life so bad that that's all you can do? Well, you made your bed, now,sleep in it.

Comment: Re:I Have Plans Now (Score 1) 222

by cayenne8 (#49147399) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel
You know....I've just never really "gotten" this movie. Perhaps I need to watch it again, I hear there are different versions of it out now, that maybe give you more insight to the story.

But of the times I've seen it way in the past, it just never really hit me as that good of a movie.

I know I was disappointed as a kid when it came out originally in theaters, I was expecting something like Star Wars and it wasn't that.

I saw it a few years after that and to me, was just kinda boring. It seemed just dreary and I wasn't even that impressed with the SPFX.

Then again, since then, I've become a Phillip K. Dick fan and I like other adaptations of his stuff, so maybe I need to go back and try to watch this again with new eyes.

Can someone recommend the definitive version to watch out of what I believe are 3x of them out there? Which one and why?

Comment: Re:WTF with the /. Interface?!?!? (Score 1, Offtopic) 77

by cayenne8 (#49147351) Attached to: Banned Weight-loss Drug Could Combat Liver Disease, Diabetes
Ok, I'd heard about BETA but never had seen it before.

So, is this beta or just something worse till beta comes?

JFC....why does someone have to change something JUST For the sake of change. What was wrong with they way /. has looked for the past years?

It is now a PITA to go see what comments are threaded onto my comments...whereas it was quite easy to see and tell when new ones came onto your part of the thread in response to you.

I just discovered the Soylent News thing....maybe that will indeed be the new slashdot.

This is very disappointing. Not everyone views everything through the small fucking screen of a cell phone.

Comment: WTF with the /. Interface?!?!? (Score -1, Offtopic) 77

by cayenne8 (#49147295) Attached to: Banned Weight-loss Drug Could Combat Liver Disease, Diabetes
Wow...WFT did Slashdot do to the freaking forum?!?!

I couldn't figure how to post to the thread with no previous comments (where was the reply button?)

I'm looking at my comments in my section, but can't figure now how to find my comments to see the ratings, etc?

What the hell did they do to the interface? It looks like it is now only for cell phones? Sheesh....

This sucks.

Gotta see if I can find a way to revert to old look, if they left that in...

Comment: Re: nice, now for the real fight (Score 1) 631

by cayenne8 (#49141961) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

1998, there is your problem. This is not the 1998 internet and as such it is easy to say this nearly 20 year old evaluation no longer applies.

How so?

It is still a network of networks of computers, all hooked in as peers.

It is using pretty much the same basic protocols as before.

Sure, content and HTML and such have changed a bit over the years, but it is at heart still the same internet as it was before.

Just because people try to do commerce over it, doesn't mean that is what it was invented to be used for and shouldn't cater to it.

If you want something different...then start it.

It is and should always be at heart...a network of networks where everyone that hooks to it, is a peer.

One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.