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Comment: Hmmm.... (Score 1) 83

Actually, the scary thing is....the same "brilliant" folks trying to negotiate with the new found life forms are the SAME one we currently have trying to negotiate a nuke deal with Iran.

So, need for invasion....we'll just be giving ourselves away in the end. SO, be prepared to become an incubating unit web-wrapped to a wall nearby to your home.

Comment: 2016's Headlines.... (Score 1) 326

by cayenne8 (#49349315) Attached to: RSA Conference Bans "Booth Babes"

And, much like Comdex of old, another convention that has been a part of CS for years, has to fold due to low attendance.

The RSA convention downfall seems to be 100% attributable to last years rules forbidding Booth Babes. That combined with 2016's proposed "no more free trinkets and TShirts" rules sealed the deal on the once mighty security convention.

Comment: Re:You should title this "Patriot act to be repeal (Score 1) 186

by cayenne8 (#49337837) Attached to: New Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act

With Jeb Bush about to become the nominated leader of the party? Good luck with that.

I don't honestly see Jeb as having that much a chance, at least not if it were done today.

That Bush name is a serious impediment....and there are some other candidates that many like better than him.

I also think there are a lot of folks in the US that just do not want another dynasty name in there, no more Clintons or Bushes.

Comment: Re:eliminate extra sugar (Score 1) 494

by cayenne8 (#49332907) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds

Your previous method - chop a pile of onions - throw them in the pot - go to the next ingredient. New method - chop a pile of onions - weigh them - throw them in the pot - go to the next ingredient.

Is it really that much more difficult?

Do you have a suggestion for a scale that is handy to use and read, and can handle large amounts, or large items, etc?

Comment: Re:eliminate extra sugar (Score 1) 494

by cayenne8 (#49329789) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds

It's not that hard, just weigh everything as you are putting it in. Chances are you are using the same ingredients over and over and all you need is a list of the calories, fat, carbs in those ingredients and with how much is in a pot and how much you consume, it should not be hard to figure out. This is slashdot so I assume we can all do basic math.

That's the thing, I really do NOT use the same ingredients over and over.

I get a weekly CSA box of whatever local veggies are in season delivered to my house each Sunday. I also look in the weekly grocery store ads to see what's on sale, and drive around Sat or Sun morning to 2-4 stores to get the sale items and make up what I'm gonna cook with them on the fly.

I rarely consult a cooking book and taste and adjust dishes as I am cooking them.

Stopping and weighing everything, whew..that would sure slow down and stop the creative cooking process. I've cooked so long all these years, I can make things up on the fly pretty much....and rarely does my same dish (even something simple like chili) come out exactly the same twice in a row.

Sure I could figure it out...but that would sure take up a lot of cooking time. I try to do most of my grocery shopping for the week and cooking on I shop (sometimes on Sat instead)..but I cook 2-3 different main dishes and maybe 2-3 different side dishes or ingredients for side dishes (say a bunch of grilled mixed veggies I find while at the store)...and will put those in to various dishes I whip up quickly during the weekdays.

Sure it can be done..but there is no quick convenient way for me to actually know what I'm eating per portion or what a portion should be. I just eat till I'm full as it is....

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