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Comment Re:What purpose does registration serve? (Score 1) 184

It's so when your drone does $terroristaction they know were to send the SWAT team.

So, the new way to "SWAT" people you don't like, have their doors broken down, to either steal their drone and do something nefarious with it, or likely could be just as easy as finding out your target's serial number, and just etching that onto ANY drone, as that with the emergency reactions to things, likely they will be happy to get an address and break down your front door and shoot your dog, etc...

Comment Re:I hope... (Score 1) 184

Unless it has to interact with multiple state and federal systems with diverse data formats running on equipment and software that is decades old, and no longer supported, and connecting all of that to the more modern systems of third party private sector companies whose vested interest is in seeing all all fail... then it should be fairly smooth sailing....

I"m willing to bet that indeed it will come at least CLOSE to having all of those parameters you mentioned.

I can't imagine that it won't in some if not many ways have to interact with states, and likely they want to tie it in with several other stove pipe systems. That's just how federal computer projects all seem to "work"...and I use the word "work" here lightly....

Comment Re: Torrent (Score 2) 301

I should be able to easily buy a silencer. In fact most gun owners should be REQUIRED to own silencers to reduce the amount of hearing loss and noise pollution around gun ranges.

It isn't that hard to get a permit for silencers. The best way, I'm looking into, is forming a Gun Trust with some friends. Basically it is a corporation for specially licensed arms. It is nice in that with these, you can generally bypass the local LEO having to sign off on the things like silencers and other things. It is much easier to get your weapons you want within the gun trust set up that as an individual.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 4, Insightful) 460

Siri doesn't always work. It's not like the computer in Star Trek. But it works very well in limited contexts, and within these contexts is a powerful way of using your phone.

Not to mention, there are times (more often than not) when you don't want to be shouting at your phone in public....

I don't like doing that while at work....or in a restaurant maybe or bar...etc.

This brings me to another pet peeve I have...when calling into tech support or anything these days...the auto phone robots want you to speak what you want instead of s simple press a number to make a selection. I HATE having to talk like an idiot to a robot in public....

The voice thing is fun from time to time, but I don't like doing it out while in public, and I get annoyed when others are doing it in a restaurant or other crowded venue.....

Gimme a button to push that is clearly marked!!

Comment Re:My question is... (Score 1) 96

At normal full cruising speed the TGV goes 300 km/h (186MPH) vs. 130km/h (81MPH) on France Motorways. Assuming time between trains / busses is no more than 5-10 minutes, and the journey time took no more than 50- 100% extra time over driving, I'd be glad to take public transit everywhere (acceptable time between busses/ trains could be longer up to 1hr-2hr for intercity travel). With the exception of a road trip on a wide open sunny motorway, driving is a chore. And a car is a depreciating asset to maintain.

Unfortunately where I live now there is no public transit whatsoever.

And it doesn't get you from door-to-door exactly where you want to be...

A car isn't that expensive...not for me I find.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 274

Frankly, though, it is convenient. Much more so than cash. I don't want to have to regularly go and get a bunch of new physical items to pay people with.

Wow...that sounds a bit lazy.

It takes me all of about 5 -10 min out of my way max to hit the ATM when I need more cash. I tend to take out a bit over $200 every 5 days or takes no time at all.

I love cash, it keeps me honest when I see how much I'm physically spending....rather than with abstraction of money with CC's or the like.

Just like in the casino...the chips abstract you from how much you are really wagering and losing....

Comment Re:hugh pickens (Score 4, Insightful) 399

I think this problem is WAAAY overblown from what it is....

In the US, our society, the male is still expected to be the aggressor. And the girl still often does play somewhat hard to get. In the old days, what was called trying to get to 2nd - 3rd base, can now be called sexual assault, if the girl decides later (after the fact, much later) that's she's mad at the guy or pissed off, for nothing having to do with the mutual groping session.

The PC society and over concern of things of this nature are sending mixed messages to young folks of both sexes.

I'm not talking about overt rape, or violent sexual assault, but instead, redefining what is expected groping for want of a better term....where a girl expects the guy to be an aggressor. Guys often have doubts when and where to try, but know they are expected to. If you don't try some sexual advances, you are doomed to be relinquished to the dreaded "Friend Zone".

*sigh*...what was once known as being a boy, is now termed ADHD and they drug them. What was known (and expected) as males trying for heavy petting, is now borderline (at least) sexual assault.

Common sense on things like this have gone straight out the fucking window....I'm glad I'm not having to grow up in this day in age, with so many mixed messages...and the fear that a normal male with nomal (at least by recent history standards) sexual drives and attempts...can potentially have his life ruined by accusations and permanent exile to the sexual crimes lists out there....

Comment Re:The hilarity it keeps growing. (Score 4, Insightful) 259

I'm going with option C. The authorities want to be able to see what we're doing. Encryption interferes with that. Linking encryption with terrorism in the public mind might change public sentiment when it comes to the question of back doors. The public is largely unsophisticated in this area and the government and media like that just fine.

If they can also somehow tie the terrorist encryption to child pr0n, then they will have the crowd behind them to ban common citizen encryption without backdoors.

This of the children!!

Think of the terrorists!!

I think the two of those are likely to be the keys to the Constitution, at least in the US>

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 187

I've also heard recently that hospitals try to force you to sign up your newborn's for Social Security this the case?

I'd not want to force my kids to get in the SS program if they didn't have to...claim the religious thing or something....

I didn't apply for one till a typing class like when I was in 9th grade.....but I heard the FEDs are trying to make parents register newborns now....?

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