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Comment Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1, Insightful) 288

Ok, why do they even need to know if the car is in MOTION at all just to play music??

All of my car stereos so far, have never had to have any connection to car info to play my songs as I barrel down the road. On custom installs, I've never hooked to any of the car data, etc.

Why would an entertainment system need to know any of that information at all?

Comment Re: They demanded my ID and power bill (Score 1) 221

I know many people who are not known by the name printed in their passport.

Wow, I don't actually know many people that HAVE a passport?!?!?

I know more folks in Europe have them, but most Americans do not own a passport.

I've never been on Facebook, but are they really asking for identification documents like this JUST to have an account on FB?? If so, wow....another good reason to NOT be on Facebook...

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 318

Well, again, I just want labels so "I" can make my own decisions. I can't see that it would be the end of the world just to label them.

If I was not a GMO product..then, I'd not be worried about glyphosate levels in my food.

And too...if you want to have a more specific selection of GMO so as not to be as broad as things like selective breeding, or perhaps cross pollinating to select for traits, then maybe just label the ones where they splice in genes from such disparate species as a jellyfish into corn.

I have my doubts on the long term safety of this, as that we don't fully know what problems it may also cause further up and down the dna chain, and other proteins being coded.

This technology just hasn't been tested long enough to know it is safe...we've been guinea pigs for these years, and it often takes a LONG time to see really bad things happen, or have things slowly build up in the environment and in peoples' bodies.

Much of the problem GMO things I've been discussing have to do with the same companies that brought us Agent Orange, and DDT...which were perfectly safe*.......till decades later when we found out they weren't safe at all.

All I"m asking for is a label so I can make my own decisions on what I'm buying at the store and putting into my body. That should be a basic piece of information for anyone....

I can't see your objections to just adding a simple label? I'll pay the extra $0.01 it may take to change the labelling.

Why is it so bad to just let folks know? No one is advocating for anyone to hold a gun to the consumer's head to force them to buy or not buy the foodstuffs.

And, at the very least...if there is a consumer push towards more non-GMO's, it might push the industry to have more food diversity, which cannot possibly be a bad thing. Right now, the monoculture of many of our foods, could potentially be a problem. What if a new bug or bacteria comes and wipes out all of one strain of wheat/corn/tomato/ and it is all gone because we don't have other strains of the foods that might be resistant....

If nothing else, if it did have this effect on food growers, that alone would be a good side effect of this.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 318

So you're telling me that SEVENTEEN restaurants didn't follow basic food safety? This is your ideology speaking again: If the food is tainted badly enough, then short of scrubbing each leaf with antibiotics, you aren't going to remove the parasites.

Yes, easily....IF they were using pre-bagged and supposedly pre-washed lettuce...then whomever they bought it from, did not clean it properly.

You see this all the time with other products, like ground meat. If produced in a large food factory and is infected, then loads of it go out to many different restaurants, etc and can cause sickness in many different stores and homes all over the US.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 318

Do tell me, dear sir, how you intend to wash the lettuce served in a Chipotle burrito?

Keep in mind that this comes after Chipotle just switched from their previous supplier that provided GMO food to one that is all organic. Smart choice, wasn't it?

Anyways let's hear it, tell me the process you use to remove the lettuce from the burrito to then wash it.

Strawman argument.

One can get food poisoning from ANY restaurant that does not follow basic food safety and preparation standards (like washing produce, etc).

As for me personally? I rarely eat fast food....I love to cook and do most of my cooking and dining at home. Rather than waste money on crappy fast food....I save my pennies and every couple of weeks go somewhere for some fine dining, with good service and wine selection.

But any time you dine out, if the establishment doesn't clean and properly handle the food, it can be unsafe, this has nothing to do with GMO or non-GMO.

Next argument please?


Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 318

That's what food labels are for. They aren't intended to scare people just to satisfy YOUR anti-science ideology.

What anti-science?

If nothing else, the increase of GMO and the ever altering of them to allow, more and more pesticide use (due to us now selecting for more and more pesticide resistant insects and weeds) which does build up on the foods we eat, and are now ingesting more and more of.....glyphosates are now being shown to definitely be harmful. This is directly linked to more GMO crop usage.

Comment Re:Anti-science is a PR plague (Score 1) 318

It has less to do with the Science of GMO and potential issue that my come with the new combo of genes. It has more to do with the Patent on a core food and even more to do with pesticides. GMOs are designed to resist the negative effects from pesticides so more pesticides can be applied. That is great that more bugs are dying and more plants are living. But you can't tell me that spraying our food with not just a little bit of poison but a TON of poison is not absorbed by the food. Then we eat the food that now has absorbed the poison. That must be real healthy.

Not to mention, that we are also now, currently selecting for insects and other critters that are pesticide resistant.

It is analogous to the over use of antibiotics selecting for super "bugs" which we're already starting to see the negative effects of....

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 318

In fact one more thing to add: If you're truly concerned about food safety and ethics, then you should be lobbying against organic food, which has on numerous occasions caused death by food poisoning, which stems from the fact that it requires using cow shit and limiting pasteurization. don't wash your food before you cook or eat it?

Geez, I'll bet those same people get a bit sick every time they cook chicken, or cross contaminate between raw meats and foods that aren't cooked.

A bit of a straw man there, eh?

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 0) 318

They're banning it for the same reason that requiring labeling for cell phone radiation levels is now banned: It's a pointless indicator designed to create consumer FUD because of somebody's silly religious belief.

I'm of the mind that YOU would NOT have supported the basic food labelling we have now for ingredients....

There should be nothing wrong with putting a label on there and letting the public make their own decisions as to whether they want GMO foods any more than knowing what the salt amounts are or what non-food chemicals and preservatives might be in there...

Why do you HATE free choice?

It seems much of Europe has not problem with letting folks know...why is it a bad thing in the US?

And religion? I've never heard religion thrown in the argument on either side for GMO about you adding FUD to a conversation...

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 0) 318


And in the US, we have our congress critters currently, ACTIVELY passing legislation that would ban states from requiring only LABELLING of GM products.

Our govt certainly doesn't work for "the people" any more...we are passing laws that ban us in our states (where most power should reside) from wanting to know WTF we're eating.....

This is one thing that EU is getting right....

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score -1) 203

I hear ya.

Frankly, I'd like to see the EPA taken way down in power, if not down away with and started over.

For the little good we get out of them, we get a lot of bad for every day folks and small businesses. THey have made power grabs way beyond their original charter. And frankly I'd rather have our congresscritters making the laws and rules rather than this un-elected entity that is not answerable to "the people".

Comment Re:Passport numbers?!?!? (Score 1) 161

Thanks for the explanation. It's interesting how different this is in the U.S. compared to Europe. It's propably a consequence of the U.S. being such a vast country and almost everyone having a driving licence.

Interesting. So, I take it many more people in Europe have passports? If so, I'm guessing because some of the countries over there are so small and from what I understand in one day you can drive and cross 2 or more country borders.

For some reason, however, I'd thought with the EU formation, that you could freely travel between those countries over there pretty much like we do between states here.

Also, are you saying that the majority of people in Europe don't have drivers licenses?? How do they all get around if they don't' have cars to drive?

Comment Re:Passport numbers?!?!? (Score 1) 161

How can one not have a passport?

Well, not everyone travels out of the country, I'd dare say a LARGE majority of folks never leave their state much less leave US soil.

If you're not leaving the country, why would you need a passport? And until the past couple years, you didn't even need a passport to run to Mexico or the Caribbean for the most part, just a drivers license and copy of your birth certificate, but after 9/11 that changed and you now need a passport. But I haven't left the country since those rules came to be, so I don't have a passport and don't foresee a need for one any time soon.