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by operagost (#46824157) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips
In New Jersey, an acquaintance lost her driver's license because, after passing multiple breathalyzer tests in front of two cops, she refused to allow them to take her back to the station to be tested there. Being brought back to the station in a police car is de facto arrest, but somehow the judge didn't think this mattered and was perfectly happy to cause a mother who wasn't driving drunk and had a clean record to lose her license and her job.

Comment: No answer will be given (Score 5, Informative) 307

History dictates that Obama will declare "executive privilege" or some other nonsense. He has already done this for himself and his AG; the latter currently in contempt of an ineffective Congress which is unlikely to do anything about it. With a Democratic Senate, there will be no impeachment.

These are the facts, and I commend all of you who could read them before down-moderation.

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by operagost (#46790867) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

its the fact they have no zoning laws

Slashdot, why is this modded insightful? Really-- why? HOUSTON is notable for having no zoning laws. Apparently, the town of West doesn't either, because it appears to be the town with the exploding fertilizer plant that alen is referring to. Zoning is not generally the duty of the state, but of the local governments. Do you really want the state telling you how your town must be laid out? Why do you, as a citizen, want some bureaucrats far away making blind decisions instead of being able to go to a town meeting and actually influence the decisions?

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