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by DigiShaman (#47736995) Attached to: New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells

"Quantum suicide", look it up. Basically, the moment you kill yourself, your consciousness slips instantly into an alternate universe where the attempt failed. But to everyone else in their universe you left behind, you in fact died. Yeah, wrap your noodle around that!

But seriously, what bugs me is this; where was I before I was born? The answer seems obvious until you really ponder it, then it's not.

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by DigiShaman (#47733603) Attached to: Apple CarPlay Rollout Delayed By Some Carmakers

The parent sorta has a point. I can't vouch for the ratio, but I would definitely agree that newer cars have a proprietary/integrated dash and console arrangement that don't conform to the DIN standard (ISO 7736) in comparison to older vehicles. My perception is that this is getting worse with each new model.

There is a ray of hope however. Scosche is a major brand of custom aftermarket bracket and adapters for car audio. Chances are that if it's dimensionally possible, they've already created a kit for your vehicle. For example I also own a 2009 Honda Civic; the Scosche-HA1561 Dash Kit is only 40 bucks from Crutchfield (discounted when purchased with other stuff). It also comes in three colors depending on your interior. If they didn't take the market seriously, I wouldn't have expected that as optional. For reference, here is a photo of the factory radio for a comparison.

BTW, I don't mean to come off as a shill for Crutchfield, but I'm experienced in shopping there in the past. If you know of a competitor that you recommend, by all means share. I'm always looking for reliable alternative sources that I can price cheaper. :)

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by JesseMcDonald (#47732907) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

I don't think anyone here disagrees that what he did was wrong and he should be punished...

For what this person is accused of (distributing information contrary to censorship laws), even fines and community service would be disproportionately severe. Social responses are fine, up to and including complete ostracism—people have the right to do that anyway without any special justification. He can be barred from the theater, or even all theaters, if they so choose; if he agreed to a deposit or performance bond in exchange for his ticket then that would obviously be forfeit. However, as he has infringed on no one else's legitimate property rights, his own remain inviolate.

The proportional response for a deliberate violation of anothers' rights is that you lose any claim to those specific rights. The murderer forfeits his own right to life; the thief cannot complain when others take "his" property. The proportionate response to copyright infringement is merely that the offender can no longer claim copyright. But unlike self-ownership, and to a lesser extent property rights, copyright is asymmetric, favoring some and harming others. For most, giving up any claim to it is a reasonable price for not being subject to others' claims.

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So it's like this: Normally you're phone is an peripheral to your car dashboard/radio. With CarPlay, it's the other way around. So yes, I agree. Maps, navigation, audio, handsfree, etc, all that is just a firmware update away. None of this proprietary BS that costs an arm and a leg, often outdated, and soon be obsolete in five years anyways. With a standard API, it makes that a whole lot easier to manage. Ditto for the Android equivalent.

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2010 RAV4. Aftermarket bracket (custom molded for make/model) turns it into Double-DIN or Single-DIN (bottom half being a little for phone, billfold, or whatever). Check the link below to see stuff is available for your car including the aftermarket bracket needed. In my case, the plastic used makes it look as though it was an OEM feature. So it's not always cheesy looking.

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I bet they have crazy high infant mortality, shitty health in general, and a high per-capita crime rate too.

Per capita violent crime in MS ranks considerably below the national average (299 per 100K as opposed to 474 nationally (2006 figures)).

Massachusetts, New York, and California all have violent crime rates rather higher than the national average....

As does the District of Columbia (over three times the national average, nearly twice that of the highest State).

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I happen to think a notability test is a good idea, but not after one or more contributors have put significant effort into the page. The test should come when the page is first created; whoever thinks the page is notable should justify it (with references) subject to a general review. Once a topic has been accepted as notable, the contents and history of the page should remain online and open to the public indefinitely.

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All I was saying was that procreating is a poor substitute for actually living into the future.

Until major breakthroughs happen in both biology and computer technology, we may be stuck. Further more, the notion of biology to silicon transcendence is predicated on understanding what exactly consciousness is; and is it transferable?

Some have postulated that consciousness is nothing more than an illusion. Though I still hold that in the end, we all leave this world as we came into it from birth; kicking and screaming.

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Not saying you're wrong, but damn, that's a nihilistic way of putting it!

With regards to faulting programming: That's the song and dance of humanity. Get over it. You won't have a sole arbiter of knowledge, because both government and other institution will always claim to be that. It's how wars get started and oppression / tyranny set root. All that you can do as a parent is teach your children as much correct knowledge that you know to be true. But most importantly, teach him/her of the methods by being self-sufficient to learn on their own and question everything.

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For those who aren't aware, an idiom is a group of words that have a meaning other than their literal interpretation.

And in this case, the idiom is "I couldn't care less." Most of the time it's not literally true, but it conveys the sense that the person using the idiom considers whatever it is being described as being at or near the very bottom of the list of things he cares about. So low on the list that in practical terms, he couldn't care less.

So when someone says the opposite of that ("I could care less"), it's not even a nod to the actual concept - it's just someone making sounds similar to the sounds in the idiom, without actually thinking about the words they're saying. By your thinking, "I wooden flare lens" would also be an idiom because if you mutter it badly enough it also sounds like the real idiom.

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And how do you transfer your mind, which is made up of an individual pattern of pathways of neurons and synapse unique to the individual? You can't transfer the brain because it too ages. The DNA overtime suffers replication transcription errors. You might the able to extend the telomeres or re-program the DNA using the CRISPR method...maybe.

I think this is it. The only way to "extend your life" is via procreation. Whatever knowledge you transfer to your child[ren] will be your long lasting legacy left behind.

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