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Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 446

You sad little man.

I'm sad that idiots like you exist.

The long and short of it is, when shit happens, it's better to be prepared than unprepared. Colin Ferguson was able to reload twice before people figured out that he wasn't going to stop and rushed him. One responsible person with a gun could have stopped him immediately. Anders Brevik killed 69 people, all disarmed and helpless.

I truly hope you never have to face that situation, but if you do, I hope that someone who isn't as fucking irresponsible as you are is on hand to save your smug, stupid ass.


Comment Re:Safety (Score 4, Insightful) 446

no evidence that arming the victims prevents mass shootings.

What's your next guess? Read and learn.

Besides Volokh's very informative research, I'll ask if you've ever hear of a country called "Israel"? There's a reason why the Palestinian terrorists gave up on trying to shoot up shopping malls and switched to half-assed rocketry.

1 in 5 chance that a mass shooting will use weapons the killer didn't own but obtained from gun owners on site.


Why is it that when you leftards pull a number out of your ass, you always go for 20%? That's just like the bogus claim that one in five women will get raped in college.


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