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Comment: Re:half million? (Score 1) 195

by kmac06 (#36822252) Attached to: Gov't Funded Electric Car Company Goes Out of Business
Money is the abstraction of human effort. The point isn't who prints it or how much of it there is, the point is the hard work it represents, whether that work is pouring concrete or managing a hedge fund. To say that it doesn't really belong to individuals, but rather the government, is to say the fruits of their own labor does not belong to the individual, but rather to the collective. Sounds pretty communist to be.

Comment: Re:half million? (Score 1, Insightful) 195

by kmac06 (#36817950) Attached to: Gov't Funded Electric Car Company Goes Out of Business

But I'd rather fund a new startup that fails, rather than fund the good-ol boy network that siphons money off the top to fund their retirement account.

Or they could refrain from confiscating people's hard earned money at gunpoint to hand out to favored group, whether it's the good-ol boy network or some green nonsense.

Comment: Re:Known issue (Score 1) 66

by kmac06 (#36521952) Attached to: Amazon's Cloud Is Full of Holes
Sounds like this issue became known because of these guys:

Once the problem was evident, Schneider said they contacted Amazon Web Services at the end of April. Amazon acted in a professional way, the researchers said, by notifying those account holders of the security issues.

So it certainly was an issue until they looked into it (and still is an issue if some fraction of their users are too lazy to fix it).

Comment: Re:Wave diode applicable to light? (Score 2) 177

by kmac06 (#36050962) Attached to: One-Way Sound Walls Proven Possible
There is such a thing for light, an optical (or Faraday) isolator, which uses the Faraday effect. It relies on the fact that light is a transverse wave, not longitudinal, so it wouldn't work for sound. Note that because of the large magnetic field required, most optical isolators only have an aperture of a few millimeters (or less), so it would be impractical to build a "one-way" mirror of appreciable size out of it.

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