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Comment: Re:Ebola vs HIV (Score 2) 381

by DigiShaman (#48158767) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

Ebola is like an airline crash. It's horrible to hear about and shocking... but likely to happen to you? No...
You are far more likely to get killed by HIV, The Flu, Heart Disease than Ebola. Even if we have a major outbreak here.

No, more like an astroid impact. Not likely to happen in one's lifetime. But, when you see a nasty rock hurdling through space coming toward your planet, everyone takes notice. Ebola has a real potential of wiping out more than 50% of all human life. Both due to the Ebola virus itself, and the ancillary wars and famine that result from a societal collapse. AIDS is, yes. This Ebola shit, happing NOW. Stop it while we can!!!

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People that value their jobs (afraid of losing it) and at risk for being one paycheck away from paying the mortgage/rent will not skip work. I'm fortunate enough to be working in IT that can do my job at home. I prefer not to, but it's optional. Unfortunately, half my time involves being on-site to various client locations...touching lots of keyboards and mice when I user requests immediate help. It's also why I care a bottle of Purell in my pocket during the flu season or use it when I suspect someone with a cold.

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They don't have a fucking clue. And it's clear that even in my state of Texas (one of the *the* best states for advanced medical care and treatment) they don't have their shit together! WTF?! Now imagine hundreds of people flooding into hospitals. I have zero faith in the "system" now. Bunch of fucking morons who elected even bigger morons in office. Idiocracy on full display.

Like I said, if the world implodes in on itself, you guys are on your fucking own with the exception of a few close people in a clan/tribe. Water, food, guns, and ammo in that order.

Yeah I'm pissed! Stop this shit right now! Contain it!

Comment: Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 1) 395

Depends on the area and at what time of the day. It's not uncommon for me to see a gas station where there's at least five cars filling up at any given time. At worst, there a few cars parked behind someone else waiting their turn. So while yes, you could have a battery for your battery (Yo Dog!), it would have to be one giant battery bank underground. That or a massive collection of flywheel covering the KE into electricity upon demand.

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But imagine what such a couple can accomplish without children to absorb the effort!

They're called DINKs (Dual Income No Kids). For example, it's no coincidence that young married professionals (Yuppies) and LGBT folk live in parts of the city where real-estate is some of the most (if not the) expensive. It's because they have a greater combined total of disposable income. It's precisely why families live out in the suburbs too. A compromise in cost between living space and location to work. With DINKs, they have more time to be social and live an urban lifestyle. In the end, who will take care of them as they get older? The state, some old folks home, or mainly their children whom they would otherwise trust the most?

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No, sounds very legit and dovetails into my own life experiences. Meaning, I feel vendicated internally from what I've always known to be true. That said, there are always exceptions to the rule. I'm one of them, and not divorced yet. But had I not met my now wife, I would have done things differently had I had a chance to do it all over again (dating..etc). But what's life without learning as you go, right?

Comment: Re:Why get married? (Score 1) 445

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You get married for 1. the as an ultimate contract of commitment (the idea you will never divorce), and 2. a stable union by which a child can be raised in a secure environment.

If you have to ask the question, then clearly marriage isn't for you. Don't bother having children, but participating in organizations such Big Brothers Big Sisters ( would be immensely helpful. In the end, you still have your "single life".

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