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Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 371

The reason for keeping weapons such as knives out of schools (or anywhere else) is to reduce the chance of fights escalating and becoming deadly. It has nothing to do with the lesser problem of killing sprees.

I believe that in the State of Texas, you can be 18 to purchase, but the firearm must stay at the residence. Meaning you can't carry until the age of 21; which means you're an adult. Besides, even with the school ban in place, there's no reason why teachers and staff can't carry anyways.

Comment Re:We'll see what Microsoft has planned (Score 1) 90

For the SMB market, Office365 is a no brainer! Exchange is designed to be run on multiple servers with each one acting in dedicated role function. IN fact, so much so that SBS (Small Business Server) has been deprecated with Essentials acting only as a local domain controller / file server. Or to put it simple, Exchange is ENTERPRISE!!! That's not to say you can't run Exchange in the SMB (Small Medium Business) market, just that when you look at the cost of the hardware, licenses, and amortize it throughout its life before upgrade / replacement in the future, it's either break-even or cheaper to go with an Office365 hosted Exchange account. Just run the numbers and you'll see why.

Comment Re:Age discrimination is obvious (Score 3, Insightful) 347

That's OK, because when no one will hire anyone over 40, we'll just be unemployed, poor, and without skills that make us marketable. Guess we will be "retiring" on the tax payer dime thanks to the young whom are employed =).

Pay now, pay later. In the end, WE ALL PAY!

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 4, Insightful) 347

Say that to the auto industry that drove almost everything overseas. Right now, the IT industry is having it bad. Unionizing under the current paradigm would be WORSE!. It would be like "fuck it, ALL IT goes overseas, and the US as a nation is but a client purchasing all IT services overseas. There's nothing than can stop that happening now, but unionizing would definitely hasten that to occur.

I'm all about getting organized and having proper representation as a single unified voice to be heard, but unionizing as it's currently known as isn't the answer.

Comment Re:Let's not forget (Score 0) 109

The Castro's will eventually die off of old age, and Cuba will be left as nothing more than a geo-political pawn to be used by other more powerful nations. I have no doubt that at some point, the Cubans will sellout -to some nation- to maintain this geopolitical advantage. The US would naturally like to keep Cuba under its sphere of influence as a future US Territory, but Cuba will only listen to the nation that brings in the largest cash flow.

The Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

Comment Re:Local cache servers (Score 1) 50

It seems they updated the BIOS for the motherboard on my MBP with El Capitan and now it is reporting half the memory that is actually installed and at a lower FSB speed. I had upgraded my memory to 16GB, which I have been using without a problem for years. Now it's showing two sticks at 4GB each."

OT, but I'll chime in.

Firstly, I didn't know El Capitan rolled up a BIOS update as part of the OS installation, unless there was an outstanding update already available and your MBP needed it installed prior as a prerequisite. Either way, I haven't a clue. However, I have MBP - 13-inch, Mid 2012 model that just got El Capitan installed last night. It's still reporting 16GB (two sticks of 8GB @ 1600Mhz). And while yes, only 8GB is officially supported, the only aftermarket provider of RAM the I can rely on with 100% confidence is; which is where I purchased my kit from.

Comment Re:Unauthorized teardown (Score 1) 366

Not that I agree with it, but being that Apple approves apps to be published - by allowing this fixit app, aren't they endorsing this behavior as equal as having the iDevice officially serviced by Apple? Doesn't that send a crossed message of "By all means, fix your iDevice, we just won't cover the warranty if you break it. You will only find out later after the fact BTW"?

Comment Re:CO2 (Score 1) 88

Would you prefer they shit diamonds? Being serious here, but you do know that polystyrene foam is made from refined oil, yes? Once the oil is extracted, you can either A) leave it in a tank. B: make it into something and bury it into the ground. C) Covert it back into CO2 via burning or organic methods.

What would you prefer is done with the existing polystyrene foam out there?

It's not hard to admit errors that are [only] cosmetically wrong. -- J.K. Galbraith