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Comment Re:This makes sense if gov is the customer (Score 1) 202

The vast majority could give a rats-ass about how efficient the machines are. Machines are replaced as they wear out and/or is software-wise obsolete. Cost is a factor in what hardware gets purchased. If a company is really looking to save energy, you start with a GPO (Group Policy Object) that defines power management setting at idle.

Comment Re:With AMD out of the way Intel can F*** us. (Score 1) 202

Market segmentation. They know gamers have fuck-tons of cash to spend on water cooling and SLI video setups; Intel wants a cut of their gaming budget to be blown on the CPU. Likewise, there's huge money in the workstation / server market, again, milking that too. Ever wonder why ECC is only found in the Xeon line? Again, market segmentation.

Comment Re:Discovery Channel is all BS reality TV now (Score 4, Interesting) 164

At least PBS has quality content still, honestly. Nova has gone down hill a bit in presentation, but that's a generational culture thing. As a Gen-Xer, personally despise anything with hype, melodrama, and electric guitar riffs in a DOCUMENTARY! Frontline OTOH, still golden; probably the best non-biased documentary series out there.

Comment Re:iTunes Radio what?? (Score 1) 105

With iHeart, the selection goes beyond local and thus a whole lot more content is available. I live in Houston but can listen to AM radio (WOR) in New York if I wanted too. In fact, often I will listen to 740AM (KTRH) in my car rather than just tune with the radio simply because at audio is so much better; no fading, static, hissing, etc.

Comment Re:Already here - it feels unfair to some (Score 1) 412

True, but money is just a social contract. "Wealth" doesn't imply resources, it's a standing in social hierarchy; and the benefits the rank provides. For example, does a Hollywood actor produce a tangible benefit to society over say, a construction worker or engineer? Hell no! But they become wealthy because we assign value to them in the form of attention and the money we throw their way to gain access to their attention.

An economist undestands math. Math doesn't lie. But applying meaning to those numbers, that's where everyone (including myself) eventually gets it wrong. People are complicated.

Comment Re:stress is the systemic killer in modern workpla (Score 1) 60

Of course, the reality is that these employers will seek radical outsourcing first, but if they all try that all at once, congress would have no choice but to intervene and introduce new labor and subcontracting laws.

Don't take this personal, because I believe you mean well. But I woke up this morning with a visceral reaction to BS this morning! In case you haven't noticed, Congress and the current POTUS are bought and paid for. Paul Ryan and the rest are full pro-outsourcing!!! It cuts right through party lines. As such, while I agree with you they should, they would never slit their own throat being the abject whores in office that they are!!

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