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Comment: Re: Android. The "PC" of mobile devices (Score 1) 91

Application experience can vary widely between the different phones, OS, and UI version combinations. It's ultimately up to the developer to iron out the kinks, but can be such a PITA that depending on user-base, "good enough" is all that's needed. In some cases, it's just plain crappy.

I found iOS app experience to be at least consistent and more polished. I'm not sure it's so much of the OS as it is lack of Apple models and iOS versions to test against. That, and Apple is picky on who and what gets publish in the App Store. Though I will concede that limits consumer choice, but honestly I don't miss it. There are more iOS apps than I know what to do with anyways.

Comment: Re:Android. The "PC" of mobile devices (Score 1) 91

I can only speak of iPhone5 and above, but that's simply not possible if done properly.

Settings --> General --> Reset --> Erase All Content and Setting. That will clear it back to factory settings. Perhaps you only chose the "Reset all Settings" option which left the content in place. That, or iCloud synced photos back to the phone when you signed in with your iCloud account with the iPhone.

Comment: Re:Android. The "PC" of mobile devices (Score 3, Insightful) 91

So what you're saying is that you want companies to do your thinking for you?

If you mean "innovation", then yes. Make a product that I like and conforms with my life, and I'll be inclined to make a purchase. Life is too short. I don't have time to think of everything.

Comment: Android. The "PC" of mobile devices (Score 5, Interesting) 91

See, this is why I'm a convert to Apple iOS. Yes, there are a few reputable hardware vendors for Android like Samsung and LG; and in many cases, superior hardware specs for the latest device. The problem is the hardware/software permutation and lack of post-sales support and upgrades. THIS is why I abhor the Android platform. Yes, it's open source, but it's also chaotic in quality control when comparing and contrasting between not just vendors, but the year in which the vendor brought to market! Love it or hate it, Android is pretty much anarchy wild-wild-west while Apple is, well, Apple.

I can only speak for myself, but I like consistent, stable, and well throughout platforms; even if that renders me very little control. It all comes down to trust. Burn my trust, and I walk.

Comment: Re:Won't someone think of the birds. (Score 1) 255

by DigiShaman (#49734779) Attached to: Energy Dept. Wants Big Wind Energy Technology In All 50 US States

Yeah, it would be far easier to launch a few sats in space to collect solar, beam the energy back down as microwave, and collect with a large spread out antenna grid array on the surface. If I recall, it's very safe for people and wildlife directly in the rays path.

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