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Comment: Re:NO, all candy bar (Score 1) 185

Depends on the pants. The iPhone5 fits nicely in my front jeans (deep) pocket . The larger phones make sitting down difficult as the phone now presses up against my hip. I was thinking about upgrading to an iPhone6, but now i'm not so sure. The "phablets" can die in fire for all I care. I want my smart phone to be a phone first and foremost; that includes a small form-factor.

Comment: Re:Server 2012 already looks like Windows 8. (Score 1) 321

by DigiShaman (#47524425) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Server 2012 Essentials. As an MSP, we admin plenty of new 2012 boxes for the SMB market as they're having to replace their aging SBS 2008/2011 boxes. And while I like the idea of Office365 hosting e-mail and off the server, it's a damn moving target. Just this week they changed the admin GUI all over again. That, and my Azure PowerShell commands no longer function. Apparently the commandlet got renamed or some such. IT has always been a game of cat-and-mouse, but this is getting ridiculous!

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by DigiShaman (#47481947) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

Perhaps you're right. Perhaps in the end there is nothing that can be done because of who and what we are; self-serving human nature and all that. Like a cycle, the rise and fall of civilization is a natural process. It still sickens me that we live in a world where society is on the decline rather than the assent. Toss a coin, it's going to happen either way at some point and some where. I suppose I could count myself lucky that I wasn't born in N.Korea. An age of bullshit none the less for most of us.

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by DigiShaman (#47472525) Attached to: Sony Forgets To Pay For Domain, Hilarity Ensues

I've fucked up and forgot when an SSL cert was about to expire. I found out the next morning when their iPhones could no longer access the Exchange server. Shit happens. This time I include SSL, Domain, and Server hardware warranty expiration notices scheduled way in advanced in my calendar as an event.

Comment: Re:Double standards (Score 1) 533

by DigiShaman (#47467609) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

It's not racism, it's cultural wars that define our political climate. The Republican party is primarily "white" because you can trace back the roots to Europe and its 'Age of Enlightenment'. That momentum is waning due to what I think is the quickening effect brought on by mass media. The Democrat party OTOH represents the power to the people by the people; which sounds good until you realize that power is concentrated into the hands of a few elite and harvested parasitically off the backs of the working middle class. The class with the widest base with a strong work ethos collective. Effectively that puts members of the Democrat party into the "haves and have nots" crowd.

Speaking of the underclass. What you're probably not hearing about (widely suppressed by the national media controlled by the elite) is the huge revolt against illegal immigration by hundreds of cities in America. The Republican party elite want cheap labor while the Democrat party is offering government welfare in exchange for votes. Yet, the people currently living in America don't want either. Yes, even the multi-generational Hispanics don't want them. But do you know what the biggest group of minorities getting fucked over by this is?! AFRICAN AMERICANS!!! They are getting fucked so hard because all the welfare money and assistance is now going towards the illegal imported immigrants courting them as new potential voters. The same potential voters that will be competing for the same jobs at the same skill level as African Americans. The SAME group that vote Democrat. In the end, everyone gets fucked and the political elite have everything to gain. They will destroy this country to hold onto power. And now you know why libertarian leaning folk such as myself throw the whole "bread and circuses" meme around. It can't be repeated enough!

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Shorter version: Politicians and celebrities live by an entirely different set of rules where the law is either warped or outright don't apply to them. So fuck em! The world can burn in a ball of fire if only to serve a teachable moment to humanity for the next 10,000 years from now. The lesson is, hold these assholes accountable or suffer the consequences.

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Here in the US, my wife gave up on using Skype because the quality was extremely unreliable. At one point, the call kept getting dropped every 5 second. She would try again, and like clockwork, get dropped again. So she had her parents use FaceTime on the iPad. Flawless connectivity with relative low latency (going over fiber in the Pacific no doubt) when communicating to Shanghai. If I had to guess, blocking FaceTime would also be blocking other Apple services for iOS devices. Secondly, Skype packets were probably forged as a means of denial of service.

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